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The conscious universe Understanding the universe as a living entity manifesting through holographic crystallization by Rolf Jackson, M Sc E

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The conscious universe Understanding the universe as a living entity manifesting through holographic crystallization by Rolf Jackson, M Sc E …

The conscious universe Understanding the universe as a living entity manifesting through holographic crystallization by Rolf Jackson, M Sc E

For decades the holy grail of modern physics has been to unify the theory of
relativity and quantum mechanics into a common theory. It is suggested that
the clairvoyant investigation of matter (micro-psi), may offer some of the
missing pieces in creating a unified theory. Micro-psi and esoteric science,
gives us the tools to explain how everything in the physical universe, may
essentially consist of crystallized thoughts (or more correctly condensed
spirit). This explains a great deal of the mysteries of both physics and
consciousness, and provides a simple and compelling framework for a future
science, that unifies physics and metaphysics. The understanding that
emerges is of a universe where everything is alive and is a reflection of the
one source we call spirit. Physical reality can thus be considered to be a
holographic patterns of interference, between two orders of consciousness,
namely activity and form, giving rise to the quantum mechanical reality,
through which the third basic aspect of the creator, intent, can express itself.

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  • 1. The conscious universe Understanding the universe as a living entity, manifesting through holographic crystallization Rolf Jackson, M.Sc.E. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002 $EVWUDFWFor decades the holy grail of modern physics has been to unify the theory ofrelativity and quantum mechanics into a common theory. It is suggested thatthe clairvoyant investigation of matter (micro-psi), may offer some of themissing pieces in creating a unified theory. Micro-psi and esoteric science,gives us the tools to explain how everything in the physical universe, mayessentially consist of crystallized thoughts (or more correctly condensedspirit). This explains a great deal of the mysteries of both physics andconsciousness, and provides a simple and compelling framework for a futurescience, that unifies physics and metaphysics. The understanding thatemerges is of a universe where everything is alive and is a reflection of theone source we call spirit. Physical reality can thus be considered to be aholographic patterns of interference, between two orders of consciousness,namely activity and form, giving rise to the quantum mechanical reality,through which the third basic aspect of the creator, intent, can express itself.
  • 3. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002 1. either consciousness (subjective reality) has`Hšo#¦‘HšrQš‘H#fc«š grown out of objective reality, thus being “caused” by spacetime, matter andThe questions of the origin of the universe, and the electromagnetics phenomena, ornature of reality, has occupied the imagination ofhumankind since time immemorial. The reason why we 2. consciousness has “caused” the objectiveare so occupied with this issue, is that our conception universe to come into existence, orof the world is one of the most fundamental forces 3. something else caused it all.shaping our lives. It quite literally influences everyaction we take and every thought we think. It The first possibility (that consciousness is FDXVHG Edetermines how we interpret experiences, how we objective reality (or has arisen as a consequence of theperceive the purpose of life and how we conceive of physical laws) is implicate in modern science, but howwho we are. reasonable is this really?Today thought about the nature of reality is dominated If we turn to the sages and great spiritual teachersby two central pillars that grew out of the first quarter through the ages, there is one theme which weof the 20’th century, the WKHRU RI UHODWLYLW and encounter again and again. That is the claim that theTXDQWXP PHFKDQLFV 40
  • 4. . Each has in it’s own way source of our being and the source of the manifestforced us to expand our conception of the world universe is transcendent. That the source is to be foundenormously and revealed to us the mysterious and beyond space and time as well as beyond the dualitieselegant architecture of the universe. that constitute our “reality”.But the dawn of the 20’th century also brought another When considering the possibility that this may in factscientific revolution much less known, yet just as be true, it is clear that this is not only a plausibleprofound. This was the result of an esoteric1 approach explanation for existence. It is also by far the simplestto science, which involved exploring the fabric of solution to the many mysterious properties of bothreality through FODLUYRDQW PHDQV. For the first time matter and consciousness to imagine that some externaloffering a direct glimpse of the inner workings of force or agency outside space and time has caused bothnature and opening new vistas for understanding the objective reality and consciousness. Something whichrelationship between physics and consciousness. This embodies, but transcends both objectivity andwork, known as 2FFXOW &KHPLVWU, has for a century subjectivity, and thus is able to manifest both becauseremained more or less ignored by the scientific the constitute parts of a greater whole.community. But the ideas it contains may actually hold And this is this idea I want to explore in the following.the key to the holy grail of modern physics – WKH WKHRURI HYHUWKLQJ. 5HIOHFWLRQV RQ RQHQHVVThe reason why I believe this might be the case is The key hypothesis in this article, is that the physicalrelated to the apparent inability to unify the two main universe and life are reflections of a single source,pillars of physics (relativity and quantum mechanics) which originates RXWVLGH time and space. This forceinto a common theory. The problem is that the theories will in the following be referred to as spirit or theare incompatible in their very nature since the theory of naked consciousness, and is considered to of a naturerelativity assumes reality to be FRQWLQXRXV that is beyond all dualities, and therefore also beyondGHWHUPLQLVWLF DQG ORFDO while quantum mechanics are all definitions and logic. This essence is indescribableQRQORFDO GLVFRQWLQXRXV DQG LQGHWHUPLQLVWLF All even in principle, since all terms and concepts weattempts at merging them into a common framework could use to describe it with belongs to the world ofhas thus far led to nonsensical infinities, indicating that dualities3.a radically different approach is needed. This is a simple and compelling explanation because itThe basic problem is congruent with both scientific fact as well as the essential teachings of all major spiritual traditions. ItThe problem that lies at the root of the discussion is the explains the mysteries of nature as well as how theprimary force in the universe, consciousness (the different myths of creation has arisen. It furthermoresubjective dimension) or the physical reality (the provides an elegant explanation for many of theobjective dimension). This question has been discussed paradoxes in quantum mechanics as well as thefor centuries, without reaching any fundamental clarity phenomena’s of transpersonal consciousness thaton the issue. confound orthodox science.What it really boils down to is: But the most important reason why this hypothesis, even at it’s bare face deserve serious attention, is that it is far simpler to explain the existence of matter in terms of consciousness than consciousness in terms of matter or substance 1
