[I gcdp] march summit booklet


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[I gcdp] march summit booklet

  1. 1. Summit objectives In order to reach our vision- we have 3 main directions: • IR and co-delivery • LEAD for EPs and Service • Social Business model implementation So, iGCDP summit is an initiative in Social Business model implementation.
  2. 2. iGCDP summit in March will: Help us to: 1) Prepare OCPs and iGCDP coordinators for delivering high quality exchange experiences in summer. 2) Prepare Supporting functions coordinators (LCVPs) for their work with OCPs and OCs, raise understanding of iGCDP to improve synergy and clarify expectations between functions. 3) Provide space for connection and experience sharing, inputs from LC levels for MC initiatives.
  3. 3. Target audience: 1) iGCDP OCPs 2) iGCDP coordinators/managers (reception managers, quality managers) 3) LCVP iGCDP 4) MarCom/ER/F/TM coordinators and/or VPs 5) Members (iGCDP and supporting functions for specific sessions) Note: Because we focus on enhancing collaboration between iGCDP and ER – not only LCVP ER has to visit iGCDP summit BUT ALSO OCER. If VP of supporting function doesn’t have coordinator for iGCDP – he/she has to join. Because on this summit we will clarify what is business model, and what supporting functions has to do there.
  4. 4. Agenda: Day 1 Unity – space to connect members and build collaborative mindset Purpose – re-find our personal ‘why’ of doing our @ work Empower – provide knowledge and skills for implementation of our visions Growth – provide space to act and implement knowledge and skills
  5. 5. Agenda: Day 2
  6. 6. Sessions for OCs How magic works? BD – required for all ER related members. (Other member also can join if they are interested) All members: • Team building game • My region - how I want it to see? • How you manage Quality and Quantity? • How is your plan? • Dream session
  7. 7. Faci - HN region Ngoc Dao LCVPo MarCom FTU HN, AIESEC Vietnam Ustyna Hasiy MCVP iGCDP AIESEC Vietnam Vyx Le BD manager AIESEC Vietnam Danh Nguyen MCVP OD AIESEC Vietnam
  8. 8. Additional information: Venue and Fee: Will be clarified closer to summit. For any questions contact: ustyna.hasiy@aiesec.net
  9. 9. Your preparation: 1)Fill in before 26.02. GMT+7 iGCDP members: bit.ly/1d1e7Jw Non iGCDP members: bit.ly/1gWFngn 2)Bring your plans (everything you have till now) 3) Read: • LEAD model - bit.ly/LEADguide • Orientation day & Buddy guide - bit.ly/consays • Marketing guide - bit.ly/MRKGP
  10. 10. Registration form • DDL – 24th of Feb, 23.59 GMT+7 • http://bit.ly/iGCDPsummitMarch
  11. 11. Expected outcome: • OCPs and iGCDP coordinators: will obtained practical skills of planning according to new Master Plan. Raise their understanding of project areas, and role of supporting functions. Will have practical output to implement in a project. Be clear about national initiatives. Connection and GCP/BCP sharing with other members. • LCVP of iGCDP: Know how to support OCP in delivery summer peak, connections, understanding of work with supporting functions
  12. 12. • LCVP of supporting functions and coordinators: understanding of iGCDP processes and objectives, clear role in project and clear understanding of action steps. • All: • Initiatives for collaboration • Inputs for MC initiatives. • Space for networking and sharing.
  13. 13. Okey, let`s make it clearer: We connect your clarity of why with project you are going to do. Do we actually changing the world? How other entities are doing it? How we can bring awesomeness ;) ? What is project? What is different from just a project and project according to social business model? Objective of each part of social business model. After this 2 sessions you will not be confused again, like: Gosh, what am I doing here? What prevented us from collaboration in a past? How we will work together from now on? How it benefits to all sides? OMG! New Master Plan. How to fill all of that? – we will explain you how to fill it, and why you need all of that. Till the end of summit you will have draft plan. If you already start to fill it in – you will be able to clarify crucial points. We will clarify what is the role of BD in social business model. How working process BD - iGCDP look like? Applicable knowledge: How to make market research and build relevant product? How to build proposal? What is the follow up after summit in development of sales capacity in iGCDP? Need presence not only iGCDP ppl, but also OC ER, VP ER/iGIP, ER coordinators. Honestly, best team building game ever! You haven't done it before for sure! All members has to join!
  14. 14. How you want to see your region in a future? What you need for that? Outcome of this session: initiatives, people in charge and teams to make it happen. It`s time to act =) For all members You will understand big picture of marketing processes. What marketing doing in AIESEC? What is the role of Marketing in Business Model, and what is the working flow with iGCDP? You will learn specifically about market research and it influence on project creation. Session surprise – but you will never forget it, for sure. Time to dream and act! You will get to know: What actually TM responsible for? How to work together with TM? What is LEAD? What is LEAD for EPs? How you, as a leader can develop your members? How to fill in budget? How to cut expenses. What we need to do to make work finance and iGCDP more smooth? What tools to use to track quality and quantity? What means quality for interns? Risk management for your interns. Quality standards. What is IR and how LC2LC / country 2 country partnerships will help you to get more interns, what you need to provide for that? ALL IGCDP OC CAN JOIN Accomplish your plan output and get ideas from each other. Share with your team. ALL OC can be present
  15. 15. TOGETHER! We will make it happen! Last summit outputs: www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?conten tid=10288584 Contact: ustyna.hasiy@aiesec.net