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Women,  Business And  Leadership
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Women, Business And Leadership


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Published in: Business

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  • EMEAC Updates 31-Mar-2008 15:30 CET
  • Monica
  • Transcript

    • 1. Valencia, March 25 th 2010 “ Women, Business and Leadership” Uxio Malvido EMEAC Diversity and Inclusion Leader MSD TECHNICAL CONFERENCE AND INFORMAL MEETING OF UE MINISTERS FOR GENDER EQUALITY Equality between Women and Men as a Basis for Growth and Employment
    • 2. MSD / Merck CR Recognition Global Operations Headquarters in New Jersey, US Latin America US EMEAC EMEAC 34%  AP 14% LA 10% US 41% + 100 K employees in aprox. 100 countries What’s the most appropiate frame of reference to deal with gender diversity and equality in a global company?
    • 3. * Adaptation from “Getting There from Here”. The Academy of Management Annals Vol.2 2008 Roles intersection on Gender Equality Gender / Diversity programs Business outcomes (ROI, sales increase, cost reduction…) Corporate
      • Perceptions
      • Leaders support
      • Company culture
      • Work-Life balance realities
      • Attitudes:
      • Engagement
      • Intention to stay
      • Behaviors :
      • Effort
      • Absentism
      Career Progression Conflict / Balance Work-family Individual Government Equality legislation Social outcomes (access to employment, gender equality, birth rate…)
    • 4. Evidence based approach Catalyst: The Bottom Line McKinsey: Women Matter EVA Analysis: Female Leadership and Firm Profitability But… how much evidence is needed?
    • 5. Women Make and influence Healthcare Decisions Women Working in the Healthcare Industry
      • Heads of Household
      • Women make or influence the vast majority of buying and healthcare decisions for their families and have s ignificant influence on social networks in patient decisions
      • Regulators and Gov’t Healthcare Officials
      • Healthcare Activists
      Physicians, Clinical Investigators, Nurses Women represent nearly one-third of board certified physicians (and women are 45% of graduating physicians in the US and exceed 50% in many European countries), while about 16% of Merck’s principal investigators are women. Half of the World’s Patients are Female Patients Increasing number of treatments and interventions target diseases with high prevalence among women Business Case Customizing the business case always pays off
    • 6. % Exec. % Managers % Workforce % Managers % Executives Low High Low High Retention Goals Goals at Executive level Goals at Executive and Mger levels Goals at Manager level Setting Objetives Setting objectives and monitoring results is part of any real strategic initiative in the business environment
    • 7. 40% Executive Country A (45%; 45%) Country B (42%; 34%) Country C (33%; 35%) Retention Progression (Manager and Executive Levels) Progression (Executive level) 30% 50% 50% 40% Managers 36% (Corp goal) Within the Region: Setting different local measures Company Marketplace Promotion (in) Promotion (out) Recruitment Turnover + _ Within Countries / BUs: Understanding drivers of representation Outcomes Understanding Dynamics
    • 8. Men as Allies Drivers and Barriers of Men engagement in Gender initiatives (“ Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives ”, Catalyst 2009) Addressing organizational culture Child Care Maternity impact on selection and initial salary offer (“ The Motherhood penalty ”, American Journal of Sociology 2007) Ability Leadership definition and success criteria (“ Leader or Louder ”, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2009 )
    • 9. ENGAGEMENT Source : Talent Management in European Cultures. Catalyst Positive view of job Positive view of company Commitment to doing a good job Turnover Intentions
      • BARRIERS
      • Lack of sponsor/ mentor
      • Limited politic knowledge
      • Few role models
      • Limited career opportunities
      • Age
      • Region
      • Gender
      • Commitment to Talent Diversity
      • Management Accountability
      • Fair decision making processes
      • Constructive feedback
      • Line of Sight
      • Work Flexibility
      • Supportive supervisory relationships
      Considering Culture in Europe
    • 10.
      • External Focus
      • What can Merck do to influence the image of the women's global constituency within the Company and the healthcare and buying decisions of women customers?
      • Who are the most important external stakeholders with which Merck should partner?
      • Internal Focus
      • What are the vital few things you would like to see Merck focus on to enhance inclusion for women?
      • What are the most effective ways for Merck to accelerate the development of women leaders?
      Customer value questions Culture questions Engaging Women Flexibility Development / Networking Business: Clinical Trials Representation 1 2 4 3 Investigators Patients
    • 11. Now… Let’s engage in the conversation