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Mobile tagging: version 0.5 of the connected store ?
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Mobile tagging: version 0.5 of the connected store ?


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discover how to create a synergy between instore and online customer experience

discover how to create a synergy between instore and online customer experience

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Mobile tagging: version 0.5 ofthe connected store?20/03/2013Marc Vanhoutteghem – Managing Partner
  • 2. ShoppingShopping is an activity in which acustomer browses the available goods orservices presented by one or moreretailers with the intent to purchase asuitable selection of them.
  • 3. Source: Accenture Multichannel Consulting
  • 4. Omni-Channel Retailing is very similar toand an evolution of, multi-channel retailing,but is concentrated more on aseamless approach to theconsumer experience through allavailable shopping channels, i.e. mobileinternet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, catalog and so on
  • 6. 7
  • 7. offline online 8
  • 8. offline online 9
  • 9. 10
  • 10. When “everything” is a media 11
  • 11. 12
  • 12. What is Mobile Tagging used for?Transformation Source : pfsk 13
  • 13. What is Mobile Tagging used for?Information Gathering Source : pfsk 14
  • 14. What is Mobile Tagging used for?Service Source : pfsk 15
  • 15. Mobile tagging in a nutshellAction/Purchase Source : pfsk 16
  • 16. 17
  • 17. 18
  • 18. Mobile tags“Mobile tags act as a recognizable, customizable andeasily integrable visual stimulus to accelerate andfacilitate an immediate, sharable and measurableinteractive consumer experience between offline andonline media.It offers an opportunity to create original and uniquelymemorable consumer experiences that canconsciously or unconsciously influence the consumer’sdecision process and reinforce the customerrelationship with the brand.” 20
  • 19. «Augmented reality (AR) refers to the technology that offers a real-time view of ones immediate surroundings altered or enhanced bycomputer generated information. When users examine theirenvironment through AR devices, they see information superimposedon the objects around them». 21
  • 20. Opportunity for retailersThe mobile phone presents a uniqueopportunity for retailers who wish to create aconversation with their customers.Interactive and relevant way to providepersonalized marketing based on thecustomer’s location, the time of day andprevious interactions. 22
  • 21. offline online 23
  • 22. Source : Diesel
  • 23. Source : C&A
  • 24. Threads for retailerShowrooming“Showrooming is the consumer trend of usingretail stores as showrooms to view, touch andtry products, but then buy – usually with theaid of a smartphone – wherever the best valuecan be found.” 26
  • 25. Connected storeKey trends for retailers• Assistive Retailer Technology (ART) to help retailers sell smarter• Assistive Consumer Technology (ACT) to help customers shop smarter• “Retailtainment” technology to enhance the in-store experience through entertainment 27
  • 26. Connected storeAssistive Retailer Technology• Help shop-floor sales teams sell smarter• Help customers shop smarter• Brand building• Creating retail experiences worth coming back to and worth talking about. Sales App for tablet PCs supports the sales team by displaying a complex product world and creating additional sales arguments. 28
  • 27. Connected storeAssistive Consumer Technology• Customers can use POS tablet stations throughout the store to call sales assistants for help.• They can scan products with their own devices to get more information and see user reviews…In fashion chain C&A stored, the numberof social ‘Likes’ products have receivedare displayed on connected hangers. 29
  • 28. Connected store« Retailtainement »• Technology designed, not to assist customers, but to entertain them.• Shopping can be seen as a task or a chore, but it is also an activity closely connected with leisure, diversion and entertainment.• Stage entertaining brand experiences. Retailtainment app for stores stocking Jägermeister, where customers challenge other customers to a branded tablet game. 30
  • 29. Connected store…Can help in three ways:• Meeting the demands of a new generation of “connected customers”• Solving the problem of “showrooming”, in which sales are lost online• Brand building, by delivering differentiating and store experiences that create value for which customers are prepared to pay a premium. 31
  • 30. 32
  • 31. Source: Tesco 33
  • 32. Source: Cisco IBSG, 2011 34
  • 33. Boutique Karl Lagerfeld à Paris 35
  • 34. 36
  • 35. But the connected store…remains a store ! 37
  • 36. But the connected storeKey factor of success 38
  • 37. Shopping 39