Youth Achievement Awards 2012


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Please view notes on each slide for details of each award.

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  • Awardees and organisers.Back Row (Left to Right): Robin Hill, Jahnavi Harrison, Khadija Butt, Zoe Jackson, Meera Tailor, ChukuUmunna MP, JehanaraChaudhary, LiciaTirapelle, Oliver Rieche, RundNawari and Roberta Turner. Front Row (Left to Right): Robin Marsh, Jack Corley, Margaret Ali, Lord King and Asmah Anis. This is an annual July event for the Universal Peace Federation and the Women’s Federation for World Peace in the UK to acknowledge young adults who are involved in great activities for the benefit of their community, the nation or the wider world.
  • Meera Tailor receiving a Youth Achievement Award from Mike Gapes MP. Margaret Ali, (pink jacket) who is a Director of UPF and the main organiser and MittyTohma, the President of Women’s Federation for World Peace, the co-sponsor of the event. Meera Tailor went to India as a young undergraduate to teach English to underprivileged youth. She has been very active in various charities and fundraising events in the UK. For the past year she has been active in UPF Young Leaders group, particularly helping to develop ‘An Evening with ----’ “Doing Well and Doing Good” series where a person of substance is interviewed about their life by a roomful of young people.
  • LiciaTirapelle addressing the gathering. Liciahas been volunteering to support the TG Foundation that supports victims of sexual violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. She has been very important to the development of their activities.
  • Khadija Butt receiving a Youth Achievement Award from Lord King.
  • Robin Hill receiving a Youth Achievement Award from ChukuUmunna MP who had met him before and was aware of his good work. The person nominating Robin said, ‘Robin Hill is an excellent candidate for the youth awards, I have worked with him in several consultation workshops - and he is wonderful and very uplifting to work with. I am delighted to hear that he can make the award ceremony.’ Robin Hill ,19 is a brilliant young leader. He is currently a steering group member for the organisation ‘Heart and Soul’, a leading arts organisation for people with learning disabilities. Robin has recently starred in the ground-breaking Babel project an interactive arts experience.
  • RundNawari receiving the Youth Achievement award from Lord King of West Bromwich and Patricia Earle, WFWP-Birmingham. RundNawari took a gap year from University and worked full time, whilst participating in many activities and volunteering for Islamic Relief at events. She is the Vice Chair of a small charity called Shabaab on the move. Our aim was to raise money to help others sustain a basic standard of life for themselves and their families.
  • Roberta Turner has served in the school community in the sixth form by supporting two year seven girls with Down Syndrome and served duties out of the school building by volunteering with the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service at Solihull Hospital, working in the shop and taking a trolley around the wards selling magazines, snacks and drinks to patients. She has also volunteered on a regular basis with St John Ambulance from the age of twelve. 
  • Zoe Jackson receiving an Award from Anne Main MP. Zoe Jackson set up Living the Dream Performing Arts Company in 2006 at the age of 16 to subsidise her own performing arts training and education. She wanted to give young people the chance to take part in something affordable, accessible, fun and exciting! Over the last five years, Living the Dream has grown beyond recognition and now has a School of Performing Arts, a Professional Dance Company, a Media Company and a Dancewear Shop.
  • ChukuUmunna MP addressing the audience.
  • Oliver Rieche ran a campaign to provide safe drinking water in developing countries that finished in early April. They provided 268 people in a developing nation(or 1 whole community of 53 families) with permanent access to safe drinking water.
  • JahanaraChaudhry who has achieved a great deal in a short space of time. Shehas the determination to empower the dispossessed.
  • Jahnavi Harrison is an accomplished musician, singer and dancer. She has dedicated her life to helping people through Sacred Music, which she had grown up with herself. She has performed in America, throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, all on a voluntary basis. She was nominated by Sudesh Sharma for an annual O. P. Sharma Award after her father, the distinguished interfaith and community leader, the late Mr. O.P. Sharma OBE who was a great friend of the Universal Peace Federation.
  • Asmah Anis receiving a Youth Achievement Award from Frank Dobson MP. She successfully establisheda United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) at Queen Mary University and became the first President. UNYA is the youth branch of the United Nations Association – UK. She is also a Women’s Federation for World Peace activist.
  • Youth Achievement Awards 2012

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