  • 5. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002The amazing universeWhen studying the laws governing the universe, one isgenerally struck by the genius and elegance with whichit work. Such marvelous simplicity and balance, yetable to create room for an essentially unboundedcreativity. In order to explain how spirit could )LJXUH  6WULQJV DUH HVVHQWLDOO WKRXJKW RI DV RQHconceivable have given rise to the physical universe, GLPHQVLRQDO REMHFWV WKDW KDV D VL]H RI WKH RUGHU RI WKHthe best place to start may actually be to explore the 3ODQFN OHQJWK  P
  • 6.  7KH PRUH YLROHQW YLEUDWLRQ ""Ãparadoxes that have arisen from the attempt to explain UHTXLUHV PRUH HQHUJ DQG FRUUHVSRQGV WR SDUWLFOHV ZLWKthe universe in purely mathematical terms. KLJKHU PDVVAs mentioned, the orthodox (or mainstream) scientific To explain this in any detail if beyond the scope of thisperspective on reality, is largely dominated by quantum article, the idea of vibrating strings as the source of allmechanics and the theory of relativity. Following their particles are an exciting concept (see Figure 2). And Idiscovery in the early 20th century, physicists have believe that strings are likely to be part of the ultimatestriven to unify the two theories, with limited success. theory of everything, but perhaps in a version whichSome progress has been achieved though, especially also incorporates non-dual spirit as well as thewithin the domain of VXSHUVWULQJ WKHRU, which today phenomena of consciousness into it’s basic frameworkis the only real candidate for a theory of everything, (which is not the case today).but it is still riddled with unsolved problems [8]. But actually superstring theory is in some ways even stranger than quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. Current string theories thus predict that the universe is not just four-dimensional as Einstein claimed (time being a dimension) but 10 or 11- dimensional. The only reason why we experience the universe as 3-dimensional (excluding time) is that the remaining 6 or 7 dimensions are curled up into very small spaces, with a size the order of the Planck length O = 10-33 P
  • 7.  But even if these curled up dimensions are very tiny, they are still large enough to enable the strings to vibrate, since the strings are even smaller. So while these extra dimensions are not visible at a macroscopic level (or even at ordinary microscopic levels), the strings can vibrate in all 10 or 11)LJXUH  6KRZV WKH FRQVWLWXWLRQ RI PDWWHU DFFRUGLQJ WR dimensions as required by the theory.VWULQJ WKHRU HSHQGLQJ RQ WKH YLEUDWLRQDO VWDWH RI WKHVWULQJV GLIIHUHQW NLQGV RI SDUWLFOHV UHVXOW 7KH LOOXVLYH VXEVWDQFH Throughout the history of physics, there has been aThe good news is that superstring theory contains some pattern that have repeated itself. Every time scientistsof the elegance we would expect from a theory of have been able to extend their understanding to smallereverything, and it is also interesting that it has an and more fundamental particles, these particles haveamazing number of similarities to the picture of the become less substantial and more like GQDPLFsubatomic realm that emerges from the clairvoyant QRWKLQJQHVVinvestigations, which will be described shortly. In classical physics, matter was thought of as aThe essential idea behind superstrings, is that all basic continuum, essentially VSDFHILOOLQJ VXEVWDQFH. Later on,particles are made up of 1-dimensional strings, that can physicists imagined that substance consisted of atoms,“create” particles such as electrons, quarks, neutrinos which where like small balls, but even this idea had toetc. through particular patterns of vibrations. In give way for an even more fundamental description,addition to this, string theory can also account for the viewing the atom as shells of electrons orbiting avarious SURSHUWLHV of the subatomic particles like for nucleus.instance spin, charge and mass, through the different But to appreciate how insubstantial this really is,vibrational states it posses. consider that in the current atomic theories, the proportion of substance (the electron and the nucleus) to space (the rest) roughly equals the ratio of substance in the solar system (sun & planets) to space. This means that there is virtually nothing in the subatomic realm. Only electric forces and the effects they create. 2
  • 8. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002If one thus where able to remove the empty space in have been experimentally verified, and whose truththe atoms constituting the entire earth, what would be cannot be doubted.left would fit into the volume of a cubic centimeter.With superstring theory, it is even suggested that thereis really QR YROXPH DW DOO, only 1-dimensional objectsand their vibrations. If one thus extrapolates thisevolution of physics to the next stage, it would seemnatural to consider that perhaps there is QR VXEVWDQFH DWDOO, but only patterns of vibrations creating an illusionof substance.Indications that this might indeed be true, can be foundin the fact that if one calculates the combined energy inall the universe, it will add up to zero. What is meant )LJXUH  7KH ZDYHSDUWLFOH GXDOLW 1RWH WKDW HDFKby this is that by calculating to total energy of SDUWLFOH LV FRQVLGHUHG WR WUDYHO WKURXJK ERWK VOLWVeverything that exists in the universe, the combined VLPXOWDQHRXVOenergy is zero. The reason why this is possible is First of all, QM displays a wave/particle duality, whichbecause the gravitational energy is negative while the means that all subatomic entities with equal right canenergy of mass, light and motion is positive and for be considered to be waves and particles, depending onsome strange the two cancel each other out exactly4. To the context. This is true for subatomic particles, as wellunderstand how energy can be negative, one can as macroscopic objects, such as a human being.consider that in order to move a mass (say a rock) from However it is only on atomic scales, that the wavethe surface of a planet and into space, one has to nature has any measurable consequences. In Figure 3expend a lot of energy to get it up there. Thus relative an experimental setup used to prove this duality isto the zero-energy state of matter (when it is floating in shown. When a beam of electrons is subjected to aspace), matter inside a gravitational well (like on a double-slit barrier, a pattern of interference willplanet) has a negative energy. emerge, just as if it was a lightwave. This can only beAnother example of this zero-sum mechanism this can explained if the electron is considered to be a wave.be found in general theory of relativity. Here the However in many RWKHU experimental setups theequations shows us that space-time is FDXVHG by the electron will behave like a particle, which has led toexistence of gravitational fields which means that the the conclusion that it is both a wave and a particle.two (matter and space-time) must be considered a Another very strange property of QM is the property ofduality and that space empty of gravitational fields nonlocality, which literally means that particles incannot