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Native American Summit Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 8th Annual Native American SummitWednesday the 14th11:00 a.m. to Noon at Utah Valley UniversityBackground: The Governor’s Native American Summit provides a forum for state agencies and other organizations to network with Utah’s American Indian population, and more importantly, a chance to strengthen relationships with the eight Sovereign Tribal Nations of Utah. Breakout sessions will be offered on a variety of topics pertaining to American Indians and those who work with them.Department of Heritage and Arts Mission:To enrich the quality of life for the people of Utah, DHA creates, preserves, and promotes Heritage and Arts.Vision:DHA will be a dynamic catalyst for creating cultural change. We will anticipate and respond to the varied needs for our constituents. We will expand public and private partnerships to deliver tangible results that produce meaningful differences in the lives of Utahns.Rural Economic Development: Chris Conabee and Tara ThueGovernor’s Office of Economic DevelopmentA discussion of rural economic development and GOED realignment efforts, including an explanation of broadband availability and planning efforts in rural communities.Outline:VisionHere to HelpGOED Statewide ToolboxRural Toolbox and RealignmentFAA UASBusiness ServicesPTAC Close-upCorporate Recruitment ResultsCorporate Recruitment ResultsGECFocus on EducationMulticultural AffairsBuilding on Our Heritage/Collaboration 2.0Greater than the SumState of OpportunityInfrastructureBroadband
  • Vision and Objectives Boxappear AUTOMATICALLY[CLICK TO REVEAL EACH OBJECTIVE and Elaborate.]With the nation’s top economy and best state accolades from multiple thought leaders, we are Celebrating Achievement! The reason for our success is a solid foundation grounded in incredible collaboration.[CLICK TO REVEAL CORNERSTONES]Cornerstones are interrelated part of the superstructure, and combined will ensure our continued economic prosperity.And now we are EXECUTING EVERY DAY on the economic development plan that has helped us achieve this prosperity.
  • [Rocky Mountain Power, Sigurd-Red Butte Ground Breaking - The Governor will acknowledge the continued growth of Utah's energy infrastructure.]In May, Governor Gary R. Herbert visited Richfield and Gunnison as part of his "Capitol for a Day" tours. The purpose for the visit wasto allow the host city to become the workplace for the Governor and some of his senior staff, providing an opportunity to get out into local communities and visit with Utahns. 
  • Dedicated to facilitating business growth and economic vitality in Utah's rural communities.It is beneficial to the entire state to have a strong rural economy.The Office of Rural Development coordinates with rural jurisdictions and businesses for community improvements and economic development strategies. An element of this strategy is to identify barrier to economic growth. Governor's Rural Partnership Board made up of rural leaders and businessmen, provides input and assist with the economic barrier strategy.
  • FAA UASFederal Aviation Administration Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Sometimes Unmanned Aerial Systems from UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)UTTR: Utah Test and Training RangeMOA: Military Operations AreaUASTS(S): Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site Selection “Multiple Sites to match FAA’s R&D focus and aircraft maturity and capabilities”Mountain West Unmanned Systems Alliance (MWUSA):Academia and industry partnership, provides statewide focusPictured: USU Titan UAV for Article: Drones for Science: The First Step in a Civilian UAV Invasion? USU’s AggieAir Flying Circus is using UAVs to bring real-team mapping capabilities into a host of new fields.Utah State team has two new types of UAVs in development. The larger version is called Titan. Titan would extend the maximum range for the AggieAir fleet to 50 miles, up from 30, and extend the maximum flight time from an hour to 80 minutes. West Unmanned Systems Alliance (MWUSA):Academia and industry partnership, provides statewide focus
  • USHE, DWS, GOKey cluster areas show great promise for Utah’s continued economic vitality by driving employment in Utah’s modern, global economy.Workforce alignment efforts like the Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnerships (UCAP) help ensure a local talent pipeline to meet the needs of our top industries.Life Science UCAP Outcomes:Full time LS Cluster DirectorRegulatory Affairs ProgramBioUtah Industry AssociationAerospace UCAP Outcomes:Aerospace defense industry association to be established with a Utah focusWorkforce Development: Working with Universities and ATCs to come up with curriculum changes and enhancements to support hire of technicians and other certified skill setsAlignment of L-3 with SLCC
  • Utah Procurement Technical Assistance Centers help small businesses with all phases of Government contracting -federal, state, and local. Counselors provide one-on-one and group instruction that helps clients identify contracting opportunities, which can create growth of market share and revenues for them. The government is an excellent customer because they generally purchase in large quantities, and pay their bills on time. BID Match software to find opportunities.One-on-one counselingWorkshops and ConferencesRegistration Assistance Networking facilitationContracting Partnerships: 8(a) / Hub Zone Opportunities
