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Our brochure is available online, find everything about Chamber College and for more information please visit our website: www.chambercollege.com

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  2. 2. 05 06 09 Message from Why choose Chamber College Joanna Debono, Malta? in brief Managing Director 11 12 About us Our teachers and business trainers 14 19contents The courses General English courses 21 24 Exam preparation Summer camps courses 26 30 Our business Facilities and courses services 32 34 Accommodation Student activities, and student welfare social and cultural activities
  3. 3. “Welcome to Chamber College Malta, and welcome to an island steeped in history, with a wonderful climate, safe environment and friendly people.”�����������������������������������������
  4. 4. English is the language of international business and the major language of the Internet. Around 320If you can speak English,the world’s your oyster million people aroundthe world communicatein English, so whateveryour goal, you will need English to succeed
  5. 5. Welcome to a new era in language learning and dear prospective student…welcome to Chamber College, a new and excit-ing learning experience at the forefront of Eng-lish language tuition • Based in Malta, at the heartof the Mediterranean, yet only a few hours of flying timeaway from major European cities, Chamber College isa young, dynamic organisation offering an extensiverange of English language courses all year-round to suit your individual needs • We represent quality and aca- demic excellence; we pride ourselves on our standard of teaching and our edu- cational and recreationalJoanna facilities • We guarantee a high standard of educationDebono at highly competitive prices.Managing Whether you are a beginner,Director an advanced student, or a company executive who re- quires English for business purposes, we can provide expert tuition to help you achieve your goal • When you choose Chamber Col-lege, you can concentrate on learning and let us organ-ise everything from accommodation, visas and airporttransfers, to excursions and leisure activities. Aboveall, you can feel confident that we are here to supportyou in every possible way • Our staff is always avail-able to give academic or welfare support to make yourstay in Malta a truly memorable one • We look forwardto welcoming you to Malta and to Chamber College.
  6. 6. Malta is situated 100km south of Sicily and approximately 290why choose malta? km north of North Africa. When you fly over Malta, two colours dominate the landscape, the brilliant blue of the sea and sky, and the warm honey colour of the local stone. • The island’s fascinating history dates back 7000 years; it is a timeless kaleidoscope of different civi- lisations. Probably the great- est impact in Malta’s history was made on the arrival of the Knights of St John in 1530. They reigned over Malta for over two and a half centuries. For some 160 years, Malta formed part of the British Empire after the King helped rid Malta of the French. In 1964, Malta became inde- pendent, a Republic in 1974, remaining a member of the British Commonwealth and in 2004, the Island became a member of the European Union • Malta has a wonder- ful climate. It is a sea lov- er’s paradise. With 200km of coastline and a warm clear blue sea you can swim, dive and sail virtually all the year round • For those with an in- terest in archaeology, there are many ancient temples, megalithic standing stones and catacombs. The most spectacular site is Hagar Qim near the enchanting Blue Grotto. The Hypogeum in Tarxien is awesome and the Catacombs in Rabat are well worth a visit • If it’s nightlife you’re after, Paceville, St Ju- lians is the place where you will find discos, clubs, bars, movie theatres and some of the island’s best restaurants.
  7. 7. The island’s fascinating history dates back 7000 years;it is a timeless kaleidoscope of different civilisations
  8. 8. Our aim is to create a unique environment conducive to learning
  9. 9. A safe, central chamber college in brief… location served by public transport Good choice of accommodation nearby A wide range of language courses Innovative teaching by talented, highly qualified teachers Small classes mean individual attention from our experienced EFL teachers Excellent study facilities Latest audio visual teaching aids and language lab Free internet access with e-mail facilities Low cost VoIP telephone facility Imaginative leisure and social programme Gym and swimming pool adjacent Full welfare support Café and roof garden Access for the disabledand committed to excellence
  10. 10. Chamber College is a new concept in the market of about us EFL studies in Malta • Our aim is to create a unique environment conducive to learning and committed to excellence. The college is located in Gzira, a safeChamber College is a purpose built educational residential area and afacility with 27 well-equipped, air-conditioned stone’s throw away fromclassrooms. Each classroom is modern, bright the University of Malta, hostand spacious and designed for efficiency and families, apartments, hotels,comfort. Learning is enhanced by the latest sports facilities and publicaudio-visual study aids including TV, VCR, DVD transport • We know you willand CD • In addition, there is a fully equipped enjoy learning English in ourlanguage lab, multimedia computers with free purpose built college. Weinternet access and cheap VoIP international offer every possible facility totelephone facilities, a leisure and relaxation help you succeed. Of coursearea which includes a café, lounge and large learning doesn’t end in thescreen • After lessons, students can “chill out” classroom; our programmesin the café, lounge, or on the lovely roof garden give you the opportunity toor enjoy a swim in Malta’s National Swimming explore the island with yourPool which is only 100 metres from the college new ‘international’ friends• Chamber College is also fully accessible whilst continually improvingto people with disabilities and enjoys the your language skills • Oursecurity of full EU standard safety features students come from every• We are proud of the college’s excellent corner of the world andfacilities; both educational and recreational. each individual is extremely important to us. From the moment you arrive, we want you to feel part of our ‘family’ and we will do our utmost to make you feel welcome and secure • Throughout your course, whether you are using our educational facilities, staying in touch with your family back home through our free e-mail service, eating in the café, or simply enjoying the roof garden, Chamber College will be the focal point of your life during your stay in Malta Come and join us for a total learning experience!
