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2. 1 bestarinet overview v.3



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  • 1. 1BestariNet OverviewTransforming Education Throughout Malaysia1 Proprietary & Confidential
  • 2. How the Solution Components Work Vision: To transform education in Malaysia and bridge the digital divide between rural and urban students. 1BestariNet Ministry of •Yes 4G Internet YTL Comms Education •Frog VLE For 10,000 Schools Nationwide2 Proprietary & Confidential
  • 3. How the Solution Components Work Under 1BestariNet, schools will be equipped with an integrated solution allowing teaching, learning, collaboration, and administrative functions to take place through the Internet-based Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE), which can be accessed in school and from anywhere else with an Internet connection. How the 2 components of the solution work to deliver an integrated service: VLE CONNECTIVITY & ACCESS Academic: Resources & content creation Connectivity in schools through the Yes Collaboration & sharing 4G network Electronic assignments & marking Communication: • Access to VLE from any Internet connection Notices / RSS Feeds • Free access from anywhere on our Yes Forums / Instant Messages / Work Areas 4G network with login ID. Admin: Single login ID providing access to VLE Resource Booking and E-mail embedded within the VLE. Planner / Calendar3 Proprietary & Confidential
  • 4. Proven Frog VLE Fun & Personalised4 Proprietary & Confidential
  • 5. Proven Frog VLE Convenient & Time-Saving5 Proprietary & Confidential
  • 6. Cloud-Based Solution Wireless In School: Access and Safety Beyond School: Flexibility and Mobility • Access to VLE and high-speed Internet for learning and • Access to VLE via Internet research via LAN Wireless connection and 4G Internet • In-built content filter provides • Free access to the VLE on any safe learning environment Yes 4G Network anywhere with a single log-in Yes ID.6 Proprietary & Confidential
  • 7. Frog Store • Teachers and students will be able to download, generate, and share quality educational content through the Frog Store. • The Frog Store will be a one‐stop shop for all available international content: • Free media (videos, images, podcasts): ― Khan Academy ― YouTube for Schools • Integration of educational content into platform (applications, exercise modules) Vision: To build a complete ecosystem in Malaysia that will transform learning through education technology. This Vision is shared by: • Google • Stanford University • MIT • Khan Academy • University of Oxford7 Proprietary & Confidential