Myth or fact? The skillful tech-savvy Digital Native


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Digital Natives are people who have grown up with technology from their early childhood. Their mother tongue is the digital language of computers, video games and the internet. User Intelligence conducted an online survey among Digital Natives to better understand this ever-more important target group.

In this presentation you find some key Digital Native characteristics we found that affect their behavior and perception in the digital online world. We close with the key insights on how to provide an outstanding user experience for Digital Natives.

Check our Digital Natives article for more details on this topic.

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  • Herkomstplaatje: Digital Natives: The generation, born between 1985 – 2000. Lived their live (or most of it) surrounded by diverse technologies and the internet, which has shaped their personalities, behaviour, thinking patterns and information processing.
  • Sourch of the image: report Axance.
  • Uitleg over onderzoek en opzet (kwantitatief online)Onderwerpen …… gebruik van digitale producten (telefoon, internet, computergebruik, games)De cijfers uit deze presentatie komen uit ons onderzoek.
  • 21 personen kiest: “eenvoudige telefoon” geen smartphone. In ‘andere’ ook nog 2 zonder smartphoneHerkomst afbeelding:
  • Question: For which of the following functions do you use your phone? (more answers possible)Herkomst afbeelding: rapport Axance
  • Question: What is the main reason you choose this mobile? Multifunctional (68%)The brand (38%)Goodreferences (32%)The looks / design (31%)Bron afbeelding:
  • Question: Which of the following statements best describes how you feel when you forget your mobile phone for a day. Herkomstafbeelding: larger part of the Digital Natives feel disconnected and ‘off the map’ without their phones. Some quotes: "I hate it to not reachable.""I feel disconnected from the world.""I'm afraid I miss an important message or phone call.""It is my personal assistant.""My phone is an important tool: for example, train times, contact with friends, looking up information on the Internet, view timetable, email.""I feel naked without my phone.""I do not feel safe. I prefer to have control and be reachable in case of emergency."
  • Question: Please name your three favourite websites (1) and apps (2)Websites: see wordle in appendixApps: see wordle in appendix
  • Question: Please name your three favourite websites (1) and apps (2)Websites: see wordle in appendixApps: see wordle in appendix Three social apps, shows how important is is to be connected with the world (and friends)
  • Herkomst afbeelding: on which social networks are you active(facebook, hyves, linkedin, twitter, tumbler)1,5 hSocialnetworking
  • Opzoeken: hoeveelmensenheeft Facebook profiel in NLHave a profile and are active: 20 %I used to read before going to sleep, they do the same, but on Facebook (real life stories)
  • Herkomst afbeelding:
  • Question: How much time do you spend on average on the following activities/devices? Herkomst afbeelding: time a dayspend on the followingdevices / activities: Mobile phone: 3,5 hoursComputer: 4,25 hoursTablet: 0,5 hoursSocialnetworking: 1,5 hoursSurfing the internet: 2 hoursTotal: 11,7 hours
  • A consequence of growing up in the digital age: DN have a different attitude towardstechnology.Where digital immigrantsmaystillappreciate the comfortsandfreedom of beingableto go online anduseit’sunlimitedpossibilities, digital nativesdon’tknowanybetter.They are usedto it. It’s as normal as water from the tab.
  • Traditional research methods delivered low response rate, among this this target audience.Low response rate is bad for reliability of the research results.
  • Client:  Philips Customer LifestyleTasks:  Quantitative User ResearchAssignment: Gain insight in user experience of shavers Target: Boys 14- 18, who just started to shaveSolution: Approach the boys by mobile phones. Questionnaires completed on smartphonesPhotos uploaded by using WhatsApp.Result: Extremely high response rate of 97%Artikel Anna:Manier van vragenstellenTiming op momentendat het voorhunuitkomst
  • Back to the research resultsIf a toddler is alreadysmarter in usinganiPadthan the average baby boomer, what does thispredictfor the future?Nevertheless, digital nativesaren’talways as smart in dealingwith digital products as we mightexpect.
  • Multitasking takes its tolldigital natives live in a world full of stimuli. They continually have to multi-task to get something done. When we add up all the activities in an 'average' day of digital natives, it results in 27 hours!They often have multiple screens and programs open simultaneously, dividing their attention. Being distracted every other minute.Although digital natives are experienced users and might use digital products more intuitively, they have to besimple and user friendly. This because they have to keep an overview, and have to be able to get back to where they left of, before they were distracted.
  • For example we have askedthemwhat (else) they do whenwatchingtelevionTime spend on watchingtelevision: average is 1 hourand 35 minutes a day.87% of the digital nativeswhowatchtelevision, does somethingelse at the same time, forexample: Eating (66%)Sendingmessages (sms, whatsapp, etc) (63%)Socialnetworking (47%)Browsing the internet (40%)Emailing (31%)74% mostlywatchestelevision on a television screen, but ifthat’snotpossible: 83% alsowatchestelevision on the computer (Replay TV, streaminganddownloaded series / movies).
  • Question: what do you consider to be most important in digital products (mobile phone, computer, etc.). Please put the following characteristics in the right order: most important on top of the list, least important at the bottom. Has to work quickly (24%)Has to work for a long time (20%)Has to be fun to use (17%)Has to work without manual (16%)Has to look good (13%)Has to fit with my me / my image (10%)As we discussed earlier, DN are heavy users of digital products. But they don’t think about how it works, they just use it. The consequence is thattheyaren’tveryknowledgableabouthowitworks.They also make mistakesDN are less aware of working with digital products. They don’t think about how a programme or app might work, and they don’t take the time to figure it out. They just expect it to work. Intuitively!Because they go straight to work, they might overlook important instructions. And, they easily make mistakes. Sometimes even more than digital immigrants.Eventueelverwijzennaarartikel van Susan Weinschenk.
  • Client:  an Educational Publisher (anonymous)Tasks:  Qualitative Usability TestAssignment: Gain insight in user experience, identify issues and opportunities for improvementTarget: vocational education, MBO students 16- 20 (and their teachers)Product Digital learning Modules to develop and maintain certain skills, like language and mathematics. The education is tailored to the level of the student. They can start at a certain level, and reach a higher level when making progress. And there are extra exercises for parts or certain skills that they find difficult to master.
  • Bridge: besides learing about usability issues and how to improve the modules, we learned so things about digital natives in generalLearnings: 1 High standards: they are used to websites and applications that work intuitively. Facebook is the norm. So the bar is high. 2 Zero tolerance:Easily give up and abandon the digital learning module.They don’t want to waste time to learn how to use something. DN are impatient and easily distracted.  They want quick access to what they need.3 Blame the product if it doesn’t work the way they expect.When we do User Research among digital immigrants - the older generation - we often see that they blame themselves when they can’t figure out how to accomplish a task.“I’m sure it’s very easy, I’m just not very good at this”.Digital natives – the youngsters – however, don’t doubt their own skills. They blame the product. Implications:Although we mightexpectthemtobetechsavvy, they are notthatskillfull.Therfore…
  • Herkomstafbeelding:
  • Together, that 61% of the DN thatown or have access to a tablet.The iPad is the most popular tablet computer82% of thosewho have a tablet has aniPadThe tablet is most oftenused at home (89%), on vacation (43%) or at family/friends (40%)49% uses the tablet on a daily basisTablet is usedfor: Surfing the internet (76%)Socialnetworking (76%)Watching video’s (65%)Gaming (63%)
  • Most listenedto is radio via computer (24%). 47% gets the larger part of theirmusicbydownloadingit in a ‘notsolegal’ way. 19% listenstomusic via YouTube. 56% saysthatmusicshouldbe free or doesn’tspend money on music at all. 27% say theybuy a cd iftheyadmirean artist. Only 1% alwayspaysformusicSource picture:
  • Question: Please choose from the list below the brand telecom provider that think fits best with you. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your current brand. (1 answer possible)T-Mobile: 29%Vodafone: 23%Hi (14%)KPN (9%)Herkomst afbeelding: presentatie voor T-Mobile door Bob en Martje
  • Source image:
  • Myth or fact? The skillful tech-savvy Digital Native

