Mobile operator study webinar final am19012011


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Mobile operator study webinar final am19012011

  1. 1. WebinarFour Country Mobile Operator Study: a competitive benchmark of leading mobile operator sites 19th January 2011
  2. 2. Overview!  Introductions!  Study Background!  What do we mean by UX Benchmarking? Why is it important?!  Methodology and Technology!  Findings and Opportunities!  Questions and Comments!  UserZoom and UX Alliance Partners at a glance
  3. 3. Introductions Arthur Moan Louiselle Morand Country Manager UK & Ireland User Experience Consultant at UserZoom! at Telono! Martje van der Linde Javier Darriba User Experience Consultant Managing Director at User Intelligence! ! at Xperience Consulting
  4. 4. Today’s Session Goals!  See how users in four countries look for: !  the monthly cost to surf the internet daily with an iPad !  the fax number/address for a high street shop!  To gain insight into the European mobile operator market!  Introduction and review of UX Benchmarking methodology!  Introduction and review of UserZoom software solution for conducting this type of research
  5. 5. Study Background !  "#$%&(&)*&+,-$./0)#1)2&.34+5)$#*42&)#%&/.6#/) 9#.27) 746&78) :&*746&7) .+.2;<&3) ! =./,4%.+67)7&2&,6&3)1/#$)1#>/),#>+6/4&7)?.%%/#@)ABBCD) =.+&2) E&6-&/2.+37F)G%.4+F)GH46<&/2.+3).+3)6-&)IJ) ! K4+3)6-&)$#+6-2;),#76)6#)7>/1)6-&)4+6&/+&6)3.42;)H46-).+)4=.3) O.707) ! K4+3))6-&)1.@)+>$*&/)L)6-&).33/&77M)#1).)7-#%)+&./).)*45),46;) 6/.4+)76.#+8)))?MN&%&+34+5)#+)6-&),#>+6/;C)
  6. 6. What is UX benchmarking and why is itimportant?OK……. So how do we define UX benchmarking?
  7. 7. What is UX benchmarking and why is itimportant?!  Definition of Benchmarking:!  The process of comparing the business processes and performance metrics including cost, cycle time, productivity, or quality to another that is widely considered to be an industry standard benchmark or best practice.!  It provides a snapshot of the performance of your business and helps you understand where you are in relation to a particular standard.
  8. 8. What is UX benchmarking and why is itimportant?!  Definition of UX:!  It’s about how a person feels about using a system. It highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of HCI and product ownership, but it also covers a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system.!  User experience is subjective in nature, as it is about an individual’s feelings and thoughts about the system. User experience is dynamic, because it changes over time as the circumstances change.
  9. 9. What is UX benchmarking and why is itimportant?Some may wonder: is UX benchmarking: ?
  10. 10. Not really….. Here’s how we’d define UX Benchmarking: •  The process of comparing a website’s performance, specifically in relation to UX metrics, including among others effectiveness, efficiency, overall satisfaction and quality perception (ISO-9241-11 standard), to another that is widely considered to be an industry standard benchmark or best practice. •  UX benchmarking provides a snapshot of the performance of your website and helps you understand where you are in relation to a particular standard.
  11. 11. 10 must-dos with UX Benchmarking1.  Define measurable & comparable UX-related KPIs (key performance indicators)2.  Select competitors to benchmark against3.  Define target audience4.  Identify common site activities/tasks (between-subjects design)5.  Conduct research using scenario-based testing6.  Gather both quantitative & qualitative data7.  Use the quantitative data to test for statistically significant differences between means or proportions8.  Use qualitative data to support your findings and understand the why!9.  Research at least twice a year to measure design changes and trends in expectations10. Use the right research solution/tool
  12. 12. What is UX benchmarking and why is itimportant?‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ Attributed to Peter Drucker, Mgt Guru The question is: How are you actually measuring UX and defining your benchmark?
