Christina Miller - Opportunities for the UK in Horizon 2020


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Christina Miller - Opportunities for the UK in Horizon 2020

  1. 1. Europe at the Heart of Internationalisation 26 June 2013 Christina Miller, Director UK Research Office
  2. 2.  UKRO’s mission is to promote effective UK engagement in EU research, innovation and higher education activities by: • Enabling sponsors and subscribers to make informed decisions about participation in EU programmes and to realise the opportunities available to them; • Supporting UK input into European research policy development and implementation through informing and interfacing with the appropriate bodies; and • Developing and maintaining a suite of quality services that meet the evolving needs of sponsors and subscribers.
  3. 3. FP7 2007-2013 Horizon 2020 2014-2020 * Diagrams are not to scale
  4. 4. Proposal Legislative Process Horizon 2020 Proposal • Stakeholder Consultation • EU Policy Needs Negotiation • European Parliament • Council of the EU • European Commission Implementation • Guidance and Implementation • Work Programmes • Adapting to Change
  5. 5. Continuity Change  Core elements will remain, collaborative research, ERC, MCA  Competition based on Excellence  European Added Value  EU Policy Needs  Shared cost  New approaches • Focus on innovation • Integration of SSH and ICT • Key Enabling Technologies • Societal Challenges • Less prescriptive topics?  Revised Funding Rules
  6. 6. Excellence Industrial Leadership Societal Challenges • ERC • Marie Curie Actions • Research Infrastructures • Future and Emerging Technologies • Key Enabling Technologies • ICT • Space • Access to risk finance • Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) 1. Health, demographics changes and well being 2. Food security, sustainable agriculture marine and maritime research and the bio- economy 3. Secure, clean and efficient energy 4. Smart, green and integrated transport 5. Climate action and resource efficiency including raw materials 6. Inclusive, innovative and secure societies European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  7. 7. European Research Council Marie Curie Actions Future and Emerging Technologies Research Infrastructures Excellent Science
  8. 8. •Key Enabling Technologies << 1) Micro- and nano-electronics; 2) photonics, 3) nanotechnologies, 3) advanced materials, 5) biotechnology, 6) advanced manufacturing and processing>> •ICT •Space •Public Private Partnerships <<Factories for the Future: FoF ;Energy Efficient Buildings: EeB; Photonics ; Sustainable Process; Industries through Resource and Energy Efficiency: SPIRE>> Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (LEIT) •Remedy market deficiencies in assessing risk finance for research and innovation •Debt funding facility – loans, guarantees, counter-guarantees •Equity funding facility – early stage venture capital Access to Risk Finance •Dedicated SME instrument, feasibility, grant, commercialisation •Dedicated activity for research-intensive SMEs in ‘Innovation in SMEs’Innovation in SMEs
  9. 9. Societal Challenges (*Partial General Approach) Rationale and Approach 1. Health, demographic change and wellbeing 2. European bioeconomy challenges: food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research 3. Secure clean and efficient energy 4. Smart, green and integrated transport 5. Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials 6. Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies 7. Secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens  Concerns of citizens and society/EU policy objectives  Breakthrough solutions come from multi-disciplinary collaborations, including social-sciences and humanities  Addressing challenges requires full research innovation cycle, from research to market  Focus on policy priorities without predetermining technologies or types of solutions to be developed  Integrated approaches to ICT and SSH
  10. 10. Public-Public Partnerships • Joint Programming • ERA-NETs Public - Private Partnerships • Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) • Contractual Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) European Institute of Innovation and Technology • Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) • Co-location centres • Outreach
  11. 11. Proposal Legislative Process Horizon 2020
  12. 12.  European Commission Horizon 2020 •  UKRO • • British Council European RTD Insight • ERC NCP • Marie Curie NCP  UKRO subscribers • Your European Advisor • Register for tailored updates on UKRO Portal  National Contact Points •