Berkeley-Haas International Business Development Program (IBD) Info Session


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Slide deck from Berkeley-Haas IBD Information Session held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

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  • Projects that IBD handles include:Business PlansCase StudiesEntrepreneurial ActivitiesFeasibility StudiesFinancial AssessmentsMarket ResearchStrategic PlansSustainability Plans
  • Berkeley-Haas International Business Development Program (IBD) Info Session

    1. 1. International Business Development Program Partnering with Clients for Global Innovation
    2. 2. What Is It? • Management consulting course • International consultancy projects • Over 20+ years: – More than 1200 students have participated – More than 80 countries
    3. 3. Why do it? • Learn and refine consulting skills • Develop insights into another culture • Apply the business principles you learned in the core to a real-world problem in a global setting • Develop industry knowledge in a focused area • Work in a dynamic team environment
    4. 4. In the MBA program, you are developing the Berkeley Innovative Leader Capabilities Frame problems Define Experiment to learn Learn Navigate uncertainty Manage Influence beyond authority Lead
    5. 5. In IBD, students refine those capabilities… Define the problem being addressed and develop hypotheses to guide your Frame work Problems • Define the problem being addressed and develop hypotheses to guide your work • Balance the interests and demands of your team, client, and country Balance the interests and demands of your team, Navigate client, and country Uncertainty Engender your client’s trust by developing an Influence Experiment Beyond Brainstorm potential to Learn Authority understanding of the solutions • Brainstorm potential solutions • Engender your client’s trust by organizational the country and developing an understanding of organizational cultureand country culture
    6. 6. IBD Course Objectives • Develops students who have the skills and capabilities to manage and lead across diverse cultures, economies and business environments • Brings the Berkeley-Haas brand to the world • Strengthens the School’s connections to our alumni who often engage IBD teams
    7. 7. By the end of the course, you will have developed... Cultural awareness Consulting skillset Industry knowledge Team collaboration skills Opportunity to apply core MBA classes
    8. 8. So, how do the teams and projects work? 8
    9. 9. IBD handles many types of projects Case Studies Business Plans Entrepreneurial Activities Strategic Plans Feasibility Studies Market Research Sustainability Plans Financial Assessments
    10. 10. IBD works in many sectors Agriculture Healthcare High Technology Biotechnology Financial Services Hospitality Conservation Energy Manufacturing Ecotourism Education Retail
    11. 11. IBD works with many clients
    12. 12. IBD has worked in over 80 countries IBD Project By Locations, 2000-2013 7% 31% Oceania 10% 12% 14% 26% South America North and Central America Europe Asia Africa
    13. 13. IBD 2013 138 MBA students on 352012 to 25 IBD Countries teams countries
    14. 14. How will I be assigned to a team and project? • You will be assigned to: – A team of 4 students – A project in a country • In December, you will receive a survey in which you will be able to indicate your preferences – Note that you will not be sent to your country of origin or somewhere you have worked previously • Will try to respect your priorities, but need to also balance client needs
    15. 15. Faculty will mentor your team Whitney Hischier Flavio Feferman Kristi Raube Frank Schultz Jo Mackness
    16. 16. Who are the best candidates? • • • • • Flexible Adventurous Open minded Hard working Team-oriented
    17. 17. What IBD isn’t… • A free “vacation” to a foreign country
    18. 18. How do I get in the class? • Bid as you would for any class – Last year’s minimum bid > 400 • Once bidding is complete in November, there is no drop/add • So, be very sure you want to be in the class
    19. 19. If you participate, you must be able to… • Take course in spring 2014 on Mondays 6-9pm – Plan to spend 8+ hours per week on the course • Work in-country May 17 – June 7, 2014 – Flights, lodging, work-related travel are covered by IBD – You are responsible for costs of meals, entertainment, visas, immunizations • Participate in a day-long IBD conference on Friday September 19, 2014 – You are responsible for the cost of producing a poster (~$40 per person depending on production value)
    20. 20. For more information… • Ursela Knezevic – Assistant Director, IBD Operations – F445 – • Kristi Raube – IBD Executive Director – F443 –