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  • 1. With You For
  • 2. UV Informatics® is North Americas leading staffing employer of technical professionals specializing in:• Applications Jobs: Software development, architecture, project management, Internet-based applications, ERP, business intelligence, data warehousing, QA testing• Network Infrastructure & IT Support Jobs: Network or systems administration and support, help desk support, project management, IT security• Communications Jobs: Wireless, MSO, landline, unified communications, cable technology, QA, BA.
  • 3. How We Do ItOur proven IT staffing methodology enables usto systematically match you with many IT jobs.Through our Technical Professional PlacementProcessSM we:•Understand your skill set and future goals•Present multiple IT job opportunities that alignwith your IT career goals•Prepare you for successful interviews•Support your transition into your new role•Maintain regular contact to address your needsand keep you consistently employed
  • 4. UV Informatics IT Staffing SolutionsBusinesses are challenged to stay ahead of the latest trendsand competitive developments, while building a responsiveand agile IT capability to support growth. Great people areessential to achieving and sustaining great outcomes.We believe that the most important and variable componentto your success involves the people working for you. In anincreasingly competitive and ever-evolving market, yourcompetitive advantage hinges on your ability to quicklyassemble high performance teams who can perform at thepace of change.Our IT staffing solutions help you secure and optimize themost strategic and variable component to success – yourpeople. We begin our partnership by seeking to understandyour business targets and the gaps between your current andfuture state. We then build a workforce staffing strategy toclose those gaps with the right people, skills andcompetencies, when and where you need them.
  • 5. Market Analytics 1 Customer Relationship6 Management Knowledge 2 Staffing QUALITY Process Sourcing5 Training Strategy 3 Screening & 4 Selection
  • 6. UV Informatics Staffing Quality Process®Market Analytics: We know who the top technical professionals are, whatthey earn, where you can find them and when they’re available. We alsounderstand their priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain them.Customer Knowledge: We take the time to understand your business and ITculture. Doing so enables us to consultatively assess your servicerequirements and collaboratively develop an Employee Value Proposition(EVP) to attract top talent.Sourcing Strategy: By leveraging our massive network of IT professionals andutilizing a referral-based sourcing strategy, we increase our selectivity, speedand effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your specific needs.Screening & Selection: We personally present you with a fully-vetted shortlistof top professionals who match your requirements. All of our candidates arescreened through a robust qualification process - and we can prove it.Relationship Management: Our commitment to ongoing contact drivesconsultant performance and retention through project completion. It alsoallows us to proactively plan for your upcoming workforce needs.Training : Training Sessions for our Candidate’s will help them to revise topicsonce again and get aware with the latest Technologies and Frameworks. It willhelp candidate’s to be perfect for Jobs.
  • 7. Way To Success Training Includes • Formal training • Technology based • Job related/workplace approaches • Career Pathing • Leadership development
  • 8. What More We Do For Candidates Need Assessment A needs assessment is the process of identifying performancerequirements and the "gap" between what performance is required and what presently exists.
  • 9. How UV Informatics Placement Process Can Help:• We avoid calling you about irrelevant opportunities by taking the time to notonly understand your skills and interests, but your personal and professional goalsas well.•On any given day, we have more over available job opportunities. We know morethan just the job descriptions, therefore we can share details about the ITinitiatives, their business drivers, the culture of the teams, and the technologiesinvolved.• Due to UV’s strong relationships with our customers as well as the technicalprofessionals who have worked for them, we can provide you with an insider’sview of what to emphasize and what to expect throughout the interview process.• UV Informatics facilitates a successful on-boarding process by connecting youwith employees that can help you transition into your new role. To support yourongoing development, we will also provide you with complimentary IT trainingand support resources throughout your engagement.•: While you are on assignment, we will conduct feedback sessions every 30-dayswith you and the customer to proactively address your needs. As your assignmentapproaches an end, we will then initiate our formal rehire process by engagingthe customer and marketing your skill set to prospective employers.
  • 10. Interested in learning more about how UV Informatics can help you? Call us: Address- 576 Newark Ave Jersey City NJ-07306 Contact No: +1 973-810-5407For Resume Submission:careers@uvinformatics.comFor General Copyright © 2012 UV Informatics., All Rights Reserved.