  11. 11. Our teaching staff are highly qualified, dedicated and extremelyour teachers motivated individuals • Most are native speakers with considerable experience teaching in Malta, in the UK and a number of other countries • All of our staff members are qualified to teach English as a foreign language and they are employed not only for their teaching ability, but also for their communicative skills and empathy with students from diverse cultures • We continually strive to boost students’ confidence by developing individuals’ ability to speak and understand everyday English, and to read and write more effectively in the English language. Our teachers also recognise the importance of student interaction and group dynamics within the classroom • We hope you’ll find that learning with us is not just an educational experience, it’s also fun. put your trust in our professio Many of our business trainers have combined talents in Eng- our business trainers lish language teaching, management and ‘hands on’ experi- ence in such areas as Banking, Finance, Media, Marketing, Tourism or IT. You can rely on their professionalism and expertise • They will work in partnership with you and your company to meet your language requirements, budget and time schedules • If you need to improve your English to give you ‘the edge’ over competitors, or to expand your vocabulary for a forthcoming project, pres- entation or business negotia- tion, we can provide a course ‘tailored’ to suit your individual needs. Training will focus on your specific area of business to give you language fluency and confidence to succeed.
  12. 12. onal team
  13. 13. the courses Choosing the course that suits you. . . On their first day at We appreciate the difficulty experienced by students when choosing an English Chamber College, students are language course and a venue in a required to take a placement foreign country. We also understand test in order to determine their the importance of providing essential level of English. They are then information to help you choose a course graded and placed in the most appropriate for your individual, specific appropriate learning group. needs. Whatever course you choose, your Grade classification is divided needs are important not only to you, but into 6 different levels: Beginners, also to us. Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper- intermediate and Advanced. Tuition is available at all levels to suit students’ requirements
  14. 14. Before embarking on a Pre-course, you need to Beginner Elementary Intermediate know your level of proficiency. You know a few You can communicate You can make yourselfAt Chamber College, words and phrases in simple language understood in basic language we will assess you for everyday situations Upper- on Day 1 but the following chart will help you Intermediate Intermediate Advancedidentify your current language level You understand and You can use English You have a good command before booking a speak English with some quite effectively and now of English and now confidence but need to need to refine your want to study English course. increase vocabulary vocabulary and grammar for specific purposes
  15. 15. english language courses
  16. 16. At Chamber College we offer an extensive range of courses to provide you, the client, with the highestpossible standard of English language tuition. All our courses are designed to improve the students’command of English irrespective of their present level and language ability. Our teachers are fullyqualified and chosen for their excellent communicative skills and rapport with students. No matter whatyour requirements are, we can provide language training that will help you maximise your potential.General English CoursesWe provide a wide range of English General English Semi-Intensive (GESI) language courses including: The semi-intensive course has the same➜ General English (Beginner to Advanced level) basic core element as the GEI course. Intensive (GEI), Semi-intensive (GESI) It is designed to help the student improve and Mini-intensive (GEMI) communication skills through speaking, reading➜ One-to-one Tuition can be combined with GEI, and writing. The course content features new GESI and GEMI courses vocabulary, grammar and language fluency -➜ English for Business including private one-to- particularly interaction with others in an English one tuition for business executives speaking environment.➜ English for Special Purposes The course programme is 20 sessions➜ English for Academic Purposes of 45 minutes each per week➜ Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS and Pitman exam preparation courses General English Mini-Intensive (GEMI)➜ TEFL courses are also available This course is designed for the student who wants to have more free time to go onGeneral English Intensive (GEI) excursions and see more of the Islands.This course is designed to give the student The core teaching element is the same as thea solid, structured foundation in the English GEI and GESI courses but has a greater focus onLanguage. It is ideal for students who need to the more communicative of the language skills,improve their fluency in a relatively short time. with particular emphasis being placed on theTeaching is focused on the four essential language ability to listen and speak and on the learning ofskills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. new vocabulary and the correct ways to use it inSpecial attention is paid to vocabulary, grammar, everyday situations.conversation and pronunciation. Students are The course programme is 15 sessionsencouraged to use the English language by means of 45 minutes each per weekof role-play, group discussions and a variety of reallife situations. There are regular tests to monitor The General English Intensive (GEI),students’ progress. Semi-Intensive (GESI) and Mini-intensive (GEMI) courses are available at all levels.The course programme is 30 sessionsof 45 minutes each per week.
