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  • 1. Webinar:
    Hotel Industry UX Benchmark Study
    June 29th, 2010
  • 2. Overview
    Introductions (2 min)
    Study Background (3 min)
    Methodology and Technology (3 min)
    Executive Summary (3 min)
    Findings and Opportunities (20 min)
    Questions and Comments (15 min)
  • 3. Introductions
    Alfonso de la Nuez
    Partner & Chief
    Marketing Officer
    at UserZoom
    Ania Rodriguez
    Founder and CEO at
    Key Lime Interactive
  • 4. About UserZoom
    Leading online (remote) user experience research software company
    9 years experience in UX research & consulting
    Offices in Sunnyvale (CA), London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain)
    Created because traditional UX research methods are great but not enough
  • 5. About Key Lime Interactive
    • Experienced market research and usability professionals
    • 6. Over 12 years of consulting experience testing Internet 500 websites and providing actionable results
    • 7. Most consultants have Masters in Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Industry Engineering or related field
    • 8. Cross-Industry Expertise
    • 9. Ability to scorecard against competition
    • 10. Ability to suggest cross-industry recommendations to improve ease of use
    • 11. Independent Third Party
    • 12. Impartial with no-hidden agenda
    • 13. Ability to work with business team and developers to “get everyone onboard”
    Expert Reviews
  • 14. Study Background
  • 15. Study Background
  • 16. Today’s Session Goals
    What's the most popular hotel brand?  
    Can users successfully find a room?  What matters most to users searching for a hotel room? 
    Can users successfully find a weekend deal?  If they couldn't, why not?  
    What needs to be improved? 
    How is the overall user experience?  
    Would they recommend the site to friends? 
    What common patterns did we find out with regards to user behavior? 
  • 17. Tasks
    Find beach destination hotel: Your task is to find a hotel you would consider booking on the Hotel site for the 4th of July weekend. Make sure that the hotel is within 2 miles from the beach destination of your choice and that it has a fitness center, pool, and high-speed Internet. Your budget is $250/night.
    Find parking cost at specific hotel: Your task is to find out how much on-site parking cost at <hotel name> for one night.
  • 18. Study structure
    When planning for a vacation and booking for a hotel to stay at, what is the first hotel that comes to mind?
    What type of content do you need to see before making an online reservation?
    Based on your experience, how negative or positive is your perception of the following hotel brands?
    Are you part of any of the following rewards programs?
    Self-reported success
    Ease of use
    Ease of navigation
    Clear where to start
    Satisfaction with amount of time to complete task
    What content is missing or would make it easier to find what you are looking for?
    Likelihood to recommend : (Net Promoter Score )
    Post-task brand image
    Task 1
    Task 1
    Task 1
    Task 1
    Task 2
    Task 2
    Task 2
    Task 2
    Task 2
  • 19. Methodology and Technology
  • 20. Online Usability Testing Solution
    UZ Self-Serve Edition
    100% on-demand, web-based software solution
    To manage & conduct various types of online UX research projects
  • 21. How does UserZoom add value?
    By allowing you to see the BIG picture
    Testing large samples of geographically spread participants
    Combining statistically-significant usability + user behavior data
    Measuring Customer Experience cost-effectively
    Getting actionableinsights
    Usability Lab Studies
    Web Traffic Analysis
    Online Surveys
    Focus Groups
  • 22. How does UserZoom add value?
  • 23. Our method
    • Hundreds of users participate in a study
    • 24. In their natural context
    • 25. From geographically spread locations
    • 26. Users try to complete tasks(or goals) + answer questions
    • 27. No human moderation needed
    • 28. Our browser bar connects users with our secure servers
  • User recruitment options
    Choose the user
    recruitment yourself
    Private mailing list
    *Partners of
  • 29. Participants
  • 30. Executive Summary
  • 31. Executive Summary
    Hilton and Marriott are the top 2 most popular brands
    Hilton ranks #1 using the KLI UX Score
    Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, and Starwood provide the a significantly better search experience than Hyatt
    Hilton has the highest success rate (95%) for an open search for a beach destination
    Marriott leads in terms of ease of use (63%) and ease of navigation (64%)
    Intercontinental participants were most satisfied with the amount of time it took to find a beach destination that met the requirements and felt it was the most clear to know where to start
    Intercontinental had the highest success rate (73%) for finding the parking rate
    Intercontinental participants found the site easiest to use and easy to know where to start when looking for a hotel’s parking rate
    Marriott participants found it the easiest to navigate, however 72% of Marriott participants were unclear where to start
    Nonetheless, after spending about 10 minutes on the site, both brand perception and NPS were low
    Hilton leads with a -7% NPS.
    Hilton has the highest overall brand perception pre and post, however experienced a 12% drop pre to post experience
  • 32. Findings and Opportunities
  • 33. Price, style of room, deals and ratings are the most important content when making an online reservation.
  • 34. 93% typically compare specific dates rather than flexible dates when booking a hotel for a vacation.
    Hilton Marriott
  • 35. Hilton and Marriott are the top 2 brands that are top of mind when users were asked unaided.
  • 36. Net Promoter Score (NPS®)
    After spending about 10 minutes on the site, all hotels had a low NPS score indicating that the user experience for the given tasks adversely affected loyalty. Hilton leads with a -7% NPS.
    % of Promoters
    (9s and 10s)
    (0 through 6)
    Copyright 2010. Key Lime Interactive and UserZoom. All Rights Reserved.
  • 37. Hotel Brand Perception*
    All hotels had a drop in brand perception pre to post, indicating that none of the sites have optimized the experience to meet expectations for the given tasks.
    Nonetheless, Hilton and Marriott have a significantly better brand perception pre and post than Hyatt and Intercontinental at 90% CI
    • Participants were asked to find parking for a Holiday Inn Express.
    ** A difference of 17% is significantly worse than Hilton or Marriott.
  • 38. Task 1 Metrics
    Find a hotel given a beach theme on specific dates & budget
    Indicates top runner
    Indicates significantly worse than top runner
  • 39. Task 1 Behavior and Time reveals users satisfaction with “perceived” time to completion
    Intercontinental (65% were satisfied with amount of time to completion)
    Hyatt (44% were satisfied with amount of time to completion)
  • 40. Task 2 Metrics
    Find how much parking is at a specific hotel
    Indicates top runner
    Indicates significantly worse than top runner
  • 41. Some IHG started by clicking on the Brand whereas <2% of Marriott participants filtered by Brand
    Task 2: Find Parking Details
    Task 2: Find Parking Details
    52% were clear where to start
    • 44% searched by City/Town
    • 42. 15% searched by Brand
    28% were clear where to start
    • 58% searched by City
    • 43. 19% searched by State
    <2% searched by Brand
  • 44. Overall Ranking using KLI score
  • 45. Q&A
  • 46. Thanks so much for your time!
    Check out our upcoming events at www.userzoom.com & www.keylimeinteractive.com
    UserZoom (USA)
    440 N. Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale,
    CA 94085
    Phone: +1 (408) 524 7445
    Contact: Alfonso de la Nuez
    Key Lime Interactive
    1221 Brickell Avenue
    Miami FL 33131
    Phone: 1 (305) 804 2930
    Contact: Ania Rodriguez