exist. Relativity also shows that all motion is opposite ends of the universe, can influence each otherrelative, even for light. There is no fixpoint that can be LQVWDQWDQHRXVO. This has also been experimentallysaid to be at rest anywhere. And even time is highly verified5.relative and illusory since it depends completely on theinertial frame, or context, from which a system isobserved.In fact it seems almost like FUHDWLQJ VRPHWKLQJ RXW RIQRWKLQJ is an almost universal mechanism, encounteredagain and again in physics. It is as if everything existonly by virtue of something else.To summarize the previous arguments, there are many )LJXUH  ,OOXVWUDWLQJ KRZ D  UHDOLW ZKHQ UHGXFHG WRindications that what we perceive to be solid and real, WZR  LPDJHV ZLOO UHVXOW LQ WZR LPDJHV WKDW D FRUUHODWHGin fact is nothing but the dynamic movement of forces, DQG DSSHDUV WR ³FRPPXQLFDWH´ ZLWK HDFK RWKHU ZLWK QRthat through their interaction create the effect of WLPH GHODsubstance. And in addition to this, it seems is if the What the result shows is that if you have a set ofuniverse has some fundamental symmetries, which add particles that have interacted in a way that causes aup to nothing, which again points to the possibility that coupling between them, then a measurement on onenone of it is really real. particle will cause an instantaneous change in theTo probe a little deeper into the mysteries of nature, other. It is as if the two particles are part of a commonlets now turn to the strange world of quantum dynamical system somehow.mechanics, and the paradoxes it contains.The quantum mysteriesQuantum mechanics (QM), has certain consequencesthat are very hard to understand intuitively but which 3
  • 9. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002This must necessarily lead us to conclude that ,QWHOOLJHQFH RU FKDQFH• either the particles (and by inference the entire From the positivistic8 scientists perspective, it makes universe), can only be understood as an XQGLYLGHG little or no difference whether we are talking about an ZKROH, and we must accept that non-local LQWHOOLJHQW electron choosing what to do based on influences are a reality, or informational fields or a VWXSLG electron whose behavior is determined completely by electromagnetic• it has no meaning to talk about any kind of fields. If the behavior of both these electrons are “quantum reality”, but only probabilities of certain identical in regards to observables (that which can be events (this is the orthodox Copenhagen measured), then the physicist must conclude that the interpretation of quantum physics attributes to theories from a scientific point of view are equivalent, Niels Bohr.)6 and can have no further opinion as to the underlyingHowever the physicist David Bohm was not satisfied truth, or mechanism giving rise to the dynamics.with a quantum theory, that accepted a fundamental But if we have access to information about thelawlessness at the quantum level as indicated by the underlying reality, from sources other thanprobabilistic nature of orthodox quantum mechanics. experimental measurements, then there might be strongThis led him to formulate an interpretation of quantum arguments in favor of one theory over another. Thusmechanics, based on an understanding of the entire the fact that Bohms theory of undivided wholeness,universe as an XQGLYLGHG ZKROH An exhaustive allows us to explain non-physical phenomena (such astreatment of his theory is beyond this article, but a few ESP, out-of-body experiences and clairvoyance), is aof the key aspects will be presented in the following. strong indication that his theory is closer to the actualIn orthodox quantum mechanics, the wavefunction is truth than the orthodox interpretation of quantumtreated as a probability function only, which means that mechanics.the wavefunction in itself is not a field, but only One of the key differences between Bohms theory andrepresents the FKDQFH of encountering a particle a some the orthodox interpretation (which was formulated bypoint in space, as shown in Eq. (1). Niels Bohr), is the fundamental notion of order is relies 2 on. The orthodox interpretation thus rests on a linear 3 = Ψ G9 (1) and stochastic notion of order, whereas BohmsHere 3(W, [), is the probability of finding an electron in interpretation rests on a holistic notion of order,the volume G9 for the wavefunction Ψ(W, [), which in symbolized by the hologram.general is a function of both position and time. The key difference between the two notions of ordersBecause of this interpretation, one is led to conclude, is that in a linear universe, changes at any point in thethat the interference experiment as illustrated in Figure universe, will only affect a small neighborhood3, can only be understood if the electron is considered surrounding it. This is because changes are propagatedto pass through ERWK slits at the VDPH time. This is of linearly through space. In a universe built on acourse highly counterintuitive, since we would expect holographic principle, this is not necessarily the case.any entity with a particle-like nature, to pass through In this universe every point on the universe potentiallyone slit or the other. reflect every other point, and a change anywhere in the universe, can theoretically affect every other point inAs an alternative to this, Bohm suggested that one the universe. So this obviously represent a verymight consider the wavefunction of quantum fundamental shift in perspective.mechanics as UHDO field, that influences the electronthrough providing LQIRUPDWLRQ about the surroundings To make this a little clearer, lets explore the nature oflike a pilot wave. The effect of such an informational the hologram.(or formative) field, can be compared to a radio tower,telling an airplane which direction to fly. Although the The holographic realityinformation-field itself does not carry energy enough to A holographic recording is essentially a recording of achange the course of the airliner, the airplane can pattern of interference between two beams of light.change course under it’s own power. Bohm One way of creating such a recording is by using afurthermore demonstrated that interpreting the monochromatic laser and a semi-transparent mirror aswavefunction as an informational field, would yield the shown in Figure 5. Part of the light passes through thesame results as the orthodox interpretation. mirror and part is reflected and bounced of someFor this to work on subatomic scales, it naturally object. The pattern of interference is then recorded on anecessitates a kind of LQWHOOLJHQFH on behalf of the photographic plate. When one wishes to bring theparticles such as the electron. And indeed it seems that hologram back to life (to show it), the recording itselfBohm thought that the electrons where alive7. is subjected to laserlight and the reverse process takes place. Due to the patterns created in the recording, a pattern of interference will be created, resulting in a visual effect identical to the original 3D image. 4
  • 10. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002 only light of a single wavelength is used, having an angular frequency ω, the green’s function is L ( Z / F ) [ − H *([ − ) = (2) [− where [ is a vector coordinate relevant for the illuminated structure and is a similar coordinate relevant to the plate and F the speed of light. Thus if A([) is the amplitude of the wave at the illuminated structure, then the amplitude B() at the plate is given by % ( ) ≈ ∫ * ( [ − ) ⋅$( [ )G[ (3))LJXUH  7KH KRORJUDP DV D QRWLRQ RI RUGHU (DFK SRLQWLQ WKH KRORJUDP UHFRUGLQJ LV FUHDWHG E D SDWWHUQ RI The hologram is of course a static recording and is onlyLQWHUIHUHQFH FRQWDLQLQJ FRQWULEXWLRQV IURP HYHU SRLQW RQ a PHWDSKRU for a new notion of order. It illustratesWKH REMHFW (DFK SRLQW FDQ WKXV EH VDLG WR HQIROG WKH however that there are notions of orders that behave inWRWDOLW RU WKH ZKROH