  17. 17. One-to-one General Tuition We also offer a variety of vocational study programmesIndividual tuition has the advantage of giving that may be taken separately or as part of athe student personal attention as well as the Combination Course. Some of these short coursesopportunity to concentrate on specific areas can be taken on a full or part time basisof language requirements. The courses include:The student can choose the number of sessions ➜ International Tourismrequired. Lessons are of 1 hour duration. ➜ Customer RelationsOne-to-one tuition is also available for each of the ➜ Quality Serviceexam preparation courses. ➜ Reception Operations ➜ Health and SafetyCombination CourseA Combination Course is an ideal way of These courses are designed for students who needcombining a General English course with to improve their spoken and written English for workindividual tuition. For example, a programme in the field of tourism. Tuition covers various subjectscan be devised so that in the morning, the student related to the hotel industry including accommodation,can attend a group lesson to achieve optimum food & beverage, and provision of tours.improvement in general language. Then in theafternoon, it can be complemented by individual Each vocational subject can be studied separately fortuition for specific language needs. a specific qualification. Alternatively, the subjects can be studied together withWhatever course you choose, our teachers another vocational programme, or combined with awill focus on helping you to improve your suitable English language course.communicative skills. Our teaching methods Students can pursue training in a number ofare skills-based; in the classroom we use a vocationally related levels - all leading to Internationalcomprehensive mix of grammar, essential Vocational Qualifications which are highly respected,vocabulary, speaking, listening and reading. transferable, and recognised in most countries.The emphasis is on active communication.We encourage our students to use the English Certification is awarded on the successful completionlanguage as much as possible. of the courses.
  18. 18. Exam Preparation CoursesExamination Preparation Courses are Cambridge Preparation Coursesdesigned for students interested in preparing The University of Cambridge Certificates arefor an internationally recognised examination: internationally recognised examinations.IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, We offer examination preparation courses for theTEFL, PITMAN and SESOL five levels of certification: ➜ Key English Test (KET)If you want to succeed in today’s highly competitive ➜ Preliminary English Test (PET)world, you must have internationally recognised ➜ First Certificate in English (FCE)qualifications. This is particularly important if you ➜ Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)intend to apply for university or college entrance. As ➜ Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)English is the predominant language of business,good English language qualifications can give you From the beginning of the course, studentsthe ‘edge’ over other candidates in the job market. are carefully monitored to ensure that they are progressing to the required standard beforeIELTS Preparation Courses attempting the examination. Students receiveIELTS (International English Language Testing tuition and language practice covering every areaSystem) is conducted jointly by The British of the examination. As well as language training,Council, IDP Education Australia and the we ensure that our students receive regularUniversity of Cambridge Local Examinations sessions on exam technique and take part inSyndicate. timed practice tests so that they are confident andIELTS is designed to assess the language thoroughly prepared.ability of candidates who need tostudy or use English as a language of KET (Key English Test) is at Level 1communication. Certification is widely in the Cambridge system.accepted by educational institutions and it is KET recognises the ability to cope with everydayadvantageous for entry to training courses, written and spoken communications at a basicrecruitment and for immigration purposes. It level. It is often chosen as a first step for studentsis an important qualification for any student aiming to take the higher Cambridge examinations.wishing to study for a degree course at auniversity in the UK or Australia. Our IELTS PET (Preliminary English Test) is atpreparation course will help you develop Level 2 in the Cambridge system.the essential examination skills for this PET covers the four main language skills – reading,important university entrance examination. writing, listening and speaking –and is the idealDuring the course, students will have ample choice if you feel comfortable using your Englishscope to practice exam skills ahead of the in everyday situations. PET is recognised byfinal examination. The combination of this employers as a valid indication of a student’sadvance preparation and intense language language level and is recognised by sometraining will enhance the candidates’ chances universities as an initial qualification in English.of success. Our IELTS courses are availableat Intermediate, Upper-intermediate andAdvanced levels.
