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Starting a business
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Starting a business


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These slides present a brief overview of the points that an entrepreneur needs to keep in mind before setting up a company. Also, solutions to the initial hiccups that they might encounter have been …

These slides present a brief overview of the points that an entrepreneur needs to keep in mind before setting up a company. Also, solutions to the initial hiccups that they might encounter have been presented.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Starting a Business
  • 2. • If starting a business is what you have inmind, the road ahead is going to be tough, fullof potholes, ups and downs.• It requires meticulous planning combined withrigorous market analysis, a Never Give Upattitude and an ounce of luck to script asuccess story with your business.• Here are a few things that the Entrepreneursneed to keep in mind before they embark ontheir journey.
  • 3. Business Plan• A business plan is what would help get youridea off the ground and give it wings.• A thorough market and market analysis oughtto be conducted to see if the end product ofyour idea is wanted in the market or not.• The business plan should accordingly betailored to meet the market needs.
  • 4. • A Business Plan usually consists of thefollowing:Details of the Product.Thorough Market Analysis.Financial Projections.Marketing Strategy you’d be taking.
  • 5. Seed Funding• Acquiring the seed fund is the initial challengethat the Entrepreneurs face in setting up astartup.• you need to present yourself before theinvestor, show him the lucrative side of yourstartup and assured Returns on his InvestmentA detailed account on seed funds can be had at
  • 6. Business Assistance and Training• Startups in their nurturing stage would requirethe right ecosystem for them to thrive upon.• A few companies have sprouted up that not onlyprovide Business Assistance but also Financialand Legal advice as they guide them through thefinancial and legal roadblocks that they mightencounter.Utthishta is one such seed fund that provides seedfunds to Startups in return for an equity stake in thecompany.
  • 7. Legal Structure of the Company• Entrepreneurs also needs to keep in mind thetype of company they’d want to establish beforethey generate funds for the company.• The following types of companies exist: Sole ProprietorshipPartnershipCorporationS CorporationS Corporation
  • 8. Hiring Employees• The next big challenge lies in hiringemployees.• You would want an Accountant to keepaccounts, a Writer to write for your startupand many other people to manage everydayaffairs.• Make sure you rope in people whosewavelength of thinking matches with yours.
  • 9. • Once the Seed funds get exhausted, theEntrepreneurs go for the second round ofInvestment wherein they approach VentureCapitalists, Angel Investors to generate fundsfor expansion.• If basic things like these were to be kept inmind before launching a startup company, youcould be scripting success with your company.Have an idea? Think that it could be the nextbig thing in the Indian Market? Click on the Redapply button and share your idea with us.
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