  • 11. RI WKH REMHFW a very different fashion from the linear order that we are used to rely on (and that is a useful approximationWhat is special about a hologram is that there is not a in many cases). In a “holistic” order, one can thus sayone-to-one correspondence between points on the that DOO LV HQIROGHG LQ DOO. Every part of the hologramobject and points in the picture. Rather one can say that corresponds to every point in the picture.HYHU point on the object has been enfolded into HYHUpoint on the media. &DXVDOLW RU FKDQFH In addition the above concepts, Bohm developed a way to measure the complexity of order. To illustrate this with the simplest of examples, consider the infinite sequence of digits 2525252525. . . This sequence is said to have order of second degree, because two items of information (the digits 2 and 5) are required to fully specify the sequence. By the same token, the sequence 264926492649. . . has order of fourth degree, because four digits are required to specify it (namely, 2, 6, 4, 9). Now consider the sequence 601324897. . . What is its order? This is difficult to say. At first glance, it appears to be an arbitrary sequence of digits because there is no)LJXUH  XH WR WKH FKDUDFWHU RI D KRORJUDP WKH ZKROH discernible order. However, as the sequence continues,DSSOH FDQ EH UHSURGXFHG IURP HYHQ D WLQ IUDFWLRQ RI WKH we might discover that it is really the followingKRORJUDP sequence: 601324897601324897601324897. . . inA curious result of this is that if one breaks of a small which case it has ninth degree, because the first ninepiece of the hologram and subject it to laser light, one digits are repeated forever. Or, we might find out that itcan recreate a full picture of the original, although in a is a sequence of hundredth degree, or millionth degree.slightly fuzzy version since some detail has been lost. Or, the sequence might never exhibit any discernible order whatever, in which case we say it is a sequenceIn order to better understand this, it can be useful to of infinite degree. Such a degree we usually think of aslook at the mathematics of holography. Readers a random sequence. In any case, notice that ZH PXVWunfamiliar with mathematics can just skip this section, NQRZ WKH FRQWH[W WR GHWHUPLQH WKH RUGHU RI WKHas it is not essential to understand the discussion that VHTXHQFHfollows.We will now look at the mathematical formula for 5DQGRPQHVV LV GHSHQGHQW RQ FRQWH[Wcalculating the value of a point on the photographic The foregoing example hints at a much deeper insightplate B() in Figure 5. In this case the appropriate wayto calculate the pattern of interference in the that Bohm developed in a very general context:photographic plate, is determined by the Greens UDQGRPQHVV LV QRW DQ LQWULQVLF SURSHUW RI WKH RUGHU RIfunction relating amplitude at the illuminated structure D VVWHP EXW UDWKHU UDQGRPQHVV GHSHQGV RQ FRQWH[W9.to those at the photographic plate. If one assumes that This is a subtle but very important point, which is 5
  • 12. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002likely to have powerful consequences in science for lawlessness at the quantum level, but rather an inherentdecades to come. intelligence, reflected in unpredictable “choices” when dealing with individual particles. However when largeAn example will illustrate the idea. number of particles are involved (an ensemble), thenConsider a "random number generator," which is a type the behavior can be described with a probabilityof computer program that generates a sequence of distribution.digits that appears to be random. If such a program isleft running day and night, it will generate a sequence 7KH LPSOLFDWH DQG WKH H[SOLFDWH RUGHUVthat has an order of extremely high degree (or Quantum mechanics is essentially a probabilisticpractically "infinite"). Such computer programs work theory, postulating that we cannot say anything definitein different ways, but they all share an important about the subatomic world because all that exists arecharacteristic: the process used to generate the probabilities of certain events taking place. Thus thesequence is a simple deterministic process10. wavefunction ψ which describes a system, only tells usIf the program is run again with the same starting the OLNHOLKRRG of a certain outcome, given that wenumber, it will produce exactly the same sequence. repeat the experiment a great number of times.Hence, the SURJUDP WKDW JHQHUDWHV WKLV VHTXHQFH KDVDQ RUGHU RI YHU ORZ GHJUHH. Now comes the essential But as Bohm showed, randomness is dependent on thepoint. In the context of the computer program, the context, and what is random from one perspective, maysuccession of numbers is determined by a simple order follow a simple causality from another perspective.of low degree and, therefore, the order in the resulting The led Bohm to postulate that there existed both annumbers is also of the same low degree–which is far implicate order and an explicate order in nature. Thefrom random. However, in a narrower context that explicate order is the one we can measure with ourincludes only the numbers themselves but not the physical instruments, whereas the implicate order cancomputer program–that is, not the "meta" level–the be considered as a more subtle notion of order. Yet thenumbers cannot be distinguished from a purely random implicate order is in many ways more important,sequence, and so the order of the numbers is essentially because it is the informational template, or the sourcerandom. of evolution expressed in the explicate order. So evenFrom this, it follows that UDQGRPQHVV GHSHQGV RQ if it is more abstract, it has far greater influence on theFRQWH[W, a result that Bohm demonstrated consistently development than does the explicate order.in many examples throughout science. Randomnesshas played an essentially ontological role in science, )UDFWDOV DQG FKDRV DV D PHWDSKRUbeing deemed intrinsic to certain natural processes. A metaphor that can be used to describe the implicateHowever, Bohms findings imply that randomness may order is IUDFWDOV. Fractals are generally very complexvanish whenever the context is deepened or broadened, figures that are generated using a simple mathematicalmeaning that UDQGRPQHVV FDQ QR ORQJHU EH YLHZHG DV formula. We will use the Mandelbrot set as an exampleIXQGDPHQWDO. because it is one of the most well-known fractals andBohms insights into randomness and order in science also one of the simplest in terms of the mathematicalare summarized in the following statements expressions underlying this fascinating structure. The"Randomness is assumed to be a fundamental but set is generated using the complex11 formula:inexplicable and unanalyzable feature of nature, and ] Q = ] Q −1 + F 2 (4)indeed ultimately of all existence. However, what israndomness in one context may reveal itself as simple Each point is calculated by iterating the above formulaorders of necessity in another broader context. It a fixed number of times, and evaluating the result andshould therefore be clear KRZ LPSRUWDQW LW LV WR EH RSHQ assigning