  13. 13. Methodology and Technology
  14. 14. Common UX research challenges!  Difficulties obtaining objective, statistically significant, actionable data!  Obtaining idea adoption from stakeholders!  Geographic/demographic limitations!  Research is costly and time-consuming
  15. 15. How does UserZoom add value? !  By allowing you to see the BIG pictureBehaviour Usability Lab Web Traffic Studies Analysis !  Testing large samples of geographically spread participants Online UX Studies !  Combining statistically- significant usability + user behaviour dataAttitudes Online !  Measuring Customer Focus Groups Surveys Experience cost-effectively Qualitative Quantitative !  Getting actionable insights
  16. 16. Online Usability Testing Solution !  UZ Self-Serve Edition !  100% on-demand, web- based software solution !  To manage & conduct various types of online UX research projects
  17. 17. Our method •  Hundreds of users participate in a study •  In their natural context •  From geographically spread locations •  Users try to complete tasks (or goals) + answer questions •  No human moderation needed •  Our browser bar connects users with our secure servers
  18. 18. Analyze data real-time using UZ Analytics Effectiveness + efficiency ratios
  19. 19. Analyze data using UZ Analytics Qualitative feedback collected. Easy visualization through ‘text clouds’
  20. 20. Analyze data using UZ Analytics
  21. 21. UserZoom Results - Behavioural
  22. 22. Study structure Introduction: !  For each study, participants were randomly assigned two tasks on two popular mobile operator websites (four tasks in total) !  Task: Find a monthly iPad data plan !  Task: Locate a store address/fax number Post-task: Mobile operator site evaluation ratings included - !  Ease of use !  Perceived complexity of sites !  Perceived consistency of sites !  Clear where to start !  Confidence in using the sites !  Usability Satisfaction (SUS score) !  What was liked most about the sites !  What was liked least about the sites Wrap-up: !  Mobile Operator Site Preference !  Likelihood to recommend: (Net Promoter Score)
  23. 23. Switzerland Study – Participant Demographics=./,4%.+67D) UBBR)EW)XQ)%./,4%.+67) QBR)N&$#5/.%-4,)3.6.),#22&,6&3D)• )9&+3&/)• )">//&+6)$#*42&)#%&/.6#/) TBR) PQR)• )Y5&) • )Z+34(43>.27)*&6H&&+)UQ[PP);&./7)#1) .5&)H&/&)4+(46&3)6#),#$%2&6&)6-&) ASR) 76>3;8) ABR) SBR)9EN])AP)1&$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;)^^)$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;) BR) K&$.2&) V.2&)
  24. 24. Switzerland Study – Participant Demographics XBR)V_aZb)_=]YO_]) P`R) TBR)GH477,#$F)G>+/47&).+3)_/.+5&)H&/&)6-&)$#76),#$$#+) PBR),>//&+6)%/#(43&/7).$#+5) ABR)%./,4%.+678) ^BR) • )c_6-&/dD));.22#F)(6@F)e#3.1#+&) UQR) SBR) UPR) UBR) ^R) AR) BR) UR) BR)PBR) GH477,#$) _/.+5&) G>+/47&) O&2&S) V[a>35&6) "##%) _6-&/) V#*42&) V#*42&)ABR) ^SR) Y9)^BR) STR) SAR) O-&)-45-&76)%&/,&+6.5&)#1)SBR) UQR) GH477)%./,4%.+67)./&)))))))))) ^T)[)AP);&./7)#1).5&8)UBR) • )UA)%./,4%.+67)./&)UQ[SP) • )U`)%./,4%.+67)./&)ST[^P) BR) BR) BR) • )SP)%./,4%.+67)./&)^T[AP) I+3&/)UQ) UQ[SP) ST[^P) ^T[AP) AT[PP) _(&/)PP) • )SB)%./,4%.+67)./&)AT[PP)
  25. 25. Netherlands Study – Participant Demographics=./,4%.+67D) UBBR)EW)UBB)%./,4%.+67) QBR)N&$#5/.%-4,)3.6.),#22&,6&3D)• )9&+3&/)• )">//&+6)$#*42&)#%&/.6#/) TBR) P^R)• )Y5&) AXR) • )Z+34(43>.27)*&6H&&+)UQ[PP);&./7)#1) .5&)H&/&)4+(46&3)6#),#$%2&6&)6-&) ABR) 76>3;8) SBR)9EN])AX)1&$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;)P^)$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;) BR) K&$.2&) V.2&)
