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Penalties, filters, algorithm changes and all that has been spooking site-owners during the last year…
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Penalties, filters, algorithm changes and all that has been spooking site-owners during the last year…


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The next algorithm update - how to land on your feet.

The next algorithm update - how to land on your feet.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. SEOPenalties, filters, algorithm changes and all that has been spooking site-owners during the last year…
  • 2. • Google’s penalty & filter types• Options you should eliminate when something goes wrong• First steps after identifying damage• When & how should you contact Google• Rules of thumb which would best serve you during the next algorithm change
  • 3. Over-optimization Filters affecting pages Complete removalfilters (per keyword or with (either completely from the index page) both on & off or partially) duplicated (following a violation site content or pages with of Google’s guidelines low value for users for webmasters)
  • 4. Is your industry influencedby seasonality?
  • 5. Is the decrease mostnoticeable in visitsfollowing a branded-KW search, or a generic-KW search?
  • 6. Does the WebmasterTools show a drop inimpressions & averagepositions, or only theCTR has beendamaged?
  • 7. Were there anymodifications made inorder to eliminateduplicated-content onthe site, resulting in ahealthy drop inindexed pages?
  • 8. Has the ratio between the number of pages included in the sitemap.xml file and the number of indexed pages deteriorated? (URLs which weren’t included in the SERP for a “site:” search might not have been relevant in the first place)
  • 9. Were there anymodifications madelately that might havecaused some (or all)of your pages tobecome blocked forGoogle?
  • 10. What should I do?• Check your Webmasters Tools “Spam” alerts and handle them• Improve your backlink profile (diversify, eliminate “commercial” links, SMO)• Remove the most spammy backlinks & focus on creating high-quality ones• On-Site – fix over-optimization problems (internal links, content)What should I not do (or – common mistakes)• Condensing low-content pages using dynamic templates• Directing new backlinks mostly to affected pages (instead of a natural distribution)• Asking Google for re-consideration before both on & off site issues have been addressed
  • 11. Application format• It is strongly recommended to consult with professionals experienced with this procedure• In some cases it is useful to report which corrective actions were performed• Mention if you intend to perform further changes in the future (in accordance with Google’s guidelines)• Be specific in your application, but also selective about the information you wish to exposeAfter your application has been submitted• Be patient – even if you receive a positive response, the change will not be immediate• Refrain from submitting several applications in a short timeframe
  • 12. Backlinks Content Avoid backlinks which might appear Create unique, original & valuable content “commercial” (site-wide, non-contextual) Avoid matching the content to theDon’t accept backlinks from irrelevant sites targeted keywords unnaturally Develop your operation’s SMO elements & Make sure you solve duplicated-contentleverage them for social-platforms backlinks issues both on & off site Try to gain presence in news-sites by Enrich your content employing PR activity (using video, images etc.) Create as many backlinks that would be Update your content consistently and in identified as “editorials” as you can accordance to your industry’s pace Protect your copyrights (ask copy-cats to Make sure your anchor texts & remove copied material/insert a linking landing-pages are diverse credit)
  • 13.