a corresponding color. What is characteristicWR IXQGDPHQWDOO QHZ QRWLRQV RI JHQHUDO RUGHU, if is that the creative patterns occur on the ERUGHUscience is not to be blind to the very important but between the regions tending to either infinity (blue) orcomplex and subtle orders that escape the coarse mesh zero (black), and this is a characteristic found in manyof the "net" on current ways of thinking. fractals and chaotic (non-linear but deterministic) systems in mathematics. This has led researchers toWhen considering the relation between conscious acts formulate the idea that the creative space is not inand stochastic systems, it is instructive to consider that chaos, nor in order, but exactly on the ERUGHU EHWZHHQcertain aspects of human behavior can be very WKH WZR.accurately modeled using probability models. Thus fora large group of people one can with great certainty This principle is illustrated in Figure 7, that shows howsay, how many will make a certain kind of choice or the famous fractal called the Mandelbrot set, arisesencounter a traffic accidents. When dealing with a from the iteration of a simple formula (Eq. 4). Thecertain individual, this is no longer possible. metaphor is a powerful one, because it illustrates how the same reality can co-exist in very different forms.Thus it is entirely possible, that the stochastic laws ofquantum mechanics does not reflect an inherent 6
  • 13. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002In essence one can consider Eq. (4) as the LPSOLFDWH 9…‚ƒÃhÃv†‚yˆiyrÃq…‚ƒ UurÃvxÐvyyƇ…rpuˆ‡ 6qÃqv†hƒƒrh… ‚sÃvxÃvÃhÃyv„ˆvqÃhqł‡h‡r UurÃq…‚ƒÃv†Ã‚Ã´rs‚yqrqµRUGHU of the fractal. The formula is timeless and eternal ‡urÃpr‡…hyÃp’yvqr… vÃ‡urÃp‚‡hvr…Ãyv„ˆvqin the sense that it has always existed and will alwaysexist as an idea. But in order to be expressed, it must bediscovered and enter into a temporal or dynamicalrealm where it is unfolded, or explicated as Bohmwould say. XurÃ…r‰r…†vtÇurłpr††Ã‡urÃq…‚ƒÃvyyÅrhƒƒrh… )LJXUH  7KLV ILJXUH VKRZV KRZ D GURS RI GH FDQ EH HQIROGHG LQWR WKH ZKLWH SDLQW (YHQ WKRXJK LW LV QRW YLVLEOH WKH GH SHUVLVW DV DQ RUGHU LQVLGH WKH SDLQW DQG FDQ EH PDGH H[SOLFLW E UHYHUVLQJ WKH DFWLRQ RI HQIROGPHQW A drop of insoluble ink, is dropped into a cylinder containing a thick liquid. In the middle of the cylindrical container a smaller cylinder is rotated. This)LJXUH  7KH 0DQGHOEURW VHW 7KH ³FUHDWLYH´ GRPDLQV will result in the liquid being stretched and the dropDUH WKH ERUGHU EHWZHHQ WKH UHJLRQ UHVXOWLQJ LQ LQILQLWLHV will be stretched with it. Eventually the droplet will beDQG WKH UHJLRQV UHVXOWLQJ LQ LQILQLWHVLPDO UHVXOWV WHQGV WR so spread out that the eye no longer can identify it as]HUR
  • 14.  separate from the liquid itself. The droplet is nowIf we consider the relation between the two orders in HQIROGHG within the liquid. Now, if the rotation isFigure 7 (the equation and the fractal) and what reversed, then the particles that constituted the droplethappens if we make a change in one of them, then we will retrace their paths and the droplet will besee that by changing the constant in Eq. (3) even recreated.slightly, this causes a PDMRU change in the image when One may also consider a series of droplets dropped inperforming the iteration, because the iterations magnify one after another and enfolded one after one. If afterthe original change. The model thus implies that if we the last drop is enfolded, the rotation is reversed, theywhere able to make a change in the implicate order, the drops will appear one after the other DV LI E PDJLF RXWresulting changes in the explicate order (physical RI QRZKHUH.reality) would be comparatively greater, because weDOWHU WKH GQDPLFV RI WKH JHQHUDWLYH RUGHU LWVHOI Thismeans that changes in the implicate order is more basic `HšH”rH‘c6š|H‘”|H6c¨Hšthan changes in the explicate order. This contradicts We will now leave the traditional science for a bit, andthe materialistic idea that the concrete aspects are more explore the nature of reality in quite a different manner.important than the more abstract or subtle aspects oflife. As mentioned, the dawn of the 20th century, also brought a third revolution in thought about nature, thatAnother interesting fact is that the fractal is in itself an has largely been ignored by mainstream science. Thisexample of a new kind of order–self-similarity–which revolution was due to the clairvoyant investigation ofincidentally is frequently encountered in nature. This matter. A tradition that goes back to the Vedic cultures,notion of self-similar orders is in fact what GHILQHV a 3000 B.C., and who may now reemerge as a third legfractal. Self-similarity essentially means that one finds of the physical sciences (in addition to QM and thethe same patterns repeated in large scale structures and theory of relativity).small scale structures in the fractal. The reason for thisis that the same dynamic principles are operating on This new information has largely been due to thedifferent scales. In the fractal above, one can for theosophists Leadbeater and Besant during the periodinstance see how the shape of the Mandelbrot set itself 1895-1933 and Geoffrey Hodson who extended their(the whole figure), can also be seen in smaller version work with observations made in the period 1957-59.along the rim. To describe the work in any detail is beyond the current scope and I will restrict the description to the,PSOLFDWLRQ DQG H[SOLFDWLRQ key issue relating to the nature of the basic energyAnother example of how one order can become structures, that has been clairvoyantly observed.enfolded into a different order, is shown in Figure 8. 7
  • 16.  observed in several different relative sizes (on subatomic scales), which one tentatively can assume toThe seven planes of existence represent electrons and other subatomic particles.In order to understand the following, the reader who is The anu is observed to consists of 10 spirals, lying nextnot familiar with the esoteric understanding of the to each other in a highly dynamic flow of energy. Eachuniverse, should know that in this tradition, the of the spirals in Figure 10, is itself a spiral. Anduniverse is considered to consist of seven planes of according to observations this structure of nestedreality of different densities. Of these the physical spirals continues in seven layers, giving rise to arealm is the densest, and the subsequent realms in order structure resembling Figure 11. Note however that theof decreasing density is the astral, the mental, the actual structure is not spirals wound DURXQG otherintuitional, the spiritual, the monadic and the divine spirals, but rather spirals that are WKHPVHOYHV woundlevels of reality (see Figure 9). into spirals. These nested spirals are referred to asEach of these levels are thought to have seven sub- spirilla of order n, where the first order is what is seenplanes, of which the three lowest and most dense levels in Figure 10, and the 7th order is what can be seen inon the physical plane is the VROLG OLTXLG DQG JDVHRXV Figure 11 as a line of dots (the innermost spirilla).VWDWHV. Above them (in terms of decreased density), This means that the whole spiral can be unwound intoexist 4 etheric states, whose function is to transmit the an enormous circle of the tiniest imaginable dots. Thelife-force or prana to organisms on the physical plane. dots appear to the clairvoyant as the absolute basicFrom this it is obvious that the physical aspect of building block of all substance (physical, astral, mentalreality is only a small part of a greater whole, and it is etc.). And when analyzed these dots actually appears tofrom this perspective that the ensuing discussion must be bubbles of absolutely nothing. And the bubblesbe understood. For further information on this, please should not be thought of as a membrane but rather likeconsult [1]. bubbles in water, where the bubble is defined by the DEVHQFH of water. When examining the vacuum, or the background in which the bubbles exist clairvoyant observations 8