  26. 26. Netherlands Study – Participant Demographics PBR)V_aZb)_=]YO_]) ABR)e#3.1#+&F)J=E).+3)O[V#*42&) ^BR)H&/&)6-&)$#76),#$$#+) ^BR) SAR),>//&+6)%/#(43&/7).$#+5) SUR)%./,4%.+678) SBR) UPR) • c_6-&/dD))-4F)74$;#F)2&*./.F) <455#F)/.*#)$#*4&2) UBR) XR) ^R) BR) J=E) e#3.1#+&) O&21#/6) O[V#*42&) a&+) _6-&/)PBR) AUR)ABR) Y9)^BR) S^R) O-&)-45-&76)%&/,&+6.5&)#1) SUR)SBR) N>6,-)%./,4%.+67)./&)))))))) UPR) ^T)[)AP);&./7)#1).5&8)UBR) • )SU)%./,4%.+67)./&)UQ[SP) • )UP)%./,4%.+67)./&)ST[^P) BR) BR) BR) • )AU)%./,4%.+67)./&)^T[AP) I+3&/)UQ) UQ[SP) ST[^P) ^T[AP) AT[PP) _(&/)PP) • )S^)%./,4%.+67)./&)AT[PP)
  27. 27. Spain Study – Participant Demographics=./,4%.+67D) UBBR)EW)UBB)%./,4%.+67) QBR)N&$#5/.%-4,)3.6.),#22&,6&3D)• )9&+3&/)• )">//&+6)$#*42&)#%&/.6#/) TBR) PPR)• )Y5&) APR) • )Z+34(43>.27)*&6H&&+)UQ[PP);&./7)#1) .5&)H&/&)4+(46&3)6#),#$%2&6&)6-&) ABR) 76>3;8) SBR)9EN])AP)1&$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;)PP)$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;) BR) K&$.2&) V.2&)
  28. 28. Spain Study – Participant Demographics PBR) V_aZb)_=]YO_]) V#(476./F)e#3.1#+&).+3) ABR) ^AR) ^XR) _/.+5&)H&/&)6-&)$#76) ^BR) ,#$$#+),>//&+6)%/#(43&/7) S^R) .$#+5)%./,4%.+678) SBR) UBR) SR) ^R) UR) BR)PBR) _/.+5&) e#3.1#+&) V#(476./) f#45#) G4$;#) _6-&/) A^R)ABR) Y9)^BR) SXR) O-&)-45-&76)%&/,&+6.5&)#1) SSR)SBR) G%.+47-)%./,4%.+67)./&))) ST[^P);&./7)#1).5&8)UBR) QR) • )SX)%./,4%.+67)./&)UQ[SP) • )A^)%./,4%.+67)./&)ST[^P) BR) BR) BR) • )SS)%./,4%.+67)./&)^T[AP) I+3&/)UQ) UQ[SP) ST[^P) ^T[AP) AT[PP) _(&/)PP) • )BQ)%./,4%.+67)./&)AT[PP)
  29. 29. United Kingdom Study – Participant Demographics=./,4%.+67D) UBBR)EW)UBU)%./,4%.+67) QBR)N&$#5/.%-4,)3.6.),#22&,6&3D) TPR)• )9&+3&/)• )">//&+6)$#*42&)#%&/.6#/) TBR)• )Y5&) • )Z+34(43>.27)*&6H&&+)UQ[PP);&./7)#1) .5&)H&/&)4+(46&3)6#),#$%2&6&)6-&) ABR) ^PR) 76>3;8)9EN]) SBR)TP)1&$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;)^P)$.2&7),#$%2&6&3)6-&)76>3;) BR) K&$.2&) V.2&)
  30. 30. United Kingdom Study – Participant DemographicsV_aZb)_=]YO_]) PBR)e#3.1#+&F)_S).+3)_/.+5&) ABR)H&/&)6-&)$#76),#$$#+),>//&+6)%/#(43&/7).$#+5) ^BR) SAR) S^R)%./,4%.+678) UXR) SBR) • )c_6-&/dD))Y73.F)O&7,#F)e4/54+) USR) UAR) UBR) UBR) BR) _/.+5&) e#3.1#+&) _S) O[V#*42&) O-/&&) _6-&/)PBR)ABR) Y9) ^BR) ^UR)^BR) O-&)-45-&76)%&/,&+6.5&)#1) SUR) IJ)%./,4%.+67)./&))^T)[)AP) UQR)SBR) ;&./7)#1).5&8) • )SU)%./,4%.+67)./&)UQ[SP)UBR) • )^B)%./,4%.+67)./&)ST[^P) BR) BR) • )^U)%./,4%.+67)./&)^T[AP) BR) • )UQ)%./,4%.+67)./&)AT[PP) I+3&/)UQ) UQ[SP) ST[^P) ^T[AP) AT[PP) _(&/)PP)
  31. 31. Executive Summary
  32. 32. Executive Summary!  Orange UK and Orange Switzerland (CH) had highest task success rates for both iPad (UK 75%) and Address (CH 87%) tasks.!  Orange Spain (SP) had the lowest success rate across tasks 24%, the lowest participants satisfaction scores, and substantially lower preference (25%) vs. Vodafone (75%).!  All mobile providers tested in each country received low usability satisfaction scores by participants.!  The lowest system usability scale scores (SUS) were received by Vodafone Spain (51) and Orange Spain (40).!  All four mobile providers received low Net Promoter Scores (between -46% and -75%). There were more detractors than promoters in every instance.
