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This set of cases is going to show you that you don’t need to start a revolution to see real improvements. Learn how small changes can have a great impact on your conversion rate and how to drive more business to your business.

Read our case studies and find out how:

- Charity Organization raised $300,000 more thanks to a few changes on their website.
- Online Language Learning Platform increased their conversion rate by 218% thanks to Visitor Recording.
- Online Price Comparison Website changed 24% of wasted clicks to effective CTAs that drove 66% more traffic.

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UsabilityTools Case Studies Deck

  1. 1. Where UX Meets Conversion
  2. 2. Where UX Meets Conversion
  3. 3. Visitor Recording Card Sorting Survey Click Tracking Web Testing Click Testing Feedback Form Form Tester Where UX Meets Conversion
  4. 4. Where UX Meets Conversion How to Get Valuable Feedback and Validate Design Overnight? Full Case Study »
  5. 5. To evaluate design and content of the product cards prepared for Aussie, an internationally renowned cosmetics brand and to evaluate users’ attitude towards regimen sales. One of the largest interactive agencies in Poland The Company The Challenge SurveyWeb Testing Click Testing Where UX Meets Conversion
  6. 6. The key visual was not considered important by the target audience. Where UX Meets Conversion
  7. 7. Opportunity to see different product lines was very important for the respondents. Where UX Meets Conversion
  8. 8. Testing showed 93.1 % Positive Feedback. Where UX Meets Conversion
  9. 9. Survey revealed the motivations and have helped to formulate better marketing strategy. Where UX Meets Conversion
  10. 10. Where UX Meets Conversion How to Reveal Real Issues with Information Architecture? Full Case Study – Part 1 » Full Case Study – Part 2 »
  11. 11. Companies The Challenge 8 Biggest Universities in the USA To eveluate information architecture of websites of the Top Universities in The United States Card SortingSurvey Web TestingClick Testing Where UX Meets Conversion
  12. 12. Results showed which University experienced the biggest problems in information accessibility Visitors were asked to find out if they can take any courses remotely via the Internet. Where UX Meets Conversion
  13. 13. Only 18% of visitors discovered the information on Caltech's homepage. Visuals proved to be a distraction Where UX Meets Conversion
  14. 14. Results showed which University had biggest problems with information architecture. Results showed which University experienced the biggest problems in information accessibility Visitors were asked to find out how much they have to pay for one semester in college. Where UX Meets Conversion
  15. 15. Berkeley made the info easy to find by naming the labels clearly thus almost 80% visitors found the information. Where UX Meets Conversion
  16. 16. Yale has put two identical labels on the same page confusing the visitors – only 5% found the information. Where UX Meets Conversion
  17. 17. Click Testing has showed that images were attracting the most attention but the logo was something that built visitor’s trust towards the website. Where UX Meets Conversion
  18. 18. Click Sorting showed that Princeton’s website was the most understandable for users – 80% of their choices matched the actual categories on website. Where UX Meets Conversion
  19. 19. No-one put the page ‘Financial Aid Without Loan’ into ‘What’s Distinctive About Princeton’ category. 98% chose the ‘Cost & Financial Aid’ category. Where UX Meets Conversion
  20. 20. ‘Accommodation for Disabilities’ – 52.6% of respondents would put this page into ‘Living at CalTech’ and only 16% of respondents into ‘Learning at CalTech’ where it was placed on the website. Where UX Meets Conversion
  21. 21. Where UX Meets Conversion Full Case Study » Which Small Changes Can Help to Increase Conversion by 122%?
  22. 22. Price comparison system for energy distributors. To find out more about the conversion funnel within the website and identify elements responsible for losing potential customers. The Company The Challenge Click Tracking Form Tester Where UX Meets Conversion
  23. 23. 24% of the clicks were going to waste because of the unclickable CTA in the image Making the entire image clickable increased the effectiveness of CTAs by 66.2% Where UX Meets Conversion
  24. 24. Evaluating web forms showed that up to 81% of the users left the website without finishing the final step. Changing the form to a more engaging slider (above) increased the conversion rate by 122.6%. Where UX Meets Conversion
  25. 25. Where UX Meets Conversion Full Case Study » How to Increase Conversion by 218% with Visitor Recording?
  26. 26. Web-based tool for making the language learning process easier. Increasing low conversion rate of the pricing page. The Company The Challenge Visitor Recording Where UX Meets Conversion
  27. 27. - No benefits listed - Confusing pricing - No trust-building Problem: people scan the page too fast. Conversion Rate 1.74% Where UX Meets Conversion
  28. 28. - Clear benefits - Easy-to-understand pricing - Attractive images - Social Proof - On-page FAQ Conversion Rate 5.54% Conversion Rate Increase 218% Where UX Meets Conversion
  29. 29. Where UX Meets Conversion How to Earn $300,000 More Thanks to Click Tracking? Full Case Study – Part 1 » Full Case Study – Part 2 »
  30. 30. The Company The Challenge One of the largest non- governmental organizations in Europe, raising money for medical equipment and charity. To evaluate the online donation process and find ways of increasing the amounts donated. Click TrackingWeb Testing Feedback Form Where UX Meets Conversion
  31. 31. Testing showed that only 44% of respondents found the online donation subpage. Where UX Meets Conversion
  32. 32. Online donation subpage was hidden in the menu and was not easy to find. Where UX Meets Conversion
  33. 33. Links were changed to engaging graphics that helped increase the conversion rate. Where UX Meets Conversion
  34. 34. For the Grand Finale weekend, the 4 most popular ways of online donations were featured on main page. Where UX Meets Conversion
  35. 35. Where UX Meets Conversion Online donations: 2013 - $70,000 2014 - $300,000 Where UX Meets Conversion Online Donations Increase $230,000 Conversion Rate Increase 420% 420%
  36. 36. Interactive Solutions » Top USA Universities Part 1 » Top USA Universities Part 2 » Optimal Energy » Vocabla » Great Orchestra (charity) » Where UX Meets Conversion
  37. 37. Where UX Meets Conversion Stay In Touch
  38. 38. Where UX Meets Conversion Tell Me More! Be Our Next Success Story! Let us know what is your problem with Conversion Rate Optimization. We will find the best way to help your business.