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One of the major challenges that Entrepreneurs face in establishing a company is to look for investors. These slides present a brief overview of the challenges that these entrepreneurs face while looking for investors and the points they need to keep in mind before approaching the investors. The risks that they might face and the precautions they need to take have also been mentioned.

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Looking for investors

  1. 1. Looking for Investors
  2. 2. • One of the major challenges thatEntrepreneurs face in establishing a companyis to look for investors.• Investors who share the same flavour as theyand who’re ready to invest in their ideas.• Investors would want to invest in yourcompanies if they find your idea promisingand if you meet the requirements they have inmind.
  3. 3. What kind of investor looks for what?• Investors look at the companies from theperspective of the extent of establishment.• Angel Investors usually provide the seed fundrequired or the initial round of investment.• Venture Capitalists fund companies that areeyeing expansion, those whose seed funds haveexhausted and are looking for their second roundof investment.• Entrepreneurs ought to keep this in mind whenthey approach Investors and act accordingly.
  4. 4. Before approaching an Investor, what?• Investors don’t just invest in ideas that appeargrand and out of the box, but are looking for solidreturns on their investments in the next 3 to 5years.• How you present yourself to the investor plays akey role in getting the Investor’s nod.• Emphasis ought to be laid on the way theInvestor’s money is going to be spent and theprospective monetary rewards that theInvestments would be getting in the near futurerather than trying to sound passionate aboutyour idea and going on and on about that.
  5. 5. Careful, it the stake of your companythat is at stake!• Make sure you approach the Investor keepingin mind the fields he’s looking to invest in.• Entrepreneurs also need to make sure thatthey don’t part away with a major stake thuscompromising on their hold over thecompany.• Investments from multiple investors oftenpose this risk but a check can still be kept onthe stake sold.
  6. 6. • Finding the right kind of investor is very muchimportant to get the right beginning for yourstartup company.• The kick start that you give the companywould play a major role in determining thedirection that the company would be heading.And following the simple mentioned abovewould increase your chances of gettingfunded.
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