  33. 33. Findings and Opportunities
  34. 34. Top level overview of Task 1 across allcountries with deep dive into Switzerland &UK results“Find the monthly cost to surf the internetdaily with an iPad”
  35. 35. O.70)V&6/4,7D)4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) 1+02-.//&00 !"#$%&()&*+,"* -.//&00) _/.+5&?IJC) _/.+5&?G=C) U) )_/.+5&)?IJC) XPR) _/.+5&?"gC) S) e#3.1#+&)?G=C) TUR)e#3.1#+&?G=C) ^) e#3.1#+&)?IJC) PBR)e#3.1#+&?IJC) A) O[V#*42&)?EbC) ABR)e#3.1#+&?EbC) P) GH477,#$)?"gC) ^BR)O[V#*42&?EbC) T) _/.+5&)?G=C) SQR)GH477,#$?"gC) X) e#3.1#+&)?EbC) SXR) BR) SBR) ABR) TBR) QBR) UBBR) Q) _/.+5&)?"gC) SAR)
  36. 36. Switzerland: Swisscom !  Successful process !  “Internet” !  “Internet with your Notebook” !  “iPad tariffs” !  Can be found in 3 clicks if browsing
  37. 37. Heatmaps First Click: Swisscom - Switzerland (DE) O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+)Overall 30% were successful-  6% used the search bar- 40% rolled over to the side navigation bar and then clicked on the links on the right-  15% clicked “Kombi-Angebote” on the side navigation bar
  38. 38. Heatmaps First Click: Orange – Switzerland (DE) O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) Overall 24% were successful -  14% used the search bar -  16% clicked “Mobile” on the top navigation bar -  14% clicked “Internet” on the top navigation bar
  39. 39. Heatmaps First Click: Orange - Spain O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) _(&/.22)SQR)H&/&)7>,,&771>2) [ )SUR)>7&3)6-&)7&./,-)*./) [ )UAR),24,0&3)c$#(42d)#+)6-&)6#%)+.(45.#+)*./) [ )TPR),24,0&3)4+)#6-&/)%2.,&7)
  40. 40. Heatmaps First Click: Vodafone - Spain O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) _(&/.22)TUR)H&/&)7>,,&771>2) [ )XR)>7&3)6-&)7&./,-)*./) [ )^UR),24,0&3)cO4&+3.)_+24+&d)#+)6-&)6#%)+.(45.#+)*./) [ )UAR),24,0&3)4+)6-&),&+6&/)%/#$##+.2)./&.)
  41. 41. Heatmaps First Click: Vodafone - Netherlands O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) _(&/.22)SXR)H&/&)7>,,&771>2) [ )AR)>7&3)6-&)7&./,-)*./) [ )UAR),24,0&3)cZ+6&/+&6d)#+)6-&)6#%)+.(45.#+)*./) [ )U`R),24,0&3)4+)6-&),&+6&/)%/#$##+.2)./&.)