  • 17. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002indicate that the vacuum itself is of a density of an One reason is related to the very process giving rise toaltogether different scale than the substances explored. the physical plane. According to Hodson [12], there isIt thus seems that matter is not “something” floating in a process going on whereby energy from the astral“nothing”, but rather the opposite. This forces us to plane is condensed into the anu of the physical plane.alter our notion of space and matter almost to the point And what is special about it is that it appearsof reversing them. Thus matter is the DEVHQFH of the clairvoyantly like forces are coming from everydense substance of the vacuum, and what we consider direction in a holographic manner, condensing the freeto be vacuum, may not empty, but full. essence of the astral plane into the razor sharp structures of the physical plane. Thus on the astral. plane there exist only a single process, while on the physical plane, the resulting particles emerge all over in a phenomena that resembles the continuous creation and destruction of virtual particles known as quantum foam. This and related issues will be explored further in a forthcoming book.14 7KH PLFURSVL PROHFXOHV From this brief account of the very essence of matter, lets look at how these vortexes of energy combine to create more complex structures such as atoms and molecules. In relation to the molecular structures observed by micro-psi, the key issue that remain with us today is the question of ZKDW LV DFWXDOO EHLQJ REVHUYHG, because it is clear that these Micro-Psi Molecules (M.P.M.) do not at all look like what we know about molecules from modern chemistry and quantum)LJXUH  7KH VSLULOODH 7KH FRLOV RU VSLUDOV LQ WKH DQX mechanics. When comparing the clairvoyantFRQVLVW RI D ORQJ WKUHDG RI WKH XOWLPDWH EXEEOH  ZRXQG observations with the atomic structures that emergeRU HQIROGHG LQWR VSLUDOV FRQVHTXWLYH WLPHV UHVXOWLQJ LQ DYHU FRPSOLFDWHG SDWWHUQ JLYLQJ ULVH WR VRPHWKLQJ from X-ray spectography and other scientificUHVHPEOLQJ VROLGLW investigative techniques, they are completely different. And not only do they have different shapes, but in theFrom this account, it would seem that, what we call M.P.M.’s the atoms seem to merge into a kind ofmatter is in fact bubbles of nothing, tied together by XQLRQ, whereas in traditional chemistry, the particlesflows of energy into spirals that are again enfolded into seem to retain their particle-like LQGLYLGXDOLW (seenew spirals several times, so that it becomes more and Figure 14).more like a substance. In this way, one might say thatnothingness takes on a shape that allows it to create an In fact in most of the M.P.M.’s (described in Occultillusion of solidity even though in reality there is Chemistry) one cannot even identify the original atomsnothing but flows of immaterial energies and bubbles contributing to the molecule as individual particles inof nothingness. these compounds. It is as if the constituent atoms has been broken up and they then UHFRPELQH into aAlso note that the great density of the vacuum has an common pattern, loosing their individual character, yetinteresting correspondence in the zero-point field of the maintaining the total number of subatomic particlesmodern theories of gravity, that predict that due to the that where in the original atoms. In a sense one can seefluctuations in the quantum gravity field, there might this as an analogy to the way waves interact and createpossible be more energy in a cubic centimeter of a pattern of interference, except here it is a pattern that“empty” space than there is in the entire visible take on a stable geometric formation.universe13. From this perspective it would seem thatmatter is little more than ripples on a sea of energy.&RQGHQVDWLRQ RI WKH DVWUDO SODQHIn addition to Bohms work detailing the importance ofthe hologram as a notion of order, I have also foundadditional reasons why the holographic notion of ordermay be fundamental in the future of science. 9
  • 18. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002 SOHDVDQW WKLQJ, and that it IHHOV DV WKRXJK LW ZRXOG EXUQ. Thus if we believe the micro-psi observations to represent phenomena that objectively exist, then it is clear that it cannot easily be reconciled with what we know of the atomic structures from modern chemistry. Separateness or wholeness In order to appreciate the difference between the two descriptions (micro-psi and QM), lets briefly look at how QM describes molecules. 2[JHQ +GURJHQ In QM one can calculate the statistical distribution of electrons, based on Schrödingers equation, which is the fundamental equation governing the behavior of the quantum world. The calculations is based on positive nucleuses surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons, in different orbits. Schrödingers equation has the form: ∂Ψ h2 2 Lh =− ∇ Ψ + 9 ([ ) Ψ (5) ∂W 2P which results in solutions like the ones showed in Figure 13. The orbitals represent the squared amplitude |ψ(W, [)|2, which is interpreted as the SUREDELOLW of encountering an electron at a specific point in space and time. 6RGLXP 6RGLXP KGUR[LGH Hydrogen which is the simplest of all atoms, is actually 1D2+
  • 19. the only atom where it is possible to calculate an exact mathematical solution to Schrödingers equation,)LJXUH  0LFUR3VL DWRPV DQG PROHFXOHV 1D2+
  • 20.  because when multiple atoms are involved, theLOOXVWUDWLQJ KRZ WKH ZD WKH DWRPV FRPELQH LQWR complexity grows enormously.PROHFXOHV LV YHU GLIIHUHQW IURP ZKDW ZH DUH XVHG WR IURPWKH RUWKRGR[ FKHPLVWUThe molecule (NaOH) depicted in Figure 12 thusconsist of three atoms, Na, H and O. And whenanalyzing the sodium hydroxide M.P.M., one can seethe forms of the contributing atoms, merged into a newpattern. The small dots in the three atoms, represent theanu (as shown in Figure 10). As can be seen from theillustration of hydrogen, it is clairvoyantly perceived toconsist of two overlapping triangles. Triangles whichapparently disassociate when hydrogen enters into aM.P.M. In the figure of NaOH, one therefore sees thedumbbell shaped sodium atom somewhatdisassociated, surrounded by the oxygen spirals andwith a single hydrogen triangle hovering at each end.An in relation to this molecule, the observers had avery interesting note15: It is here noteworthy that the chemical combinations examined clairvoyantly produce effects which are QRW VROHO PHFKDQLFDO. They radiate a quality of feeling which, however )LJXUH  (OHFWURQ RUELWDOV IRU KGURJHQ 7KH ILJXUH rudimentary, causes a reaction in the observer. VKRZV WKH VSKHULFDO KDUPRQLFV IRU WKH TXDQWXP QXPEHUV Thus the observer, even without any chemical O P