  19. 19. FCE (First Certificate in English) isat Level 3 in the Cambridge system.FCE is widely accepted in commerce, banking, industry,airlines and tourism. It fulfils the English language entrancerequirement for some universities and colleges.CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)is at Level 4 in the Cambridge system.CAE indicates a high level of languagecompetence for candidates wishing to use Englishfor study or professional purposes. It fulfils the Englishlanguage entrance requirement for the majority of Britishuniversities and higher education institutions.
  20. 20. CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)is at Level 5 in the Cambridge system. is an American examination.CPE indicates a level of competence, which The TOEFL certificate is an internationallyfulfils the English language entrance requirement recognised examination. It is required byfor British universities and many universities American and Canadian universities, and by collegesin other English-speaking countries. It is also and universities in many other English speakingaccepted by other institutions of higher education and countries around the world. In Europe, TOEFL isprofessional bodies throughout the world. CPE is a used by institutions where English is the language ofvery valuable certificate because in some countries, instruction. Many government agencies, scholarshipit provides exemption from local English language programmes, and licensing certification agenciesrequirements. It can be accepted for admission use TOEFL scores to evaluate English proficiency.to courses, or for employment, where a thorough During the course, TOEFL language training will beknowledge of English is required. supplemented by regular tests to practice language skills under examination conditions. Participation in these tests helps develop student confidence and ensure success in the examination. Our TOEFL courses are available at Intermediate, Upper- intermediate and Advanced levels. TEFL Chamber College organises TEFL courses throughout the year for those wanting to gain this first qualification on their way to becoming teachers of English as a Foreign Language. The courses are normally held over 3 or 5 weeks. SESOL SESOL (Spoken English for Speakers of Other Languages) is an examination in general English language ability by Trinity College London. Its aim is to assess candidates’ progress and development in spoken English and linguistic competence. The examination takes place in July and August. Throughout all our certificate courses, students are constantly assessed and supported to help them maximise their potential to succeed in their final examination.
  21. 21. summer camps
  22. 22. Throughout the summer months youngerstudents have the opportunity of attending ourfun summer camps. Students between the agesof 8 and 12 can attend fun-filled lessons wherethey can enjoy themselves while learning.The lessons are held in a relaxed manner andstudents are encouraged to take an active part,allowing them to develop themselves to the fullwhilst attending our camps.After lessons the students can take part inactivities which are designed to allow themto integrate with each other and help build ateam spirit between them to further practise thecommunicative skills picked up in class.The choice of activities includes art & crafts,drama, swimming, football, basketball, tennis,treasure hunts and other great options to suitevery student’s taste.Our experienced teachers and coordinatorsare chosen for their ability to work with youngpeople and their enthusiasm towards makingsure our students enjoy themselves.The high standard of the lessons and the level ofcoordination of the activities will ensure that ouryoung students will have the time of their liveswhile at the Chamber College Summer Camps.