  42. 42. Heatmaps First Click: T-Mobile - Netherlands O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) _(&/.22)ABR)H&/&)7>,,&771>2) [ )UPR)>7&3)6-&)7&./,-)*./) [ )U^R),24,0&3)cY*#++&$&+6d)#+)6-&)6#%)+.(45.#+)*./) [ )SXR),24,0&3)cZ+6&/+&6d)#+)6-&)6#%)+.(45.#+)*./)
  43. 43. Heatmaps First Click: Orange - United Kingdom O.70D))4=.3))V#+6-2;)=2.+) _(&/.22)XPR)H&/&)7>,,&771>2) [ )U^R)>7&3)6-&)7&./,-)*./) [ )^XR),24,0&3)c4=.3d)#+)6-&)2&h)+.(45.#+)*./) [ )PBR),24,0&3)4+)#6-&/)%2.,&7)
  44. 44. Vodafone > iPad: UK•  Only half of the participants were able to successfully find the monthly cost of an iPad subscription on the Vodafone website.•  Successful Participants spent an average of 5 minutes 24 seconds and 19 clicks completing the task. Task Effectiveness
  45. 45. Orange > iPad: UK•  The majority of participants were able to find the correct price for the plan (75%).•  Successful Participants spent an average of 1 minute 11 seconds and 7 clicks completing the task. Task Effectiveness
  46. 46. Top level overview of Task 2 across allcountries with deep dive into TheNetherlands & Spain’s results“Locate a store address/fax number”
  47. 47. O.70)V&6/4,7D)b#,.+5)G6#/&)Y33/&77L=-#+&)+>$*&/)) 1+02-.//&00 !"#$%&()&*+,"* -.//&00) _/.+5&)?"gC)) _/.+5&)?IJC)) U) _/.+5&)?"gC)) QXR) _/.+5&)?G=C)) S) O[V#*42&)?EbC)) XXR)e#3.1#+&)?G=C)) ^) GH477,#$)?"gC)) XTR)e#3.1#+&)?EbC))e#3.1#+&)?IJC)) A) _/.+5&)?IJC)) XUR) P) e#3.1#+&)?G=C)) TQR) O[V#*42&)?EbC)) T) _/.+5&)?G=C) P^R)GH477,#$)?"gC)) X) e#3.1#+&)?EbC) PSR) BR) SBR) ABR) TBR) QBR) UBBR) Q) e#3.1#+&)?IJC) A`R)
  48. 48. Success rates for Netherlands!  Task 2 : «!Find the closest shop to the Amsterdam railway station and write down its address.!»!  The T-mobile site provided the best results regarding this task, 77% of the participants was successful. !  On average it took slightly over one minute to find the right information, with an average of only 4 page views and 8 clicks.!  On the Vodafone website 52% was successful in achieving this information. !  Remarkable result is that it took an average of 3 minutes and 29 clicks to complete this task.
  49. 49. Success questionnaire - Netherlands!  Nevertheless, the rate of success regarding a task is not necessarily an indication of the ease of use: !  The Vodafone website was less successful, but only 28% of the participants regarded it to be difficult to acquire the needed information. !  On the T-mobile website, people were far more successful, but also less satisfied with the level of difficulty to get to the right URL: 42% of the participants thought this was (very) hard to achieve. !  Vodafone !  T-mobile
  50. 50. Abandon questionnaire - Netherlands!  Main reasons for abandoning a task were: !  Page not loading: Especially the Vodafone website was unable to load the required page. Remarkable is that people wait up to 5 minutes! !  Information not in expected location: Both Vodafone and T-mobile present information in an unexpected manner. Participants have certain expectations on where and how to find the required information. In case these expectations are not met, people easily abandon the website. QUOTES “I was looking for it under Customer service and expected to be able to fill in my location and that it would automatically give the closest store location.” “ I was unable to open the page.”
  51. 51. Final questionnaire - Netherlands!  Users of both the Vodafone as well as the T-mobile website are neither positive nor negative about the websites: !  They regard it as easy to use for inexperienced users and there is no need for extra help.!  Nevertheless, the lack of success will have some influence on the use of the website. !  Most users indicate that they will not likely be using these websites in the near future again.
  52. 52. Task 2 Spain : Find the closest shop to the Atocharailway station and take note of its fax number. ! )
  53. 53. Task 2 Spain – success ratios•  On Vodafone 68% of users •  On Orange 53% of users completed completed the task successfully . the task successfully.
  54. 54. Vodafone analysis - Spain •  First click of users was mostly focused on the search engine and the help section. There were several users that tried to find the shops using the Vodafone logo.
