What is the Central Upstate Manufacturing Breakfast?


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As you are well aware, our state’s business community is enduring difficult times. Taxes are high, international competition is highly competitive, and a national lagging economy continues to hinder our growth. The manufacturing community of New York State is no different, in that times are tough. But if history acts as any indicator, our ability to remain resilient and adapt to our surroundings has proven time and time again our strength, and we will, with your help, weather our way through the difficult times and come out strong.

Join MACNY’s membership in an engaging conversation on policy, politics, and the state of manufacturing.

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What is the Central Upstate Manufacturing Breakfast?

  1. 1. JOIN US! CENTRAL UPSTATE MANUFACTURING BREAKFAST rd MACNY Central Upstate Manufacturing Breakfast Double Tree Hotel, Carrier Circle, Syracuse Legislative Panel Registration November 17th, 2011Name(s): Email:Contact Person: ___________________________________________ Phone:Please indicate in order the legislative panel you would like to participate on from 1 to 3, with 1 being the mostpreferred. A MACNY staffer will be in contact with you on more details regarding your panel in the near future.1st Panel: Energy IssuesThis will focus on various state energy issues affecting manufacturers and businesses. Such topics will include:the future of the state’s power programs, siting regulations and resources, utility assessment fees and charges,efficiency methods and programs, etc.Please list panel priority for Energy Issues: ____ out of 32nd Panel: Economic Development ProgramsThis panel will focus on the future of Economic Development programs for statewide manufacturers andbusinesses, such as the Excelsior Jobs Program. Additional subjects will be incentives and ways to help retain andrecruit manufacturers to the State.Please list panel priority for Economic Development Issues: ___ out of 33rd Panel: General Manufacturing and Business IssuesThis panel will focus on a myriad of different issues facing today’s manufacturers. Potential topics will includehealthcare costs, workers compensation, workforce development issues, etc.Please list panel priority for General Manufacturing and Business Issues: ___ out of 3Notes: MACNY will contact your office later this week to indicate your panel, additional panelists and any other information youmay need. Please note, MACNY will work to accommodate your priority as best we can. Thank you!! Please return completed panel forms by Thursday, November 4th to Debbie Sindone at MACNY. Forms can be faxed to 315-474-0524 or e-mailed to dsindone@macny.org. Questions? 315.474.4201 ext. 24