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Digital Change: how can universities respond?
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Digital Change: how can universities respond?


Digital Change: how can universities respond? …

Digital Change: how can universities respond?
Professor Wendy Purcell
Vice-Chancellor, Plymouth University

Published in Education , Business
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  • UUK’s invitation letter asks me to contribute a short presentation about Plymouth University’s approach to open and online learning and how we see this developing in the future … NEXT SLIDE
  • There’s lots of interest in what we’re doing in this space – that’s for sure!With everything from predicting the demise of the sector – and the lecture – to the transformation of learning – accessible to all – from cost-cutting to strategic investment.So – we’re right to come together today to take a deeper dive.So – to draw on Plymouth’s journey here …….NEXT SLIDE
  • Our journey – very much about taking grass roots activity – among students and staff scattered across the University and our partnersPioneering folk – simply exploring and experimenting in this spaceHarnessing this enthusiasm and creativity – real catalyst was the HEFCE call for innovation in T&L – the CETLs bidsCETLS – four CETLSEducation for Sustainable DevelopmentCentre for Excellence in Professional Placement LearningExperiential Learning in the Environmental and Natural SciencesHigher Education Learning Partnerships (HELP) – e-learning objective - Communities of Practice – blended learning – technology as an enablerFeature of our Strategy 2008-12 – but very much with a project focusMove to elaborate our Strategy 2020 – move to embed the concept and articulate our digital strategyDigital StrategyEdgeless ‘digital’ universityDigital People;Digital teaching, learning and research; Digital services; Digital Infrastructure and Capability We looked in particular at our student offer, our academic offer and the senior management case for changeTaking each of these areas in turn ……NEXT SLIDE
  • Need to consider tomorrow’s student – needs, values and expectations …Scenario 1 Janice, a second year nursing student, receives an alert on her Galaxy S3 to remind her that she has an assignment deadline for Tuesday of the following weekScenario 2 Simon, a final year marketing student, has been collaborating electronically with five colleagues on a product launch website and PowerPoint presentation for a group assignment. Using his iPad he sees from his Office365 collaborative workspace that his fellow student Jasminda has made some changes late last night to the final two slides.Scenario 3 Pauline, a senior lecturer, gets a reminder from her Outlook Calendar as she has a first year tutorial at 11:00. She checks the Digital Learning Space to see which students in this tutorial group have engaged with the preparation activities she set and decides to print a summary of their activity and engagement.….NEXT SLIDE
  • It’s not the future – it’s here now – it’s the new normal Personalised learning and bespoke deliveryCreating learning communitiesExperiential – in-the-moment – audio-visual activity-based (pic)Digital nativesWiden participationiTunesU assets – majority of downloads are outside the age-range of the traditional UK UG audience1.6millon downloads since November 2010, 600,000 of these in last 10 monthscurrent and emergent technologies are enablers, for students and staffAppropriately prepare our students for learning and working in a digital society…NEXT SLIDE
  • Students as partners – you have to add something to your learning – its not a transaction its about transformationRelationship - Transactional to transformative Democratic – shift in balance of powerInteractive – richer– promoting deep and active learningDiscovering; PioneeringReaching out – socially inclusiveReaching out – accessing pools of untapped talentNew Teaching, Learning and Student Experience strategyGood teachers use all the tools that are available to them ‘Blended learning’ environments - marrying technology with facultyexpertiseDemand has increased – and undergraduateapplications for 2012 entry increased 6% Translation into employability – 91.6%…. NEXT SLIDE
  • Embedded within our Strategy 2020Four ambitions of which the digital space is framed as part of our new normal across T&L, R&IAbout achieving institutional resilience and sustainabilityPart of our journey from ‘good to great’Strategically criticalGlobal elevation of reputation and brandStructural changes: appointed a CIO, drew new teams together to create Technology & Information Services and moved our academic lead into TIS to lead Technology Enhanced Learning and catalyse TISTechnology is an enabler and embedded into Strategy 2020 and underpinned by our Digital StrategyStrategic investmentDigital StrategyDigital People; Digital teaching, learning and research; Digital services; Digital Infrastructure and Capability …NEXT SLIDE
  • For us at Plymouth, it is about the following:It is about engagement that is right for the institutionBeing complimentary, being flexible- Considering online learning as part of a blended learning approach- Enriching student experienceInclusionWe are gaining momentum with iTunesU downloadsIt is based on student demand and driven by technology. Push and pull factors.It is critical to future successuniversities should be agile, respond to demand to ensure sustainabilitythink global – an ‘edgeless’ university that develops its transnational offering…END


  • 1. Digital Change:how can universities respond?Thursday May 15th 2013Professor Wendy PurcellVice-Chancellor and President
  • 2. Headlines…“Boring universitylectures aredoomed’”(BBC)“UK institutions would be foolish toapproach online learning simply asa revenue generating stream”(THE)“Digital technologies have transformedmedia, retail, entertainment and manyother industries – HE is next” (E&Y)“Welcome to theVirtual University” (FT)
  • 3. Our journey – a case studyEmbedded = allProjects = someEnthusiasts = one(s)
  • 4. • What does tomorrow’s student want?• What do they need?• What do they value?… Students of 2020 are the 11 year olds of todayTomorrow’s student…
  • 5. Our students• The way we do stuff around here –the new normal!• Personalised & experientiallearning• Enabling talent to express itself• Digital graduates for a digitalsociety
  • 6. Our academic offer?• Students as partner• Enriched experience andengaged learners• Accessible ‘blended learning’environments andcommunities• Increasing demand for whatwe do
  • 7. Our senior leadership team• Strategy 2020• Digital Strategy• CIO and team changes• Academic review & curriculumenrichment• Part of our distinctiveness & brand
  • 8. Plymouth’s response• Harness talents & enthusiasm ofstudents & staff & technology• Adopted both/and vs either/or agenda• Viewed disruption as a positive force• Developed a strategic response right forour institution• Critical to sustained success as ‘edgelessuniversity’
  • 9. Digital Change:how can universities respond?Thursday May 15th 2013Professor Wendy PurcellVice-Chancellor and President