  55. 55. Vodafone analysis - Spain•  The reason users got the answer incorrect was due to a problem on the web. Although as happened in the previous task, the information that users found was not clear enough.The section with the The site is not clear nor Too much information onVodafone shops is easy, intuitive, you have to use the mapthe problem is one you the search engine, thehave to find one in Madrid information provided is not precise
  56. 56. Vodafone analysis - Spain •  The reasons participants abandoned the task was mainly due to the information being incomplete (67%). Other reasons were: •  The information presentation is not clear enough •  The information, options and menus are I have entered province difficult to understand “Madrid”, city “Madrid” and no results appeared with •  The information wasn’t this search options. I have in the expected location tried with different options and it always happened •  Few search options the same. •  As it has been seen in the previous task users again had problems with the information provided.
  57. 57. Orange Analysis - Spain )•  Most of the users went to the tab “Orange shop” in order to look for the addresses of the physical shops.
  58. 58. Orange Analysis - Spain•  The reason for the incorrect answer was ‘not being able to find the correct information due to options and menus being difficult to understand.’•  Users explained that the site mainly focuses on the iPhone whereas iPad information is quite difficult to find.•  The system could be improved There is no way to using an accessible and easy understand what is going to find search engine. on here. There is no way to find anything. What a fuss!
  59. 59. Orange Analysis - Spain•  Those users who didn’t finish the task was mainly because they couldn’t find the information where they were expecting to find it.•  The links to the information were not clear enough.•  The site is very focused on selling products or services instead of giving clients the I don’t have anything service that they need. against Orange but its website is a disaster
  60. 60. K4+.2)i>&7#++.4/&)j).22),#>+6/4&7D)):-4,-)$#*42&)#%&/.6#/)3#);#>)%/&1&/k) E&6-&/2.+37) GH46<&/2.+3) e#3.1#+&) _/.+5&) AXR) ATR) O[V#*42&) GH477,#$) P^R) PAR) G%.4+) IJ) _/.+5&) SPR) e#3.1#+&) ATR) _/.+5&) PAR) e#3.1#+&) XPR)
  61. 61. Metrics: SUS Score The System Usability Scale (SUS) is a set of 10 questions that is used to measure the perception of a systems overall usability. Participants rate each question with a 1 to 5 scale (5 being strongly agree).1. I think that I would like to use this system frequently.2. I found the system unnecessarily complex.3. I thought the system was easy to use.4. I think that I would need the support of a technical person to be able to use this system. 5. I found the various functions in this system were well integrated. 6. I thought there was too much inconsistency in this system. 7. I would imagine that most people would learn to use this system very quickly. 8. I found the system very cumbersome to use. 9. I felt very confident using the system.10. I needed to learn a lot of things before I could get going with this system.
  62. 62. V&6/4,7D)GIG)G,#/&)Yh&/),#$%2&+5)6-&)6.707)#+)&.,-)$#*42&)%/#(43&/)H&*746&)%./,4%.+67)H&/&).70&3)6#),#$%2&6&)6-&)GIG)l>&7#++.4/&8)O-&).(&/.5&7)1#/)&.,-)l>&7#+)./&)>7&3)6#),.2,>2.6&).+)#(&/.22)7,#/&)?B[UBBC8)) 34) -)+$5) 6&,7&*%+580) -9$,:&*%+58) e#3.1#+&) PS) PU) PT) ELY) _/.+5&)) PP) AB) ELY) P`) GH477,#$) ELY) ELY) ELY) PA) O[V#*42&) ELY) ELY) PP) ELY) GIG)G,#/&)9>43&MD)^PW%##/F)PBW_JF)XBW5##3F)QPW&@,&22&+6) a.+5#/F)Y8)?SBB`F)V.;C8)N&6&/$4+4+5):-.6)Z+34(43>.2)GIG)G,#/&7)V&.+D)Y334+5).+3)Y3m&,(&)].+5)G,.2&8)n#>/+.2)#1) I7.*4246;)G6>34&7F)A?^CF)UUA[US^8))
