Cash crunches
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Cash crunches Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cash crunches. How to manage cash flows? Finance and Accounting
  • 2. “„Cash flow‟ is a very straight forward term used to define the cycle of cash inflow and outflow into a business. ”
  • 3. “All inflows represent current and outstanding receivables and outflows represent current and outstanding payables. ”
  • 4. How to avoid cash crunches? • Ensure to follow the following steps 1. Financial data collection 2. Preparing cash flow projections 3. Monitoring cash flow For more details visit our blog:
  • 5. Financial data collection •Provides thorough knowledge about the current financial condition of your business. •Helps you forecast the possible inflow and outflow of cash. •Requires accumulating data about current and prospective expenses and incomes, assets and liabilities, investments made and loans payable. •Other factors like tracking collection points, sale points, inventory and credit policy helps you create a more realistic cash flow projection rather than using academic factors which may not be in the purview of your business. For more details visit our blog:
  • 6. Preparing Cash Flow Projections •Financial data previously collected is an indicator for you to forecast your cash projection closer to reality. • Requires a great degree of detailing about revenue, receivables, payables, liability, assets, investm ents and loans •Receivable turnover time adjacent to the credit policy and outstanding payables provide a clear stature of your business. •Showcases the financial health of the business hence allowing an entrepreneur to correct his financial systems and improvise over them. For more details visit our blog:
  • 7. Managing Cash flows •Inflows from marketing and accounting departments. Outflows from production and accounting department. • The major negotiations and action point is via the production department and accounting systems track these actions in terms of numbers. For more details visit our blog:
  • 8. Other steps •Credit system •Bill payment process •Managing inventory For more details visit our blog:
  • 9. Contact Us • • Blog : • Slideshare: • Youtube: • Google + @Utthistha