  • PHOTO:I-15 CORE @ UVU/University Parkway into Provo]There are about 250 active projects in EDC Utah’s pipeline. That includes some 50 site visits and more than two dozen who are in decision or committed, including companies both from in state and out of state. It’s incredibly exciting how much activity there is right now. We’re outpacing last year by more than 15%, continually breaking our own records. And the diversity of the projects is what is most heartening, with dozens of projects falling in the broader “manufacturing” sector, showing Utah is leading the charge to create an environment that is friendly to business, and provide an opportunity for companies to increase domestic manufacturing.Major expansions and growth are driving Utah’s economy, and the success of these projects is spilling over into the construction sector as new, high paying, quality jobs create new opportunities for upward economic mobility. One result is the growth of Utah’s housing market, which is employing Utah’s construction firms, contractors and local industry leaders at increasing levels.In fact, larger employers within those strongest clusters I described are a vital source of employment throughout Utah, being generally more resilient through the economic downturn. Their resiliency and concentration has helped spur a quicker recover, which in turn has helped small businesses find their footing again.And as these clusters grow, so too do the support industries, including retail, professional services, hospitality and others, generating new income and sales tax for local and county coffers.Meanwhile, as a state we continue to invest in innovation and support our entrepreneurs.GOED provides business help and resources at every level of business from idea to expansion.  From 1 job to 1,000, where 1 job spins out a company and 1,000 spins out a community.CLICK TO REVEAL RECRUITMENT RESULTS:Recent incentives announced perfectly illustrate the range of companies we endeavor to support: Blu, Solarwinds, FireEye, SyberJet and Metal Craft.SC Aerospace (MSC) and its subsidiaries Metalcraft Technologies (MTI) and SyberJet Aircraft (SJA) will invest millions into the project being undertaken the support of the GOED incentive and will pay an estimated $127 million in new state tax revenue over the 20 year life of the project.  Over the lifetime of the agreement, the company will pay over $1 billion in new state wages to 1,200 incented jobs.(SJA produces the world’s fastest and longest range seven-seat light business jet – the SyberJet SJ30.  State-of-the-art aerodynamic features, coupled with the efficiency and power of Williams FJ44 engines and the advanced technology of SyberVisionTM avionics by Honeywell, make the SJ30 best in class.)Blu’s 73 jobs in the energy cluster (natural gas infrastructure and fueling stations) to Solarwinds 1,040 jobs in the information technology sector. But they will combine for $56 million in capital investment and over $100 million in new state revenue in the coming years.Before that we most recently announced up to 250 new jobs from the expansion to Utah of FireEye, a leading cyber threat protection firm, lending more expertise and growth in Utah’s thriving information technology sector.FireEye is an example of just one company in edcUtah’s pipeline who quickly saw the advantages Utah offers.I’m pleased to report that a number of concurrent conversations and tours are being held with major, multinational companies from both coasts who need a stable state for business growth now….that state is Utah. And rapid growth across all our sectors is good news for everyone.
  • Multicultural Affairs Office was established within the Utah’s Department of Heritage and Arts to develop a culturally-diverse outreach program for all ethnic communities. The Office recognizes the importance of developing relationships with the many different communities throughout Utah in order to achieve its important mission.On January 17, 2012 Governor Gary R. Herbert and Lt. Governor Greg Bell established the Utah Multicultural Commission who collaborates with Multicultural Affairs to identify and discuss issues and concerns of the ethnic constituents of Utah.
  • Collaboration 2.0 creates a mashup of all of our best long term plans to form a holistic vision for our future that integrates and builds on our combined and diverse heritages.
  • Fastest Internet in the West
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Rural Utah Outlook Statewide Business Services and Economic Development P r e s e n t e r : Christopher M. Conabee Managing Director Corporate Recruitment Governor’s Off ice of E conom ic D evelopm ent
    • 2. A Governor’s Vision Utah will lead the nation as the best performing economy and be recognized as a premier global business destination. 1. Strengthen and Grow Existing Utah Businesses, Both Urban and Rural 2. Increase Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment 4. Prioritize Education to Develop the Work-force of the Future 3. Increase National and International Business The Four Objectives of Utah’s Economic Development Plan
    • 3. Here to Help Rocky Mountain Power, Sigurd-Red Butte Ground Breaking
    • 4. GOED’s Statewide Toolbox Business Resources • Outdoor Recreation Tourism • Rural Development San Rafael Swell A close alignment of GOED’s multiple statewide resources will improve collaboration in the long term and help Utah’s unique communities achieve their year-round economic development and job growth objectives.