    1. 1. Myth or fact? The skillful tech-savvy Digital Native Saskia Schippers +31 6 2468 8740
    2. 2. 2 Digital Natives ?
    3. 3. 3 Immigrants versus Natives Source: report Axance Digital Immigrants Digital Natives
    4. 4. 4 •  User Intelligence has conducted an online survey •  Among 200 Digital Natives •  Aged 15 to 25 Research among Digital Natives
    5. 5. 5 Technology is intertwined in their life…
    6. 6. 6 100% Of the 15-25 yo have a mobile phone 89% Have a smartphone Generation ‘Mobile first’
    7. 7. 7 97% Has (access) to a computer 81% Owns a laptop 26% Shares a desktop 38% Owns a desktop Online generation
    8. 8. 8 Online generation 80% Say they can’t stand a single day without the internet 4,25 h Computer 2 h Surfing 3,5 h Mobile phone
    9. 9. 9 60% Misses their phone the whole day When they forget their mobile for a day… "I feel disconnected from the world” "I feel naked without my phone” "I hate it to be not reachable”
    10. 10. 10 Mobile means multifunctional… ”It’s my personal assistent” Calling Music Social networkingInternet Pictures Texting
    11. 11. 11 Why do they need a mobile for ? © Axance 2012 – Keeping contact with their « tribe » SMS VOICE SOCIAL NETWORK PICTURES MMS Social networking (83%) Texting (SMS / WhatsApp) (91%) Calling (97%) Why do they need a mobile phone…
    12. 12. 12 A highly social generation…
    13. 13. 13 Social networking is everywhere 94% Is member of at least 1 social network 60% Is member of more than one social network 13% Is member of 4 or more networks
    14. 14. 14 Absolute TOP 3 for Digital Natives - Websites
    15. 15. 15 Absolute TOP 3 for Digital Natives - Apps
    16. 16. 16 92% Has a profile on Facebook 20% Connect before getting out of bed 28% Connect in bed before going to sleep And the winner is…
    17. 17. 17 An impatient generation…
    18. 18. 18 An ‘impatient’ generation “ Devices just have to work quickly” “products have to work for a long time’
    19. 19. 19 Intolerance of their digital products •  Digital natives have high standards, •  and ZERO tolerance. •  They blame the product, not their own skills Impatience makes them error prone
    20. 20. 20 Technology means fun
    21. 21. 21 The “entertainment” generation 60% Has a (shared) game console
    22. 22. 22 71% Listening to music 87% Taking pictures 55% Games 45% Watching video’s Phone is used for: Technology means fun
    23. 23. 23 61% Has a (shared) tablet 76% Surfing the internet 76% Social networking 65% Watching video’s 63% Gaming Tablet is used for: The “entertainment” generation
    24. 24. 24 Digital Natives are constantly multitasking
    25. 25. 25
    26. 26. 26 of the digital natives who watch television, does something else at the same time, for example: • Eating (66%) • Sending messages (sms, whatsapp, etc.) (63%) • Social networking (47%) • Browsing the internet (40%) • Emailing (31%)
    27. 27. 27 How to provide an outstanding UX for Digital Natives?
    28. 28. 28 When designing for the Digital Natives: •  Offer QUICK access to whatever they need •  Keep it SIMPLE to hold their attention •  Use VISUALS and as little text as possible •  Make your product SELF-EXPLANATORY and intuitive •  Give it a touch of FUN
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