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Airborne Final Dcp (2)
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Airborne Final Dcp (2)

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FAA defines the word airborne

FAA defines the word airborne

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  • 1. DOCUMENT CHANGE PROPOSAL/BRIEFING SHEET FINAL DISPOSITION ORDER/PUBLICATION: 7110.65T CHANGE: Basic EFFECTIVE DATE: February 11, 2010 TRACKING #: 5B- PCG-A- SPECIALIST/ROUTING: Marcus Brown AJT-23 (202)385-8627 1. PARAGRAPH NUMBER AND TITLE: A - AIRBORNE 2. BACKGROUND: The request to provide a definition of "airborne" in the pilot controller glossary (PCG) was proposed in an Area of Concern (AOC) during an Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee (ATPAC) meeting in response to requests from pilots who were concerned over what they perceived to be different applications of the term "airborne." This definition is consistent with that found in several dictionaries. The current version of FAA Order JO 7110.65, paragrpah 3-9-6 and 3-10-3, Same Runway Separation, allow for reduced runway separation provided the departure aircarft is "airborne." Loss of runway separation is avoided only if the departing aircraft has "all parts of the aircraft off the ground." 3. EXPLANATION OF CHANGE: Adding this definition to the PCG will provide standardization throughout the ATC and pilot communities concerning the term "airborne." This change cancels and incorporates N JO 71 lO.xxx,, effective . 4. CHANGE: OLD NEW Add AIRBORNE - An aircraft is considered airborne when all parts of the aircraft are off the ground. No further changes to paragraph. 5. INDEX CHANGES: None 6. GRAPHICS: None 7. GENOT/NOTICE: N JO 7110.XXX, Airborne, effective 8. FORMATTING & PLAIN LANGUAGE REVIEW: Kl HM 6/10/2009 9. SAFETY RISK MANAGEMENT: (Check appropriate box). I I Proposed change meets full SMS requirements for safety risk assessment. ^ Proposed change is not safety related. Comments: Chuck Chamberlain / /j I //2 Manager (A), Terminal Operations Group Date: Oy ' & fcJj ATO DCP FORM 3101-01 (03/17/09)