  • 22. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002 description of the anu, this string consist of a large number of “bubbles” of nothingness inside a dense essence (an anu consists of approx 1014 bubbles wound into nested spirals16), while in string theory, the strings are 1-dimensional mathematical objects. It is furthermore curious that while the esoteric understanding of the universe operates with 7 planes of existence (6 non-physical realms and a physical universal with 3 spatial dimension and a time dimension), then the most accepted superstring theory has a solution in 10 dimensions (9 spatial and 1 temporal), with a possible 11th dimension growing out of the 10, due to the need for strings that are not purely 1-dimensional objects. But there is also a fundamental difference between the two models. Particular in)LJXUH  0HWKDQH &+
  • 23. DV PRGHOHG XVLQJ TXDQWXP # regards to the role consciousness play in them.PHFKDQLFV DQG WKH RUELWDOV WKDW HPHUJH IURP WKHVHFDOFXODWLRQV 1RWH WKDW WKH LQGLYLGXDO DWRPV DUH PRGHOHG As a final note on the role of strings in the unificationDV VHSDUDWH HQWLWLHV WKDW SDUWO VKDUH WKHLU HOHFWURQV LQ of QM and relativity, is it is interesting that it has beenFHUWDLQ RI WKHLU RUELWDOV shown during the research in superstrings, that the factIn Figure 14, one can thus see how a methane molecule that the strings are not point-like, but has a certain size,is modeled. Each atom is thought of as a spherical resolve many of the problems of unifying quantumentity, and the bonding take place through overlapping mechanics and the theory of relativity. This isorbitals, that result in a lowering of the total energy. interesting because this means that the same goes forThe fact that the atoms can lower the combined energy the anu and other objects observed through micro-psi.through entering into geometrical configurations as Because they have a finite extent and thus aren’t pointshown above, is what gives rise to the effective like particles, they could potentially serve as abonding. mechanism to unify the two major theories.The key point I wish to make in relation to the In order to understand to better understand the rolequantum mechanical solutions is that the models are consciousness play in relation to physics, lets take abased on a notion of separateness. And we have an look at a model of how different VWDWHV ofequation which yields solutions that are interpreted in a consciousness arise as a result of limitations imposedstatistical fashion. But the fact that this interpretation on the naked consciousness.has led to spectacular progress and that no experimentsexist that violates Schrödingers equation and the Understanding atomic consciousnessresulting solutions, does not mean that there cannot The true nature of consciousness has never beenexist explanations of the sub-quantum world of a PRUH satisfactorily explained by science, and probably neverexact nature. Bohm proved this [4] and in this article it will, within the positivistic paradigm.is suggested that the micro-psi observations mayprovide important insight into the nature of the sub- According to the esoteric perspective everything,quantum world. including consciousness is reflections of one source of being, the creator or spirit. From this perspectiveSo one approach to unifying the two paradigms, is to different states of consciousness can be considered toconsider the micro-psi observations as a more detailed be the result of a particular kind of fragmentation ordescription of the sub-quantum world. But a limitation of the source. Thus states of consciousnessdescription that when examined experimentally will arise due to the HIIHFW the fragmentation or limitationstatistically yield the results predicted by quantum has on the essence.mechanics, even though individual particles aregoverned by dynamics beyond what is captured in QM. When we talk about consciousness, it is very hard for us to imagine notions of consciousness, that areStrings or spirals radically different from our own self-awareness. Imagining that an atom, a planet, a solar system or theWhen comparing the string theories with the entire universe can posses some kind awareness, isclairvoyant observations, it is interesting how an very foreign to our thought. Yet it is a simple andessentially 1-dimensional string plays a fundamental inescapable consequence of imagining the universe asrole in both models. And the clairvoyant investigators an undivided whole reflecting a common source ofhad of course no way to know that orthodox science being or essence. In fact, research published by Jameswould come up with a string theory, since the micro- Lovelock [16] has provided evidence that there arepsi observations was published at least 60 years prior phenomena in the earths biosphere, that can only beto the formulation of the first string theory. In the understood, if one accepts the existence a kind of meta- 11
  • 24. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002intelligence, that causes entire ecosystems to act as if When electromagnetic waves are confined to a space ofthey are intelligent. This has been popularized in the a limited size (as illustrated in Figure 15), then animage of the living earth–Gaia. An image which may interesting thing happens. Even though the field itselfin fact turn out to be even more appropriate than is continuous, it will become quantisized andLovelock had perhaps imagined. And if we believe that fragmented when subjected to the limitation of aeverything in the universe has grown out of some order cavity. Thus inside the cavity, the only waves that canof intelligence, beyond time and space, then it is exist, are those whose wavelength satisfyobvious, that our own awareness must in fact also be afragment of this essence. Nλ = /As mentioned, one way to appreciate how different where λ is the wavelength, / the size of the cavity andkinds of consciousness may arise, is to consider all N an integer constant (assuming all sides on the cavitystates of consciousness, as a result of a particular kind are of equal size).of UHVWULFWLRQ of the naked consciousness or spirit.The key point here is the notion that all that exists is amanifestation of one source, who subjects itself tolimitations in order to make certain creative processespossible. It is however very difficult, or evenimpossible, to say anything about the QDWXUH of thesource itself, other than that it exists. The source ofexistence is thus beyond our ability to comprehend, butwe FDQ however say something about the variousOLPLWDWLRQV it is subject to in different contexts, becausewe can understand the dynamics that arise as a result ofthese limitations.The anu is one such type of limitation, giving rise tocertain properties. But when dealing with the nature ofconsciousness, it is important to remember that it is notthe limitations themselves that causes particular kindsof awareness to come into existence, but rather theHIIHFW the limitation has on the source, or life-force, that )LJXUH  ,OOXVWUDWLQJ KRZ WKH KRORJUDP DULVHV IURP DQis subjected to this limitation. As an analogy, one can LQWHUDFWLRQ EHWZHHQ WKH ZDYHOLNH OLJKW DQG WKH VWUXFWXUDOimagine the awareness that arises from a human being SDWWHUQ RI LQWHUIHUHQFH LQ WKH KRORJUDSKLF UHFRUGLQJclimbing mount Everest. The mountain is not the causeof the awareness and experience that results, but the In a similar way, we can consider that spirit iseffects that the mountain causes is responsible for the essentially an infinite field. Yet when subjected toexperience. certain restrictions (such as being forced into the “cavity” of an anu), the result is a fragmented state of consciousness. The smaller and denser the cavity, the$Q DQDORJ WR OLPLWLQJ WKH VRXUFH