Strength in numbers: creating cross-university international partnerships


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Bob Masterton, London Universities International Partnership; Director, International Centre, University of the Arts London

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Strength in numbers: creating cross-university international partnerships

  1. 1. Strength in Numbers:creating cross-universityinternational partnershipsBob MastertonAssociate Director, International CentreUniversity of the Arts LondonInternational Higher EducationForum, UUK, April 17, 2013
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. Who are we?• The London Universities InternationalPartnership (LUIP) is formed of sixteen of theLondon• Showcase London as a world-class studydestination• “A World Class Education in a World Class City”• Working in partnership with other agencies –including the London Mayor’s Office, London &Partners, London First and UKTI – and withindustry
  4. 4. Why are we?• Early 2011 - the imminent end of theEducation UK Partnership leads touncertainty about the future size and shapeof the British Council and the support it willgive to international student recruitment• The value of the leverage resulting from scaleto deliver in-country activities• Collaboration will enable us to undertakeactivities none of us could create on our own• The “power” of the London brand
  5. 5. Benefits• Membership of a regional lobbying force• Putting forward collective stories, reinforcing keymessages and challenging negative press• Increased profile through a London presence incountry at exhibitions, fairs and LUIP events• Bigger impact on key markets and marketinfluencers through specifically designedcampaigns, including PR and visits• Increased profile through the LUIP and StudyLondon websites
  6. 6. Benefits• Increased access toLondon-based partnersand sources of funding,including business andlarge employers andthe Mayor’spromotional agency• Affiliation to Mayor andLord Mayor, importantwith client groupperceptions
  7. 7. What have we done?• Launch breakfast at the House ofLords hosted by Baroness JoValentine• China Bloggers visit and follow-up• London Ambassadors programme• Employability in India – event andresearch• Research and promotion in the USA
  8. 8. China BloggersvisitQueen’s JubileeWeekend 2012
  9. 9. Li Na (b.1984)Microblog: (over 250,000 followers)Blog: Gold MedalistAn Olympic Gold Medalist in Sydney 2000, and numerous world and national champions inwomen’s diving (individual and synchro). Li Na is a torchbearer for Beijing 2008 Olympic andParalympic Games.
  10. 10. Xu Xiaoping (b.1956)Microblog: (Over 5,500,000 million followers)Blog: Name in EducationIn 1996, Xu Xiaoping co-founded New Oriental Education and Technology Group, which isthe most successful, highly respected educational group in China. Listed on New York StockExchange, New Oriental (NYE:EDU) is worth between US$3billion to US$4billion, pendingon stock prices floatation.
  11. 11. He Jiong (b.1974)Microblog: Sina (15,000,000 followers)Tencent (28,557 608 followers) more than Lady GagaHe Jiong is a well-known host, singer, actor and an Arabic teacher in Beijing Foreign StudiesUniversity. He has been the host of Happy Camp which is the top entertainment TVprogramme produced by Hunan TV Station for more than 10 years.
  12. 12. Li Weijia,Happy Camp presenter with 4.5 million followersWeijia Li (first name/ surname) Born in 1976 Presenter, actor and singerMicroblog: Sina (4588953 followers)Tecent (10639228 followers)Weijia Li is a well-known host, actor and dubbing artist. He has been the host of Happy Camp, which isthe top1 entertainment TV programme produced by Hunan TV Station for more than 10 years. Moreover,he is also the host of many other popular TV programmes such as Yi Hu Bai Ying, Bai Ke Quan Shuo, etc.He is frequently seen on television as a funny and quick-witted host, well-liked by audiences. He is alsosuccessfully released a music album called Happy You Can Understand, it is highly praised amongteenagers in China.
  13. 13. Long MeiHappy Camp Official Weibo: (3,156,664 followers)Chief producer, Director of Happy Camp, Hunan TV Station, as well as a BBC and CCTVcorrespondent.
  14. 14. Where did they go?• Central St Martins College of Arts andDesign, University of the Arts London• Goldsmiths, University of London• Kings College, London• City University, Cass Business School• Corinthia Hotel, Royal GardenHotel, D&D, Harrods, Fortnum andMason, Olympic Park, Ghost – theMusical, St Pauls, City Hall for viewing theQueen’s River Procession
  15. 15. China Bloggers visitCentral St MartinsCollege of Arts andDesignBackstage at the BAFashion catwalkshow, May 2102
  16. 16. Leverage through Sponsorship• BA £7,500 flew them to London• Corinthia £13,500 put them up• Royal Garden Hotel £1,500 fed them• Fortnum & Masons £300 fed them• Nido £8,000 fed them at reception• UKVIC £1,500 supported a reception• D&D £ 700 fed them• Harrods £2,800 gave them things• Smartguide cars £8,000 provided transport• Ghost The Musical £1,024 entertained them• St Pauls – entry tickets £224 inspired them• London & Partners £2,400 supported them• Total £47,448• Cost of project to LUIP £13,000 ( not including staff time)• Support was also given through partnership: London First, British Museum,Tower of London, LOCOG.