  63. 63. E&6)=/#$#6&/)G,#/&)?E=GoC) After completing the four tasks, participants were asked how likely they would be to recommend each mobile provider’s website. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 NPSOrange (SP) 16% 11% 15% 10% 7% 14% 9% 9% 2% 4% 3% -75%Orange (UK) (n=101) 10% 3% 4% 7% 7% 21% 11% 10% 14% 9% 4% -50%Orange (CH) (n=78) 9% 4% 12% 4% 10% 23% 9% 15% 12% 0% 3% -68%Swisscom (CH) (n=78) -51% 4% 1% 15% 6% 5% 15% 12% 22% 12% 3% 5%T-Mobile (NL) 13% 4% 6% 4% 6% 27% 13% 10% 13% 3% 1% -69%Vodafone (NL) 8% 3% 9% 8% 5% 22% 18% 11% 9% 3% 4% -66%Vodafone (SP) 7% 1% 4% 6% 14% 13% 13% 18% 12% 8% 4% -46%Vodafone (UK) 8% 1% 4% 8% 9% 22% 13% 16% 9% 5% 5% -55% Detractors Promoters 6;- W) <"=;*">",&*0 ?@0+58AB0C [) D&,*+/,"*0 ?B,7*".E7FC
  64. 64. Top 5 findings / Learnings!  The satisfaction is directly related with the success of the users in obtaining the information that they are looking for. In general the websites for mobile operators in all countries are not performing optimal when consumers have a task in mind. The performance rate was dependent on the task, not the website.!  Across the board the main difficulties were in participants finding specific information. The normal way users tried to find the information was through the menu structure. When they realized it was too complicated they tried to use ‘search’ although the results weren’t always clear enough.! A much clearer architecture and clearer results in search engines are therefore needed. Furthermore the use of promotional ads made the navigation much longer and difficult for most of the users.
  65. 65. Top 5 findings / Learnings!  Analysing NPS, SUS, success on task and preference data it is clear that the brand halo effect has a bearing on site preference in each market irrespective of task success. !  UK - although participants had notably higher task success rates on the Orange site (75% and 71%) vs. the Vodafone site (50% and 49%), when asked for site preference at the end of the study, the Orange website was selected only 8% more than the Vodafone site (54% vs 46%) respectively. Out of the Orange customers (n=17) more than half (9) preferred the Vodafone website. !  Orange is not strong in Spain !  Swisscom the national provider is stronger in Switzerland !  Vodafone marginally outperforms T-mobile in the Netherlands
  66. 66. Top 5 findings / Learnings!  When participants were asked whether they would recommend the sites in each market all operators scored negatively showing room for improvement. Although these scores are low, previous research has shown that telecommunication companies have the lowest net promoter scores within the technology sector.!  As Vodafone and Orange were both tested in 3 of the 4 markets we can benchmark their experiences. !  Vodafone outperforms Orange on aggregated SUS (53 versus 51.3) !  Vodafone outperforms Orange on aggregated NPS (-55% versus -64.3%) !  Task 1 success aggregated : Vodafone outperforms Orange (46% versus 42%) !  Task 2 success aggregated : Orange outperforms Vodafone (70% versus 56%)
  67. 67. Q&A
  68. 68. Information on UI!  User Intelligence is a user experience consultancy and was founded in 2002!  Offices in Amsterdam and Helsinki, additional service offering in Sweden and Norway!  Our team consists of 17 consultants with a passion for people and interactive technology
  69. 69. About Telono !  Telono is a Swiss consultancy specialising in usability, user experience and web accessibility. !  We help companies implement a systematic user-centred design process, from user experience strategy and user research to interaction design and usability evaluations. !  Telono is the Swiss representative of the User Experience Alliance (UXalliance)
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  72. 72. Who are we? !  SB)"#>+6/4&7)j)SS)"#$%.+4&7)")_(&/)UBB)52#*.2)%/#m&,67)%&/);&./)6#5&6-&/8) SirValUse User Intelligence ExperienceLab UIDesign Group Think User Germany Netherlands/ United Kingdom Russia Korea Finland Axance France User Experience China ExperienceU Czech Republic Yu Centrik Canada Snitker & Co. Denmark Ayer ViernesXperience Consulting Chile Spain Telono Symetria Switzerland UXa Partners, Associates, & Affiliates PolandOptimal Experience Mercedes Sanchez User Centric, Inc. Mitsue Links Optimal Usability Australia Brazil United States Japan New Zealand www.uxalliance.
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