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  • Transcript

    • 1. ChangeFusion Supporting young social entrepreneurs in South and South East Asia. Sunit Shrestha, Director
    • 2. ChangeFusion Social Innovation Design & Investment Service
    • 3. ChangeFusion team ’08
    • 6. IMPACT
    • 7. INCOME
    • 8. Blended returns on investment: self-reinforcing niche Economic Social G Environment
    • 9. Blended returns on investment
    • 10. support components Knowledge Network Finance Incubation 5k-100k Grants, Loans , Equity, Jobs placement
    • 11. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process
    • 12. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process Investment criteria
    • 13. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process Investment Call for criteria proposal
    • 14. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process Selection Investment Call for & due criteria proposal diligence
    • 15. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process Selection Investment Call for Finalists & due criteria proposal workshop diligence
    • 16. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process Selection Investment Call for Finalists & due Financing criteria proposal workshop diligence
    • 17. Catalysis process YSEI Fellowship Process Selection Investment Call for Finalists & due Financing Incubation criteria proposal workshop diligence
    • 18. Social enterprise service numbers New Mentorship only New financing & incubation Existing ventures financing 50 50 10 40 33 20 7 30 16 20 20 10 7 10 3 0 0 2007 2008 2009 *Expected
    • 19. Portfolio social enterprises BANGLADESH PHILIPPINES Padma Ideal!s Provides critical information on agricultural best- Provides high-quality communications solutions for non- practices to farmers through information kiosks. profits who cannot afford commercial service. PAKISTAN XayanIT Let IT help Provides IT training, education and jobs within the provides capacity building on Youth Engagement Service enterprise to underprivileged youth. specific IT skills that are in market demand and match trainees to Provides seed financing and job opportunities. incubation for youth-led micro social enterprises in remote rural Youth Works areas. Provides microfinance services to youth entrepreneurs in rural communities Kaarvan Channelling women groups Rural Light handicrafts around Pakistan to Provides rural electrification solutions at the small community level. shops in big cities employing fair- trade model. Mobile Telecentres Provides on-site training and career opportunities for students through 3 wheeler trike mobile telecentres. INDIA THAILAND School and Community Hoticulture (SCHE) Grassroot Innovation Network Provides nutritional supplements Provides micro organic agriculture to mid-day meals in schools in methods and inputs to over 1,000 poor India through poly-houses. rural farmer families that improve multi- crop farm productivity by over 400%. MALAYSIA Online jobs placement and aggregator in OpenDream SOLS-24/7 the micro-finance sector in India. Provides web, online application and SOLS 24/7 provides life-skills education to virtual communities services to non- underprivileged youth in Cambodia, East Timor Krishak Mitra profits. and Malaysia. Improving the livelihood of marginal farmers in India by using agriculture Thoth Media Elevyn decision-making software at various Provides video podcasting and viral clip Online platform that links the selling of rural knowledge centers. services and news platform for citizen handmade products to the support of social and journalism, non-profit and social groups. environmental causes. Community Friendly Movement CFM sources hand-made crafts from Chivalry Silk artisan communities in India and Source wholesale unique silk products from conducts sales to wholesale craft buyers poor rural families and conducts sales overseas. overseas.
    • 20. OpenDream, Thailand Patipat Susumpao Web applications for development
    • 21. Grassroot Innovation Network ,Thailand Nawee Nakwatchara
    • 22. Community Friendly Movement (CFM), India Jaspal Shakya Wholesale & e-commerce indigenous handicrafts sourcing.
    • 23. Idea!s, Philippines Marielle Nadal Communications agency for development.
    • 24. Youth Engagement Services, Pakistan Ali Khan Community service micro- enterprises by youth.
    • 25. LetIThelp, Philippines Stephanie Caragos ICT-focused social outsourcing service
    • 26. Challenges: bridging the funding gap
    • 27. Social Enterprise Investment Facility (SEIF) Core social investors (foundations, agencies, CSR, direct SRI Platform to match D & S for youth funds, individual social investors) social enterprise investments from participation seeding, startup to scale-up stages. privileged investment entry investment options SEIF G = grant E = equity L = loan G E L E L 800K+ 15 - 100K up to 600k Scale-up Seed / startup Gap funds brokering funds + + incubation incubation Social entrepreneurs Social Enterprise Investment Forum Risk mitigation (+ research) instruments ventures Social Enterprise Capital Exchange Platform Profiles listing, rating, online investing, etc. participation participation External donors, investors, funds, supporters (in-kind)
    • 28. CHALLENGES for the facility development
    • 29. Trust brokers NEEDED!
    • 30. Best time to INVEST
    • 31. PARTNERS needed for prototype
    • 32. Contact us Tel: +66818041050 Skype: sunitshrestha Twitter: sunit