  17. 17. Outcomes• 28 Million Chinese followers saw the “This isLondon Showcase” on Weibo• 40 Million followers saw the event on QQ• 104,058 followers of the LUIP site on Weibo• Extensive blogging and liking, tweeting andre-tweeting• Press coverage in China and London• TV coverage on UK and China news• Feature item on Happy Camp (100M viewers)• Follow up meeting with Xu Xiaoping
  18. 18. Practical help• Xu Xiaoping is an “angel investor”who sponsors companies startedin China by returning alumni• Presentation to Chinese studentsin London this spring
  19. 19. … and now?• Build on experience to arrange similarevents for other journalists, TV crewsand bloggers from China• Extend to other countries too assupport for other activities –India, USA
  20. 20. The great mortar board throwCity Hall, May 2012
  21. 21. London Ambassadors• Two Ambassadors from each institution – oneIndian and one American• Training session on using Social Media• Provide a programme of events and visits whichthey would not normally experience as a student– TFL, entrepreneurship, backstage at a fashionshow, etc.• Encourage blogging about these events andtheir life and studies in London
  22. 22. Launching London Ambassadors
  23. 23. Outcomes• 48,000 hits on the blogs on the LUIP site• Excellent new copy for individual university sites• Research shows that 70% of students say themain influence on their choice of study destinationis word of mouth from peers and family• Follow up the Ambassadors after they graduateand encourage them to continue blogging aboutLondon• Agreement to repeat next year but with oneAmbassador per institution
  24. 24. India - Employability• Employability is a key issue for all LUIP members• Impact on Indian students of changes to thePSWV with a major effect on recruitment (9000 inLondon in 2010/11 – 6900 in 2012/3)• LUIP members we are teaching the majority of theIndian students in London• We want to help them find employment• Most of us have strong careers services foremployment in the UK• We believe that together we can deliver some ofthose services in India in a way which none of uscould do on our own
  25. 25. Contextual issue• Concern in India about the changes to the UK visasystem• Negative press coverage• Positive story is not believed• L&P invited journalists from The Times of Indiaand the Economic Times• Briefing with UUK and LUIP on visa issues• Visits to City and Central St Martins and meetingswith current Indian students• £100,000 estimated value of resulting coverage
  26. 26. How are we doing it?• The two challenges are:1. How to make employers aware of theLondon universities as a source of highlyemployable graduates?2. How to demonstrate the value toemployers of graduates from the Londonuniversities?
  27. 27. The LUIP edge = collaboration• Info Edge (India) Ltd has “a bouquet” of websites•– the largest Indian jobs website – 40,000 employersregistered, 30M résumés posted•– links employers to campuses and new graduates to jobs –“virtual milk round”•– a student recruitment portal• Contract with Naukri– to build a portal featuring London institutions and graduates– promote the London universities to their employer database
  28. 28. Launch Event• Collaboration with UKTI and L&P led tothe opportunity to hold an event featuringthe London Mayor during his visit to Indiain November 2012• Reception in the garden of the HighCommissioner’s Residence in Delhi• 300 guests, half from the Indian businesscommunity, plus LUIP institution staff andalumni
  29. 29. …. and now• Research with the 150 companies which attendedthe event• Collaboration with the British Business Group toidentify internships in India• Widening Indian linkages to andMonster College• Widening UK linkage to other jobs sites• Increasing the coverage of successful alumni onthe LUIP site and institution sites• Arranging a jobs fair and “speed dating” eventlinked to the BC student recruitment fair inFebruary 2014
  30. 30. …. and next• Institutions which attended the event builtnew relationships with Indian companies• Emphasise the feedback linkage betweensuccessful alumni, employment andrecruitment• Presentation to conference of 250 SchoolCounsellors and follow up events• Through the link with Monster extend activityto other markets – Monster manage theirwork from the Gulf to the Philippines fromIndia
  31. 31. What’s next in China?• Repeat the employability project in 2013/14• Mayor of London visit Beijing in Oct/Nov 2013may enable a similar event to Delhi• “London Showcase” – extend beyond art anddesign to other subjects• Possible link to Beijing Design Week• Agent’s event• “London” alumni event
  32. 32. USA• Focus on School and College Counsellors• Email survey and promotional campaign• Parallel email “blast” to 14,000 US studentswho have shown an interest in studyingabroad• Web advertising, andPrinceton Review with tracking• Participate in Idealist exhibitions• Participate in UCAS sponsored visit toLondon by School Counsellors
  33. 33. The future• LUIP to become a company limited byguarantee• Engage other London institutions• Strengthen professional support• Extend activity to other markets – e.g.Brazil in view of the 2016 Olympics
  34. 34. Thank youContact details:Bob MastertonE: rwm48@btopenworld.comT: +44 779 377 7048