  23. 23. our business courses English is the language of international business. *Today, 320 million people use English as a first language and 140 million people use English as an official language. * Source: Guinness Book of Answers
  24. 24. Whatever your learning What Makes Us Different? Our college provides Business English training objectives, we will endeavour courses for clients who need to improve their English language communication skills. to define and where possible, Whether you are a senior company executive, member of a project team, or an individual, we can provide incorporate the necessary career-focused language training that concentrates on your learning requirements. subject material to suit your Courses are designed to meet specific business needs. linguistic requirements. Your We offer the following types of courses: trainer will discuss your ➜ General Business English Executive Business English for small groups specific language needs and ➜ ➜ Tailor-made one to one Business Englishexpectations, and will suggest Training Programmeshow any linguistic weaknesses Training programmes are designed to give the client the necessary English language skills to can be improved and your communicate effectively in business situations including corporate and social functions. Fluency goals accomplished. in such situations can give you the ‘edge’ over competitors. Whether you need English for a presentation, or a new assignment with a global organisation, our flexible courses can help you to improve your language ability and fluency. Tuition includes conversation, pronunciation, colloquial English and American English. After a language audit and assessment of your professional requirements, a training programme can be prepared for you. General Business English Courses General Business English courses are designed for people who need to improve their business English vocabulary and communication skills to work in an English-speaking business environment. Particular attention is paid to the importance of effective and confident communication in the workplace - particularly at meetings, on the telephone, and face to face with colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  25. 25. Tuition covers a wide range of essential business Course subjects include:subjects including: ‘ Essential business vocabulary, terminology and idioms‘ Introductions - welcoming and entertaining ‘ Grammar - the importance of prepositions and tenses corporate guests ‘ Business correspondence - letters, faxes, e-mails,‘ Formal and social English in business reports and memos - writing a CV‘ Effective communication in meetings, targeted to a specific profession negotiations and presentations ‘ Graphs, charts and vocabulary‘ Company structure - strategy - mission statements for information and analysis‘ Graphs, charts, forecasts and trends ‘ Telephoning - listening and speaking -‘ Banking, finance, import & export terms getting your message across‘ Sales and marketing ‘ Effective communication with colleagues and clients‘ Telephone skills ‘ Corporate communication - formal & social English‘ Writing business letters, e-mails, faxes, reports etc. conversation, socialising and small talk‘ HRD - the workplace - CV’s, job applications and ‘ Meetings and negotiations - role play - agreeing and job interviews disagreeing - giving opinions ‘ Presentations - body language, intonation and stressExecutive Business English for small groups ‘ Company strategy - corporateThese courses are designed for executives philosophy - mission statementscurrently working in the international business ‘ Finance - forecasts - accountancy - bankingsector and who need to improve their verbal and ‘ Import & export - insurance - contractswritten English. They can be individuals, employees ‘ HRD - employment - job interviewsfrom the same organisation, or members of a team ‘ Cross Cultural relations - globalworking on the same project. Executive courses include differences multinational organisationsthe essential language required for everyday businessand professional use.
  26. 26. One-to-One Tuition One-to-one training focuses onWe offer a flexible programme of One-to-One a range of business topics including:tailored courses in which clients can choose ‘ Communication in business - introductions,the subject, time and intensity of their training self expression, negotiating, telephoningschedule. ‘ Vocabulary and grammar - specific businessTypical subjects include: Financial English, English vocabulary, key phrases, idioms, American Englishfor Presentations, English for Meetings and ‘ Sales and marketing - graphs & chartsNegotiations, English for Sales & Marketing, English ‘ Company structure - corporatefor Travel & Tourism,Legal and Medical English etc. philosophy & mission statementsFollowing a language audit, a training programme ‘ Language and phrases for meetings,can be devised to improve language fluency, expand negotiations and presentationsbusiness vocabulary and increase confidence in ‘ Correspondence - letters, e-mails, faxes, memos,communication. reports, minutes of meetings, contractsOne-to-one tuition concentrates on the correct ‘ CV’s, job applications and interviewsuse of formal and social English for meetings,presentations, negotiations and business One-to-one courses are client-focused. Althoughdiscussions. the subjects cover most aspects of Business English,Particular attention is paid to essential vocabulary, they will not necessarily be taught in any particular order.idioms and small talk - so important for effective The trainer will evaluate the client’s needs as thecommunication in business. course progresses and supplement or replace subject material as necessary. The minimum level of English required for Business courses is Intermediate. Other ESP Courses Today, English is essential for many professions including medicine, pharmacology, law, IT, tourism, maritime and aviation. We can provide English for Special Purposes courses for clients requiring specialist training. Our trainers are not only professionals in the chosen subject, but have years of practical experience in their respective fields of expertise.
  27. 27. facilities and servicesAt Chamber College, we can arrange most services for you, provided weare given sufficient advance notice of your requirements. Our studentservices cover the following:Complete all-inclusive packages. We offer full counselling services to ourItemised packages for students, including students. Counsellors are fluent in manytuition, flights, accommodation, visa support, languages.transport and cheap international telephony. Students have access to The University ofStudent ID card which gives the students Malta’s sports facilities which include anentry to many popular entertainment outlets Olympic size swimming pool, gym, runningand 24 hour access to an emergency number track, football pitch, basketball and tennisshould they require urgent assistance. The courts.presentation of the ID card also qualifiesstudents for discounts at selected retail Students also have access to The Universityoutlets and entertainment spots. of Malta’s extensive library, the largest library on the island.All Chamber College students benefit fromfree broadband internet access.
