Cross-cultural Communication Online Training


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We are proud to announce the release of our new online training platform for critical cross-cultural core competence. Cross-cultural training based on Universal Consensus’ transactional BMIA™ framework should be an essential piece of every company’s skills building and talent development; it increases international sales performance, cross-border productivity, and global individual and organizational agility.
In fact, it is not just a training program - it is a production that simulates a real classroom environment with live video presentation, slides, video clips, case studies, and interactive real-world demonstrations. The ROI process is deployed throughout, and everything is ultimately an example of it.

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Cross-cultural Communication Online Training

  1. 1. BMIA™ ONLINE Universal Consensus® Online Training PlatformUniversal Consensus LLC is a global cross-cultural management consulting and training firm. UniversalConsensus’ proprietary model, the Business Model of Intercultural Analysis (BMIA™), was specificallydeveloped to drive tangible business and organizational results for multinational business. UniversalConsensus® has achieved unprecedented client-results in all facets of cross-cultural businessoptimization. The Universal Consensus® team has been touted by the U.S. State Department as the“business, political and civic benchmark for global interactions worldwide.” Universal Consensus® is aglobal alliance partner of Aon Hewitt, working closely with Aon Hewitt’s Global M&A Practice. © Universal Consensus LLC Visit Our Website to Learn More
  2. 2. BMIA™ ONLINE OverviewIn today’s globalized economy, we are all in need of the skill-set required to engageNeed for Cross-Cultural Competencesuccessfully across national borders. BMIA™ training does just that – it empowersparticipants with the global mindset that permeates every aspect of day-to-day business.BMIA™ training is a cross-section of communications training, leadership training,consensus building, and team-building that focuses on how to turn cross-cultural obstaclesinto growth opportunities. When you put culture in the center of your approach, all aspectsof international business become leveraged and organizations can accomplish tasks andreach goals otherwise unattainable.The BMIA™ Online program is the perfect tool for:Target Participant • Leaders and team members of international teams • Professionals interacting across borders • Managers of global organizations • Students who envision a career in an international environmentThe Business Model of Intercultural AnalysisOur Model[BMIA™], developed by Denise Pirrotti Hummel,J.D., CEO & Founder of Universal Consensus, isrecognized as the leading objective-oriented cross-cultural business model and has beenacknowledged by the U.S. State Department andthe U.S. Department of Commerce as the seminalcross-cultural business model and the benchmarkfor global interactions.After completing the BMIA™ Online program professionals will operate at a superior level ofWhat You Will Achieveperformance when it comes to international interactions and have global skills that willserve them throughout their careers.The quantifiable performance growth includes: Universal Consensus has achieved revenue increases of over 30% and significantly decreased the cost and risk of operations in organizations that were substantially • challenged in cross-border interactions. Surveys show that 88% of global executives report that improving cross-cultural collaboration increases profit while other surveys demonstrate that efficiency • gains of 30% are achievable with improved cross-cultural communication.
  3. 3. BMIA™ Online DetailsThe BMIA™ ONLINE program is for organizationsProduct Descriptionwith limited budget, time, or a highly dispersedteam. The program content is the same as afacilitator-lead session but without groupinteraction. The program is delivered through astate-of-the-art video-based system withsimultaneous video-presentation and Power Pointslides to simulate a real-world trainingenvironment. It is based on the latest adult learningtheory and incorporates case studies, videos,stories, live presentations, and live Q&A. BMIA™ ONLINE is the self-paced cloud-based version of our 1-day Product Description BMIA CORE™ cross-cultural core competence certification program. BMIA™ ONLINE The program includes a full-color 92-page workbook and a certification process with a test to get BMIA™ certified.The BMIA™ uses six comprehension lenses to facilitate understanding and enhance cross-The BMIA™ Training Frameworkcultural competence. Analyzing a global enterprise through the six comprehension lensescontained in the BMIA™ provides a 360-degree analysis that increases opportunities and diminishes the risks and challenges faced by an organization that operates in multiple nations. The BMIA™ augments region-specific cultural knowledge by enabling the understanding of cross- cultural interactions. With BMIA™ training, you can interact anywhere in the world, even without specific knowledge of that culture, and still be culturally effective and adaptable in that region in the full spectrum of operations. The BMIA™ has three lenses focused onorganizational performance:  Glocalization Lens  Process Engineering Lens  Group Dynamics LensThe BMIA™ has three lenses focused on individual performance:  The Cultural Themes Lens  Time Management Lens  The Communication lens
  4. 4. NEED MORE INFORMATON?Next Step CONTACT US TO GET COMPLIMENTARY BMIA™ WHITEPAPER & COMPLIMENTARY PERFORMANCE MODEL WHITEPAPER FROM AON-HEWITT NEEDS-BASED CONSULTATIONContact Universal Consensus to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of Universal Consensus’ global business experts. +1 (760) 579-7610 [GMT -8]