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Hello,-It's-Michael-Silvester-Here-Again...109 Hello,-It's-Michael-Silvester-Here-Again...109 Document Transcript

  • Hello, Its Michael Silvester here again...here.
  • Getting the attention of people to buy a certain product is challengingThere were times in the past when telemarketing was at times more of anuisance rather a convenience to people The same goes for salespeople who would go house to house and show a product and weresimply turned down Now as people have approached the digital age,there is a faster way of doing it as that is through hyper responsive optThis is basically creating a mailing list and sending the information topeople which will contribute to sales A person can do it in the office or athome and it can only be done if one is serious about making moneyonline This can work for people who want to do it full time or for those
  • who just want some extra cash and do it part time Here are somebenefits and features of using hyper responsive opt; 1
  • With a click of the mouse, the product a person wants to sell can get tothe customer in lightning speed Surveys have shown that the averageperson will only buy a product only after being exposed to the ad or themessage after 7 times By establishing a customer base via the internet,one no longer has to search for new ones that much but rely on theexisting clientele to further spread the word and increase sales 2 Somepeople will not immediately buy the product that is offered but by keepingthe names in the mailing list, it is possible that when a product of interestis on hand, the person will then buy 3 When a site has been made, itcan be used to bring in additional revenue as new people who want tojoin the business can be charged for advertising 4
  • This can also be used to propose joint ventures with other peoplemaking the business grow further To give further detail how it works,here is the step by the step process of hyper responsive opts; � Thefirst thing to do is to determine what customers need It should be aproduct or a service that should provide a solution of some kind that willimprove the quality of life either at home or at work Marketing a productespecially new ones takes time and money to establish itself Profit is notmade in the first sale but occurs when the customer decides to buy againor through repeat sales � The next is to do the proper research If thebusiness is done with a group of people or a single proprietorship, it isbest to brainstorm for the best possible brand or product name It shouldbe catchy and will easily be remembered
  • Given that there here. are probably others who have been in thebusiness longer, it is best to think of other names just in case it can nolonger be used � A product of good quality should be sold at a decentprice Sometimes, the product one makes is already available in themarket To be competitive, one must figure out a way to convince peopleas to why this product is better than the other leading brands Whatfeatures does it have that the competitor doesnt? What makes it uniqueand what service can it give as well? � Just like a normal business,one must acquire the right equipment and machines for the job Thesecould be merchandise that is either physical or electronic and an onlineordering system To be successful, one should be sure that the goodsthat a customer will order can be delivered on time If there are anyproblems, a customer support staff or system should be ready to cater tothat
  • One does not need a wonder product to make it work All it takes is a listof people who one can contact without being accused of spammingSoon, this will get the attention of the right people and sales should startcoming in Any business big or small must maximize marketing to get themessage across Online business is just one of the new ways of makingmoney It is up to the person to find that need and take advantage of it
  • here.