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Social media for placements
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Social media for placements


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How educational institutes could increase placements using social media....

How educational institutes could increase placements using social media....

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Unyscape Infocom1 Connected Collaborative Opportunity for education Institutes to use social media for placements
  • 2. Unyscape Infocom2 Basics haven’t changed…… • Customers always wanted their voices to be heard…. • Companies always wanted to hear from customers….. • Students always huddled together to solve problems , do project work…. • Colleges always wanted to find means of connecting to prospective recruiters • Students always wanted to find what would be the best college option for them…. • Colleges always wanted to find means of selecting the best students. The physical boundaries that stopped us are being blurred The medium is transformational………………
  • 3. Unyscape Infocom3 Strategically Mining the medium Set Goals Social Voice Delivery tools Create Metric Sustain Transform •Establish clear objectives, both long and short term •Identify your audience •Conceptualize a platform to become your brand voice. • The brand should reflect positioning •Identify the right tools to deliver your brand voice • Continuously monitor the efficacy of your campaign. • Benchmark against competition • Identify areas of improvement • Create a plan to sustain the program. • Train and re-Train • Design a reward program Strategy Operations Measurements Feedback
  • 4. Unyscape Infocom4 Identifying opportunities – Social enabled placements process Objective • Increase the reach of placement program • Increase the number of participating companies • Improve the quality of jobs on offer • Reduce the cost of placement Approach • Strategic social enablement of placement process • Key Components • Strategic sourcing of crowds that can influence placement process • Mining placement relevant information from social media • Create an enablement program to simply process for recruiters
  • 5. Unyscape Infocom5 Understanding the Process • Source influential Crowd (Alumni.) • Energize your Alumni What • Large number of them are well placed • Information shared with gets shared with their networks • Ever growing network Why How • Design an alumni network • Connect using different media with them. • Design activities to keep the group energised. • Monitor and collate recruitment requirements What • Smaller and newer companies are using social media platforms like LinkedIn for recruitment • They provide high quality jobs • They are better paymaster • Create long term relations with them Why How • Monitor the social media • Collate the requirements • Prepare a response strategy • Enable companies to have a online, real-time, lively reach to students What • Hiring companies get a real and more in-depth view of the student. • Reduces the recruitment cost and time span for companies. • Reduce college expenses for recruitment Why How • Design and develop a student profile system. • Market the same to various companies identified. • Ensure all students use system. 1 2 3
  • 6. Unyscape Infocom6 Benefits • Include a much bigger segment of companies • Include students themselves in their process • Naturally growing process – Benefits over longer duration • Increase Brand Recall • Reduce the cost of placement process
  • 7. Unyscape Infocom 7 Developing an Operating Model Design and Develop Alumni Connect Program Monitor and Mining program Student Connect Program Institutionalize and Sustain Content Engagement Training Transition Social Media Cell Measurement and Reporting Reporting Review Feedback Course Corrections Steering Committee Integration with other social media programs of the organisation Improvement of other Web properties which impact brand Policy Guidelines for students and faculty
  • 8. Unyscape Infocom 8
  • 9. Unyscape Infocom Contact Us email: Phone No : 0120 – 4319972 Mobile : +91-9350736877, +91-9810411046 Website : 9
  • 10. Unyscape Infocom Contact Us email: Phone No : 0120 – 4319972 Mobile : +91-9350736877, +91-9810411046 Website : 9