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Question 1

Question 1






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    Question 1 Question 1 Presentation Transcript

    • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of real media products?
      9 shot analysis of Thanatos
    • Establishing Shot
      For the opening scene in Abney Hall we decided to use this shot as the establishing shot. This shot allowed the audience to get an understanding of the atmosphere as well as a sense of realism through the use of natural sound (ambient) and also natural lighting. We panned both left to right with a tripod. By using the “House” as the opening and establishing shot it enabled a symbolic reference that would foreshadow the narrative in our storyline.
    • Low angle long shot
      This shot is a low angle long shot. The beauty of this shot is simply the effect it has on the audience because it raises questions…are they about to be ambushed are they going to be defenseless?.. Low angles help give a sense of confusion to the viewers, of powerlessness within the action of a scene. The background of a low angle shot has a lack of detail about the setting adding to the disorientation of the viewer. The added height of the object may make it inspire fear and insecurity in the viewer, who is psychologically dominated. The camera is handheld to give a villains point of view. Moreover the fact that the leaves are “white, lively and fresh” on one side and dead in terms of the grass is creating a red herringand foreshadowing the possible coming events in the narrative.
      However in this shot we notice it’s a low angle shot which is level to the dog and the characters legs therefore representing a slightly different connotation to the traditional low angle shot. This shot could suggest many interpretations. By using this shot we tried to make the audience feel that it is the dog who sense’s insecurity in the region therefore the focus is on the dog and not the character.
    • Murderers point of view.
      In this shot we filmed behind the bushes of a tree this was done simply because it would create a nerve racking scene for the audience. In particular its giving a slight hint away that someone is watching the male protagonist. However who is watching him is it a murderer? In a thriller it is always essential to create rhetorical questions or give slight hints away to create a tense, dramatic atmosphere. In this shot it tends to follow the innocent male and his dog via slight movement in which you would associate with human footsteps gently left to right. In addition their eyes… as they are eye level with the innocent man. Again in this shot it is blurred for a purpose this is to create tension into who this thing could be…it tends to follow the innocent male like the human eye would but the use of blurriness creates suspense. It is clear its again a hand held shot therefore linking back to the villain and the fact that he could be a threat to the man and his dog through the constant shakiness of the camera , hence the vulnerability.
    • Close up shot
      We filmed the dog barking in a close up shot, this is to both signify danger is looming large as well as keeping the audience on the toes through the use of sudden dramatic barking. The synchronous sound creates a sense of realism. Meanwhile the connotations of the dog barking suggesting danger. The shot is also pointing out that the dog yet again is aware of the danger in the region meanwhile the owner of the dog is still clueless and is yet to suss out the danger. In the mean time this is creating a sense of insecurity for the character thus leading to tension in the build up.
    • Worms eye view
      This shot which was filmed in the build up to the bone arrow incident is a worms eye view. This shot is one of the most effective shots used throughout the film simply because it gathers immediate attention via the use of expressions used from the character and the tense situation which has non-diegetic music playing in the background. The character is clearly focused on the cricket ball and is portrayed as unsure on what to exactly do next with this ball. Suspense is created and when you get suspense in a film it is more or less associated with a thriller. The importance of this shot is not the characters expression it is the mysterious object “Cricket Ball” which he has picked up, the fact that we have shown only a certain amount in the shot creates that edginess in which you would associate with a thriller and ultimately the fact that continuality is used throughout creating that feeling… That why is not all shots shown adequately due to various angles creating the inevitable…Unknown?
    • Big Close Up
      This shot is a big close up which was filmed right from the beginning of the electrocution scene. Meanwhile the audience are still unsure in what is to happen next due to the suspense created from the previous scene. The audience are still acknowledging the dramatic transition from the previous bone arrow scene in which all occurred in the space of 2 seconds. The gold brown bear poses another warning/hint/enigma towards the audience due to the previous scene containing a cricket ball which is traditionally associated with young teen-mid adults. Now to have a teddy bear which is traditionally associated with young children is quite dramatic in terms of the transition made in terms of age group. This allows viewers to interact with each other and share views on what they suspect is going to happen. In this shot non-diegetic sound is played, the reason behind this is so it embeds /synchronizes well to the scene. The fact that it is filmed in the dark connotes with death and evil. And finally creating tension which is always towards the audience to make them feel uncomfortable and nervous.
    • Two shot
      In this two shot we finally notice a string full of dangerous, mysterious people occurring. In this shot we notice that a man is covered in a white sheet and is blind folded, it appears there is a man dressed in black and grey who is seen as disclosing his identity. This gives a possible hint in what is to happen next because a man tied in a chair with a blindfold is clearly vulnerable to the man who is stood up freely. Could he be the killer?... It looks like it…. Is he going to kill him…Who knows….How…??? These are questions that are enforced/ raised through the use of variety mixed camera shots, from different lengths and angle. In the background we still have that consistent non-diegetic sound track played throughout, to create tension throughout. However in certain times it has an increase upbeat sound as per shot and on some occasions it is downbeat.
    • Big close Up
      This shot which is filmed in the electrocution scene is a big close up shot of the murderer. It is clear to viewers he is because in that dark room there is only two people, with one who is strapped up and the other appearing in the background. The audience know who this is and are now put in a certain situation as they are anxious in what Is about to happen next. Upbeat non-diegetic sound appearing in the background ever increasing, however this soon stops and we hear voiceover believed to be the man in the chair, he is clearly in pain as he is mumbling “uhhrmm!!uhhhrrrm” but cannot speak clearly due to having a tape around his mouth. At this moment in time viewers are likely to be having their heart in their mouth due to the atmosphere and what is likely to occur…another murder. Although the viewers are now understood to be having a clear idea as they are buttons being pressed by the killer. With wires previously seen behind a chair it is now related with the chair which is inevitably leading to an electrocution due to reaction shots and emotions running high every time a button is pressed.
    • Medium close up
      We decided to film candles and multiple glass’s smashing in slow motion. This shot reelects the danger that has occurred in the previous two deaths. Mise-en-scene was used to great effect, as we used a creepy red carpet with burnt oily candles dripping in a swirly way, this reflect all the horrific violence that has occurred over the period of time. In addition reflecting on the many more innocent peoples lives at risk. The two glass’s that broke are resemblance of the two previous murders that have led to tragic deaths. As the glass’s swoop to the ground, we decided to edit and create a non-diegetic “Whoosh” sound. This is to reflect the speed of the two deaths. The props used can also connote that there is a religious effect involved in the narrative as stereotypically we would associate candles and the colour red for certain religions i.e. In Christianity the candle has often been associated with worship for both ambience and decoration in addition to the symbol of the light of God and the red would symbolic the religion of Hindus due to the various Goddesses.