CRM tools for startups


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These slides talk of the importance of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and of the different options available like salesforce, pipedrive for the startup companies for CRM. Having a good customer relationship is one of the cornerstones of many successful companies.

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CRM tools for startups

  1. 1. CRM tools for startups Marketing
  2. 2. “„Customer is king‟, if that statement is true, then relationship with them would be of top priority, especially to startups bootstrapping in their first phase.”
  3. 3. “Technology has contributed tools to manage and optimize revenues out of customer relationships.”
  4. 4. “One common question we here from entrepreneurs when we talk about using a customer relationship management tool is, “My business just started. I have a small firm. Do I need CRM?” The answer to this would precisely be YES.”
  5. 5. We overlook… •The thin line is customer relationship management that most entrepreneurs miss, is about being the owner of database which remains pricey in this era of information technology. •Maintaining information about just two or three customers may sound silly initially, but such data is worth holding to earn revenues later. •This little data helps us network with newer contacts and analyze the health of our business. It gives the entrepreneur a direction to the business. For more details visit our blog:
  6. 6. CRM tools for startups • •Sugar CRM •Collabspot •Zoho CRM •Pipedrive For more details visit our blog:
  7. 7. What should I know before using a CRM tool? Cloud : Is your CRM tool available on cloud or on your desktop or both. Keeping it on the cloud enhances accessibility and keeping it on your desktop eliminates the limitations of internet and connectivity. Hence, you have to make the decision of cloud or desktop. For more details visit our blog:
  8. 8. What should I know before using a CRM tool? Customization: Does your CRM service provider allow customization of the tool as per your requirements? A business using a CRM tool could be from heavy industrial sector or service sector. Hence the sale process would vary with the industry and the goods being sold. Invariably there will be a certain amount of customization required to suit your firm‟s sales structure. Ensure that your service provider supports this. For more details visit our blog:
  9. 9. What should I know before using a CRM tool? Pricing: CRM tool providers also extend services specific to your need apart from selling the software. It is good to align your sales volume with the price you pay. You may pay a sum of amount to purchase the software but sometimes opting in a monthly service could be a wise decision for your business. For more details visit our blog:
  10. 10. What should I know before using a CRM tool? Features: A CRM tool could exist with the best of the features in the world. The question you need to ask while subscribing to a tool is whether those features suit your need or not. You may spend a hefty sum purchasing a sound tool with nothing in it that brings efficiency to your sales process. For more details visit our blog:
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