  28. 28. Visa Support Our friendly and efficient administrativeWe know how much bureaucratic tape staff will provide you with a network ofyou have to cut through when applying support. Your safety and well-being isfor an entry Visa into a country. Why paramount to us and we are aware thatnot let our Visa officers take the hassle when you are living away from home, youout of applying for you? We deal with feel safer if there is a support networkhundreds of applications every year and around you. We want your time in Malta tohave much experience in the processing be a pleasant and memorable one, so justsystem. So let us deal with applying ‘knowing’ that support is available shouldand relax in the knowledge that you are make your learning experience a morebeing taken care of. relaxed one.
  29. 29. accommodation & student welfare
  30. 30. Host families The learning of a language does not only take place in a classroom, it spills out overlesson time and continues in the streets, at the shops, in the bars and, most importantly,at your home. For this reason nothing compares to the all-round learning experienceyou can receive through staying with a host family.Our host families are rigorously selected to makesure that they will be a second ‘home-from-home’ Chamber College offersfor the student. They are chosen on the basis of its students a wide rangetheir openness to newcomers and their ability to of accommodationprovide their guests with all the amenities and options - from hostservices they are used to within their own homes. families to 5 starStudents take an active part in the daily lives of international hotels - allthe families, joining them for meals, where they within walking distancecan talk with their host-parents about what went of the college. Whateveron during their day, or enjoying a relaxing film on accommodationTV in the evening. Families use English exclusively you choose, youaround students, so students have the opportunity will be living in anto fully immerse themselves in the language and English-speakingwill maybe learn a little about our traditions and environment where youway of life at the same time, taking home with can practise your Englishthem a wealth of knowledge unobtainable through language skills.other forms of accommodation.Student Residence Our student residence is ideal for those whowould like to immerse themselves in a student-based international atmosphere butat the same time, prefer the convenience and privacy of having their own apartment.The residence is only 5 minutes’ walking distance from the school and consists ofa number of self catering apartments served by a reception and an informal bar. Allrooms have a fully-equipped kitchen, lounge and bathroom. There is a TV in eachapartment and linen is changed every week. The bar downstairs is ideal for minglingwith the locals as well as making new friends among the other students in the residence.Hotels If you are looking for the convenience ofaccommodation Chamber College can find you hotela hotel within walking distance of the college.Whether you are on a budget and prefer stayingin a two star hotel, or whether you are a companyexecutive and require the comforts of a five starhotel, we at Chamber will help you choose the bestavailable option for your hotel accommodation.Our accommodation department will support youall the way through the booking process and willsee that your needs are met during your stay onthe Island in the most efficient way possible.
  31. 31. student activities, social & cultural events At CHAMBER COLLEGE, you will find a varied programme of activities, social and cultural events. Our programme of extra-curricular activities gives students the opportunity to use the English they have learned in the classroom, to get to know the island and its people.
