#SICmonoparentals Anne Karine Stocchetti presents Gepetto by Optimomes
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#SICmonoparentals Anne Karine Stocchetti presents Gepetto by Optimomes






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#SICmonoparentals Anne Karine Stocchetti presents Gepetto by Optimomes #SICmonoparentals Anne Karine Stocchetti presents Gepetto by Optimomes Presentation Transcript

  • Anne-Karine STOCCHETTIFounding DirectorLe mieux pour les mômes !GEPETTO’s presentationBarcelona – 14 mai 2013The best for kids !
  • Who take care of children when their parentswork early in the morning,late in the evening,weekends and holidays ?14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • • In France, 2.4 million children less than 13 yearshave parents who work with irregular schedule.• Sectors concerned :Hospitals, transport (trains, planes, buses),communications, post, call centers,supermarkets, food factories, servicejobs, hotels, restaurants,...The list is long...14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/OptimômesWho is concerned ?
  • • Parents who accumulate :- Low skill,- Low salary,- Part-time work contracts,- Fixed-term contracts,- Single parenthood• Note : 90% of single-parent families are headed by awoman.14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/OptimômesWho are the parents-workers the most fragilein France ?
  • Ten years ago, in France, Gepetto is born :Home-childcare-system for parents who work in« irregular schedule ».14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • Garde d’Enfants Pour l’Equilibre du Tempsprofessionnel, du Temps familial et son Organisation« How it works ? »(Childcare for the balance of working time, family time and its organization)
  • To answer :• To irregular schedule,• To a business trip,• To a training course,• To a failure of the usual childcare,• In expectation of a place in a childcare structure• To a quick taking up of a position (for example :temporary job)14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • GEPETTO intervenes…At children’s homeFor children until 13 years oldTo take charge of all the sibshipOn picking children up or on taking them backAll the week, days and nightsWith qualified personnelBy a service affordable for everybody (billed according theincomes)In complementary with the existing childcare offers(nurseries, individual nursery assistant, schools, after schoolcare, recreation centers) : Notion of missing link !14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • Human Resources of GEPETTO• Stable employment (open-ended contract)• A graduate staff :- Early Childhood Educators (in French : “Éducateur Jeunes Enfants”)- Childcare Assistants (in French : “Auxiliaire de puériculture”)- Vocational Training Qualification in Early Childhood (inFrench : “CAP Petite Enfance”) holders.• Paid team meetings• A strong professional identity built around thesense of belonging to a educative team.14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • GEPETTO’s issues• The childTo defend the right to childhood,To promote equality between children,To respect the biorhythms (sleep, meals ...).• The workTo remove a brake on working for parents,To better connect family life and professional life,To create quality jobs for GEPETTO’s employees,To promote women/men’s equal opportunities in employment.14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • The procedure1 - An agreement is signed with :- The ”Family Allowances Fund” (in French : CAF)- The town Council (through the “Childhood-YouthContract”, “Contrat Enfance-Jeunesse” in French)- The companies (via the ”Family Tax Credit” or “CréditImpôt Famille” in French)14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • The procedure (continuation)2- The criteria of access are defined by :- The geographical limits (areas, ...)- The family situation (single parent, ...)- The level of incomes- The professional situation (kind of job, ...)- The age of the children14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • The procedure (continuation)3 - Organization of the service :- Families call each Thursday to give their schedules fornext week.- Building of the planning and confirmation to the families.- Transmission to the teams by e-mail.- The professional calls back the family the day before eachintervention.- He comes on time, smiling (even at 5 a.m. !)…with an educative case, filled of games ...14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • This system has been called “Home Relays”by the “National Family Allowances Fund”(“CNAF” in French) in 2004.For a few months, the “National Family AllowancesFund” tests out this system with the name of“Specific Care”with the same financing as the nurseries.14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • 14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/OptimômesToday, GEPETTO is expanding by connecting to nurseries
  • A global answer During the day, the nursery called"The Tinies" takes children until 3 years old. Sooner or later, weekends orholidays, "Gepetto" take over from the nursery (foryoungest) and the school (for oldest).14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • A global, clear and simple offerproposed to cities and companies Yearly reservation of some childcare places inthe nursery (during the day).+ Yearly reservation of some hours of interventionat home (early morning, late at night, weekendsand holidays).14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • A connection also suggested to GEPETTO’semployees They can work in the nursery during the lunchtimes, the activities and the educative outings. It reinforces the educative consistency betweenthe collective domain and the private sphere.14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômes
  • Today this educative network is present in several cities in France :- Vannes (56),- Lorient (56),- Rennes (35),- Villeurbanne-Charpennes (69),- Villeurbanne-LeTonkin (69),- Lyon (69),And more are planned…14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/OptimômesIn all it’s :- 180 children whoare taken care bythe nurseries.- 10 000 hours ofintervention athome.
  • Thank you for your attention !14 mai 2013 / Barcelona/Optimômeswww.optimomes.orgTel :+ 33 (0)6 61 10 41 50Anne-Karine STOCCHETTIakstoc@optimomes.org