    • 5. Rural Development Office Main Street Springville Cattle Ranch Near Salina Utah’s Rural Toolbox • Governor’s Rural Partnership Board • Rural Fast Track • Enterprise Zones • Targeted Economic Clusters • Energy Development • Aerospace and Defense 2013 Realignment Effort
    • 6. Promontory (ATK) Delta Milford Green River FAA UAS Site Selection Utah Focus • UAS is part of Utah’s Aerospace & Defense cluster strategy. • Statewide test range sites strategically support rural economic development, academic research and industry objectives Mountain West Unmanned Systems Alliance (MWUSA): Academia and industry partnership, provides statewide focus UTTR: Utah Test and Training Range MOA: Military Operations Area UASTS(S): Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site Selection
    • 7. Business Resource Centers Personalized Business Help USTAR & TCIP PTAC SBDC* 13 Statewide One Stop Shops for: Entrepreneurs Manufacturing Expansion Client Tracking Technical Education Networking Special Training Access to Funding And More… *Procurement Technical Assistance Center *Small Business Development Center *Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program Next: A Closer look at PTAC
    • 8. Utah Supplier Development Council/PTAC Small Business Vendor Fair Procurement Assistance Economic Plan Objectives 1,2,3 • BID Match software to find opportunities. • One-on-one counseling • Workshops and Conferences • Registration Assistance • Networking facilitation • Contracting Partnerships: • 8(a) / Hub Zone Opportunities
    • 9. $78 $297 $278 $3,322 $148 $364 $2,440 $4,980 $110 $427 $1,144 $5,946 $171 $829 $1,296 $6,473 $- $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 $6,000 $7,000 Incentive Amount New State Revenue Capital Investment New State Wages Millions 2010 2011 2012 2013 EDTIF Comparison FY 2010-2013 Corporate Recruitment Futura Industries
    • 10. Corporate Recruitment & Results: Jobs 4,222 7,638 9,065 9,289 - 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000 10,000 Jobs Year EDTIF Jobs Incented FY 2010-2013 2010 2011 2012 2013 Ripple Effect of Incentive: Halfway to 100,000 Jobs at Exelis
    • 11. Chair Spencer P. Eccles GOED Mel Lavitt - Chair World Trade Center Utah Scott Anderson - Chair USTAR – Dinesh Patel Chair Governing Authority Fund of Funds Will West - Chair UCIC EDCUtah Rich Walje - Chair Natalie Gochnour Apptd. By Governor Rob Behunin Apptd. By Governor Pat Richards Apptd. By Governor Randy Shumway Apptd. by Governor Governor’s Rural Partnership Board Spencer Cox - Chair Governor’s Economic Council Acceleration of 100,000 Jobs in 1,000 Days
    • 12. Salt Lake Center For Science Education Student Demonstration at Prosperity 2020 Event STEM Education Economic Development Objectives 2,4 Statewide Talent Pipeline • Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership (UCAP) • USU Regional Campuses & Distance Education (RCDE) • BioInnovations Gateway • Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (STIP) • Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
    • 13. Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell at the 1st Annual Multicultural Youth Leadership Summit U t a h O f f i c e o f Multicultural Affairs Economic Development Objectives 1,4 Multicultural Affairs Mission: Promote a climate of inclusion by facilitating strategic partnerships between the ethnic community, community leaders, state agencies, and state government to provide targeted opportunities and resources. Applied Mission • Diverse Outreach Program • Strengthen Partnerships • Deepen Collaboration • Address Unique Community and Cultural Needs • Apply Economic Objectives in Utah’s Diverse Regions • Achieve Governor’s Vision
    • 14. Torrey’s Historic Schoolhouse Building on Our C o m b i n e d He r i t a ge
    • 15. Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
    • 16. State of Opportunity Long-term holistic planning focus on: • Statewide Economic Development • Diversified Economy and Exports • Physical Infrastructure • 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan • Multiple Top State Accolades • Broadband Connectivity
    • 17. Top-Ranked Connectivity Tara Thue Project Manager Utah Broadband Project