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Thursday November 17th, 2011 @ 10:30 PDT, we hosted a complimentary webinar titled: "Remote Prototype Testing with UserZoom". We showed the best ways to not only develop your own remote prototype test, but also implement with ease. Additionally, we discussed results from a REAL case study we ran using two popular prototyping tools!

Remote Prototype Testing and 'traditional' remote testing differ in that your prototype is not a live webpage, but is a hosted interactive experience for your participants in a secure testing environment.

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UserZoom Webinar: Remote Prototype Testing

  1. 1. Webinar:How To: Remote Prototype Testing November 17th, 2011
  2. 2. Webinar Overview & Goals1. Brief Introductions2. What do we mean by Remote Prototype Testing?3. When is Remote Prototype Testing useful?4. Case study:  How to set up, design a Remote Prototype Test  What results can you expect?5. Takeaways, Q&A
  3. 3. Introductions Alfonso de la Nuez Kim Oslob Founder & CEO Dtor. Client Services at UserZoom at UserZoom
  4. 4. 4 quick facts about UserZoom  Leading SaaS company specializing in Remote UX Testing  Our obsession is to help businesses create excellent Customer Experiences  Our software solution includes 8 different tools to run Remote UX Research  Around for about 9 years, offices in Sunnyvale (CA), Cheshire (UK) and Barcelona (Spain)
  5. 5. Some accomplishments
  6. 6. Before we begin, let’s take a quickpoll to get to know you better…
  7. 7. What do we mean by Remote Prototype Testing?
  8. 8. Typical scenario for UX Pros Sure we’d love to run testing, but…  UX & Usability research tends to be expensive  Time is not on our side  Target audiences are all around  Budget issues anyone???
  9. 9. What we mean by Remote Prototype TestingRemote UnmoderatedTesting •Hundreds of users agree to participate in a study • In their natural context • From geographically spread locations • Users try to complete tasks(or goals) + answer questions • No human moderation needed • Our browser bar connects users’ browsers with a server
  10. 10. What you can test with Remote Prototype Testing  Of course, low and high fidelity wireframes/prototypes …but also:  Mock-ups  Images  Multimedia
  11. 11. Advantages and benefits or Remote Prototype Testing
  12. 12. Advantages and benefits  Cost-effective
  13. 13. Advantages and benefits  Quick, agile  You can gather feedback in a matter of hours
  14. 14. Advantages and benefits  Stats!  You can test with large samples
  15. 15. Advantages and benefits  Geographic representation  Your audience may be anywhere!
  16. 16. Advantages and benefits  Unbiased feedback
  17. 17. Advantages and benefits  Detailed feedback, results
  18. 18. However, not to be used when…  Getting highly qualitative data  In-person interviews are important Note:  Not all research goals can be met
  19. 19. Remote testing and Agile Development Characteristics:  Speed  Iterative  Requirement analysis  Design  User testing  Remote Testing is here to help!
  20. 20. Types of Remote Testing projects
  21. 21. Types of Remote Testing projects  Task-based surveys (Remote Usability)
  22. 22. Types of Remote Testing projects  Click Testing
  23. 23. Types of Remote Testing projects  Timeout Testing
  24. 24. Types of Remote Testing projects  Tree Testing
  25. 25. Types of Remote Testing projects  Multimedia surveys
  26. 26. Let’s take poll #2 now!
  27. 27. Case Study
  28. 28. Examples of Prototyping Tools
  29. 29. Case Study Explanation• With each tool, Axure and Just In Mind, we ran a 30 user remote usability study• The Axure study featured a low-fidelity prototype for an e-commerce company• The Just In Mind study featured a high-fidelity prototype for a banking company• Both vendors generate hosted, trackableprototypes
  30. 30. Axure Study Initial Questionnaire  1. How often do you shop for clothing online?11/1/2011 30
  31. 31. AxureStudy Task - Find Shoes  Add a pair of womens shoes to your shopping cart. When you are done, click "Im Finished".  Starting page:11/1/2011 31
  32. 32. Axure Study ClickstreamPage click-throughson Axure prototypesare trackable withUserZoom Note: We can validatesuccessby URL 32
  33. 33. AxureStudy Click HeatmapThe large red“heat” indicatorshows a majority ofpeople clicked thereto begin the thetask finding the pairof women’s shoes. 33
  34. 34. AxureStudy Task - Find Shoes  Task Effectiveness& Efficiency11/1/2011 34
  35. 35. AxureStudy Task- Success Questionnaire  1. Please indicate how easy it was for you to find the shoes:11/1/2011 35
  36. 36. AxureStudy Task - Abandon Questionnaire  1. Please select the reason(s) why you chose to abandon or were not able to complete this task: (check all that apply)11/1/2011 36
  37. 37. Just In Mind Study Now let’s look at the Just In Mind Prototype Study 37
  38. 38. Just In Mind Study Initial Questionnaire  1. How often do you manage your banking online?11/2/2011 38
  39. 39. Just In Mind Study Task - Find Credit Card  Find the annual fee amount on the PremierPass Rewards Credit Card. When you are done, click "Im Finished".  Starting Page:11/2/2011 39
  40. 40. Just In Mind Study Clickstream 40
  41. 41. Just In Mind Study Click Heatmaps 41
  42. 42. Just In Mind Study Task - Find Credit Card  Task Effectiveness11/2/2011 42
  43. 43. Just In Mind Study Task - Validation Questionnaire  1. What is the annual fee for the PremierPass Card?11/2/2011 43
  44. 44. Just In Mind Study Task - Success Questionnaire  1. Please indicate how easy it was for you to find the annual fee amount:11/2/2011 44
  45. 45. Some takeaways…1. You don’t need a live website to run remote testing2. Many benefits to remote prototype testing, including reduced costs, speed, etc.3. Remote Prototype Testing in Agile Dev: A great fit!4. There are various types of remote testing projects, not just remote usability, when developing prototypes5. Make sure the tool used generates trackable prototypes6. The detailed of the data collected is AWESOME and very actionable, plus you can do iterative testing too!More info? Check out our How-To articles on!
  46. 46. Q&A
  47. 47. Please don’t go yet! Let’s take the final poll…
  48. 48. Thanks so much for your time! Check out our upcoming news and events at www.userzoom.comSunnyvale (USA) Barcelona (Spain) Cheshire (UK)440 N. Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale, Av. Diagonal 419 3º 2ª 08008 Booths Park. ChelfordCA 94085 Barcelona Phone: +34 93 414 Road, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8GSPhone: +1 (408) 524 7445 7554 Fax: +34 93 209 8380 Phone: + 44 (0)1565 759890Contact: Alfonso de la Nuez Contact: Xavier Mestres Cell: + 44 (0)7900 472 920 Contact: Arthur Moan