Why Your Website Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts


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Why Your Website Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts (And What You Can do About It)

Do you want to know exactly why customers are leaving your site without converting?

After watching thousands of user testing videos, we've learned the four most common reasons people will abandon their carts, and what you can do to fix them.

In this presentation you'll learn how you can:
• Speed your customers through the checkout process
• Make shipping costs predictable
• Build trust with your customers
• Avoid distracting your customers from checking out

Download our full eBook today: http://info.usertesting.com/WhyYourCustomersAbandonTheirCarts.html

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Why Your Website Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts

  1. 1. Why Your Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts (And What You Can Do About It)
  3. 3. { ...the average store owner has better odds of correctly guessing a coin flip than converting a customer.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION IT MIGHT BE TOO EARLY IN THE RELATIONSHIP Surveys have shown that 37% of online shoppers comparison shop, which explains why comparison shopping engines like NexTag, Google Shopping and even Amazon have continued to grow. Because of this, the best way to keep customers on your site is to engage them through customer-centric features, which is what we’ll cover in the slides that follow.
  5. 5. Reason #1 Difficulty With The Checkout Process $12.99 1 2 3
  6. 6. REASON #1 SOLUTION #1: DON’T REQUIRE REGISTRATION Example 1: “I was kind of hoping I could (check out) as a guest.”
  7. 7. REASON #1 If you absolutely have to make your visitors register, consider giving them the option to register using their social media accounts. Example 2: “I would choose to check out as a guest because I think it’s going to be faster.”
  8. 8. REASON #1 SOLUTION #2: MAKE IT EASY TO ENTER PROMO CODES Example 3: “This is where the promo code should be showing up.”
  9. 9. REASON #1 SOLUTION #3: INCLUDE ALL POPULAR PAYMENT METHODS Example 4: Crocs was able to make adjustments to their checkout process thanks to feedback from customers about available payment methods.
  10. 10. Reason #2 Shipping Surprises
  11. 11. REASON #2 Through our studies, we’ve found that high shipping costs and prolonged delivery times are two of the most common reasons shoppers abandon their carts. Example 5: This tester wanted shipping costs that were easier to find.
  12. 12. REASON #2 SOLUTION #1: MAKE SHIPPING COSTS PREDICTABLE Example 6: “I want to know exactly how much money I’m paying before I put in a payment method.”
  13. 13. REASON #2 SOLUTION #2: IMPLEMENT A PERPETUAL CART Example 7: “Seeing the products in a perpetual cart… just makes me feel better about it.” A perpetual cart with running totals, free shipping policy, and delivery times.
  14. 14. REASON #2 SOLUTION #3: DELIVER ON DELIVERY Example 8: “I’m looking for something that tells me when my order will arrive and I don’t see anything.”
  15. 15. { Amazon requires its vendors to have the tracking code within one business day, and it’s a good rule of thumb to follow.
  16. 16. Reason #3 Lack Of Trust
  17. 17. REASON #3 SOLUTION #1: USE SECURITY ICONS AND TRUST SYMBOLS Example 9: “That (BBB logo) really boosts my confidence here.” A few examples of well known trust marks
  18. 18. REASON #3 SOLUTION #2: EASILY ACCESSIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Example 10: Tester suggests adding a live chat option. Verizon features an easily accessible live chat and available times.
  19. 19. REASON #3 SOLUTION #3: INCLUDE PRODUCT REVIEWS Example 11: Tester would like to see reviews on this product page.
  20. 20. Reason #4 The User Becomes Distracted
  21. 21. REASON #4 SOLUTION #1: TEST THE RELEVANCE AND PLACEMENT OF RELATED PRODUCTS An impulse end cap reminding shoppers to pick up a pineapple on the way out. Credit: The Curious Shopper
  22. 22. Not all customers like to be upsold or reminded of what they haven’t purchased yet before checkout. Be sure to test the placement of your related products section throughout your site to see what works best. Example 12: “It kind of seems like it’s... more products shoved down my throat.”
  23. 23. { If possible, test your placement in the early stages of your design process by using prototypes or mockups.
  24. 24. REASON #4 SOLUTION #2: TEST THE PLACEMENT AND TIMING OF YOUR POPUPS Example 13: “This popup came up and got me distracted from what I was genuinely interested in.”
  25. 25. Closing Thoughts
  26. 26. { The only way to find out what works for you is to observe your customers’ behaviors through regular testing.
  27. 27. SUMMARY • Simplify your checkout process by giving customers the option to check out without having to register, allowing them to enter promo codes as soon as possible, and including all of the popular payment methods. • Take all of the guesswork out of shipping by allowing customers to estimate shipping costs and delivery times early in the checkout process. • Build customer trust by prominently displaying trust symbols, customer support options and product reviews. • Minimize distractions in your checkout process by testing the relevance and placement of related products, as well as the placement and timing of your popups.
  28. 28. Download the full eBook! Our detailed, 27-page eBook expands on the four most common reasons customers abandon their shopping carts that are highlighted in this presentation. Find surefire solutions to make your cart even better. Get the FREE eBook now
  29. 29. www.usertesting.com
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