  32. 32. For those with an appetite for adventure, weoffer a vast range of activities to suit every palateMalta is blessed with a wonderful climate all yearround. The temperature rarely falls below 15degrees Centigrade which means that one canswim comfortably in our beautiful waters fromMarch to October • For this reason sea-basedactivities are high on our agenda. Whether it isBeach Barbeques or Windsurfing, Water-skiing orLate-night Boat Discos, the young and the youngat heart are sure to find activities to enjoy the timeafter lessons and at the weekend • For thoseof you with an interest in culture, art and traditions– don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! Malta isan island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean.Over our 7000 year history, we have seen thecoming and going of a myriad cultures; fromthe Phoenicians to the Romans, Arabs to the
  33. 33. Normans, Knights of St. John to the Napoleonic French and finally to the British, who gave Maltesethe great legacy of the English language. With such a wealth of influences you can rest assuredthat you will not easily find another country with so much to offer to culture aficionados in so smalla space • Chamber College organises trips to museums, including the Fine Arts Museum, thefantastic Archaeological Museum and the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, which blendsthe modern with the ancient in a mixture of visual and performance arts. Other places you may liketo visit are Mdina, the Silent City and the old capital of Malta, various megalithic temples including
  34. 34. Ggantija Temples, which at 7,000 years of age are older than the pyramids of Egypt, and Valletta,the present capital of Malta which is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage City and which providesstudents with the chance of doing a spot of shopping while soaking in the Baroque architecture ofthis one-of-a-kind city • Our dedicated reception staff will keep you updated with a list of activitiesavailable during your visit and individual excursions can be booked through them. However, you maylike to take the easier option of booking an excursion package when booking your course. Thesepackages are designed as two week, rolling packages to provide students with a fully organised
  35. 35. timetable of excursions after lessons and atthe weekends • Our Basic Package hasa general pick of excursions which includeamong others: A welcome party, beachtrips, a harbour cruise, shopping trips, discoexperience, visit to Mdina and a cinema outing• The Plus package adds an extra dimensionof fun to the Basic Package. Included are allthe activities available on the Basic Packagebut with added excursions, including: A trip toour neighbouring island of Gozo, disco boatparty, go-carting, water sports day and beachbarbeque • You may wish to dedicateyourself to a particular activity rather thanwaste your time attending excursions you arenot truly interested in. With this in mind, we atChamber College have designed our excellentLearn an Activity Programme. This programmeis aimed at those who want to gain knowledgeand experience in a particular field. The choiceof activity is unlimited – whatever you want tolearn about and experience, we will do ourbest to organise for you • Programmeswe have held in the past include scubadiving in our pristine, azure waters, learningcookery with a Mediterranean and Malteseflair, golfing at Malta’s exclusive 18-hole golfcourse, cultural programmes teaching aboutour great history and tradition in detail, andplenty of other programmes with something toentice everyone • Whatever kind of activityour students would like to pursue, whetherwater sports or barbecues, disco parties orboat trips, or one of our learning programmes,they can rest assured that all our excursionsare organised and supervised by our highlyexperienced team of coordinators and groupleaders.
  36. 36. Malta is not just about learning a language, it’s also about enjoying and living the Mediterranean way of life. Join us at Chamber College for that experience and for the best tuition under the sun.Even though Malta is small, it is an internationalmeeting place where people receive a bigwelcome. Many students tell us that they feelcompletely at ‘home’ from the moment theyarrive. The Maltese are renowned for theirfriendliness and hospitality, and the countryis one of the safest holiday destinations inEurope • Malta is a truly bilingual country.The island was under British rule for some160 years, so English is spoken everywhere.It is the country’s second official languageand the language of business. You caneasily buy English language newspapers,magazines and books and there is a choice ofEnglish language TV and radio programmesincluding BBC World, CNN and CNBC.Places to Visit in Malta:➜ Valletta - the capital➜ Mdina - ancient capital and walled city known as the ‘silent city’.➜ St Julians and Paceville - centre for nightlife, clubs, bars & restaurants➜ Marsaxlokk - pretty fishing town with a daily market.➜ Hypogeum, Paola – awesome underground temple complexPlaces to Visit in Gozo & Comino:➜ The Citadel - walled city in Victoria➜ Xlendi - pretty tourist village➜ The Azure Window & Inland Sea➜ The Blue Lagoon, Comino - a must for swimmers and divers.➜ Ggantija temples – ancient, pre-historic temples, the oldest standing structures in the world at 7,000 years oldFor info on The Maltese Islands,visit www.visitmalta.com
  37. 37. Sliema is the largest town and only a short distance from Chamber College. It is one of the best places for shopping and itsopen-air cafes create a wonderful relaxed ‘café society’ where students canrevise the day’s lesson while watching the world go by. The town has a 4kmsandstone beach along the coastline - perfect for sunbathing or swimming.There is a regular ferry from Sliema seafront to Valletta that only takes 10 minutesacross the beautiful blue waters.Valletta is a UNESCO ‘World Heritage City’. It gets its name from Grandmaster La Vallette who established the capital in the16th century. Today, it is a busy commercial and cultural centre overlooking theimpressive Grand Harbour. The city has a fascinating grid system of straight streetsnearly all leading to the sea. Valletta offers visitors a range of interesting cultural andartistic venues to suit all tastes. St James Cavalier Arts Centre and the Museum ofFine Arts are well worth a visit. The city has many excellent restaurants, cafés andbars. Almost all bus services go to Valletta.