more restricted and limited will the awareness be, yet itIf we now consider this essence as having a wavelike will UHPDLQ D UHIOHFWLRQ RI LW¶V VRXUFH And becausenature, then we can find a metaphor for how the consciousness as well as matter is a reflection of onedifferent kinds of awareness arise in what happens to source and arises as an interaction of this one source,electromagnetic fields, when they are confined to the then the resulting dynamic will be endowed withinside of a cavity. KRORJUDSKLF SURSHUWLHV. These holographic properties is the result of the interaction of field and structure, as an exact analogy to the dynamic illustrated in Figure 16. From en esoteric perspective, reality consists of nested planes of different densities. On each of these planes are supposed to exist energy-structures similar to the physical anu, giving rise to different states of consciousness due to the different nature of the limitations they induce. So the astral and mental anu are each in their way restrictions of the essence, but)LJXUH  &DYLW ZLWK HOHFWURPDJQHWLF ZDYHV LQVLGH XH less so than the physical anu, and thus allowing muchWR WKH OLPLWDWLRQ RI WKH ER[ RQO FHUWDLQ ZDYHIRUPV FDQ more advanced awareness, than the dense physicalH[LVW FDXVLQJ D TXDQWL]DWLRQ RI HQHUJ structure (the anu). 12
  • 25. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002Since human beings exist on both the physical, astral, • the law of synthesis (causing existence),mental and even higher levels of reality, the humanself-awareness arise as FRPELQDWLRQ of mental, astral • the law of attraction (creating form) andand physical awareness, giving rise to our particular • the law of economy (governing the dynamics ofexperience of consciousness. This indicates however the parts creating the form).that many other kinds of consciousness of a completelydifferent nature can be expected to exist and be The law of synthesis is too complex to go into in thisexplained through this model, an issue which we will context, except to say that it deals with the SXUSRVH ofreturn to later. the creative unfoldment and the synthesis that is created when physical forms are dissolved or destroyedSo when trying to understand the kind of awareness after having fulfilled it’s purpose. One such example ispossessed by the physical anu one must understand that the destruction of the human body and the synthesisit is a purely “physical” consciousness and the possible that takes place on a soul level, immediately followingstates of awareness it can possess is correspondingly the physical death.limited. However it is the same essential SKHQRPHQDthat lies behind both physical, astral and mental The law of attraction on the other hand is veryawareness, although the quality of awareness are very important in the formative dynamics. It is the law thatdifferent. is behind the hidden causality in life, and the mechanism that draws us to certain places, people and experiences. Essentially the force of attraction arises`HšcoHffcXHo6Hšcošo#¦‘Hš from the fact that we are drawn towards other lifeformsNow that we have introduced the different scientific that allows us to manifest our creative purpose in life.avenues of understanding the nature of reality, lets try This is true of humans, atoms and other lifeforms.to explore a possible framework for integrating all this When looking at the whole picture of the theory ofinto a common framework. relativity, quantum mechanics and the micro-psiOne of the key issues that remain unexplained by observations, there is a relation to the threescience, is the issue of IRUP. How different forms are fundamental aspects of esoteric science that suggestscreated and maintained, thus continue to be a great itself.mystery for orthodox science. Examples of such forms The theory of relativity is related to the creation ofare the human cells, organs and even the whole body. spacetime, the very H[LVWHQFH of the universe. AWhat makes this masterpiece work as a whole, and process which might have a link to the creation of thekeep it from breaking down. Can this be explained “bubbles of nothingness” which is observed to give risethrough local cellular and stochastic principles, or is to matter, something that will be explored the comingthere a greater formative principle which plays a role? book 14. Quantum mechanics is clearly related to theIt is clear that the DNA, somehow HQFRGHV the nature law governing the dynamics of the atomic realm andof a plant or an animal, but the mechanics whereby this thus related to the law of economy, which essentiallyencoded information is unfolded remains a mystery. states that a particle will always chose the path of leastWhat is it that tell a cell that they should position itself resistance or select the lowest possible energy state.in particular place, and perform the complicated And this is exactly the dynamics governing physics.functions it does. The chemical mechanisms are being If we return to the three esoteric laws, we can now seeuncovered by microbiologists, but it remains that what remains unexplained theoretically in terms ofunexplained why the biological systems are able to modern science is the law governing IRUP DQG OLIH. Themaintain the very delicate balance needed by life. esoteric law of attraction, which is what connects theOne possible approach to solving this, revolves around two others, have no counterpart in the framework ofthe idea that intelligence is intrinsic to matter. This modern physics. This suggest that there is a hole in thewould go a great length towards explaining these theoretical framework and that yet another theory maymysteries but leaves us with the problem of be needed to explain the formative aspect of nature.understanding the RSHUDWLRQDO mechanisms behind this This theory has not yet been formulated, and will in allintelligence. likelihood shed additional light on both quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, when thisThe triadic nature of matter happens.In the esoteric science, the universe is considered to Thus the hypothesis that I will pursue in the followingarise from one source, that fragments itself and through is that matter is WULDGLF, which means it has threethis gives rise to the creative dynamics. It is fundamental properties, which are:furthermore thought that the most basic properties of • QDPLF SURSHUWLHV, which govern the interactionthe source are the principles of ZLOO ORYH DQG between individual particlesLQWHOOLJHQFH which manifests as three laws of creationwhich is: • )RUPDWLYH SURSHUWLHV which govern collection of particles and their formative aspects. 13
  • 26. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002• ,QWHQWLRQDO SURSHUWLHV, which relates to the purpose patterns. Clairvoyants that claim to be able to see such and existence of substance as the vehicle for life. beings report that one will often see great devas presiding over valleys or a mountain ranges, while0XOWLSOH XQLYHUVHV smaller devas attend to individual plants.Before diving into the substance of these properties, The drawing in Figure 18 illustrates what devas lookthere is however one consequence of the previously like to clairvoyants. When analyzing the drawing, it isdiscussed issues that we need to elaborate a bit. It however important to keep in mind that what therelates to the fact that if everything in the universe arise clairvoyants experience a dynamic dance offrom one source, (essentially a QRQSKVLFDO source), multidimensional energies which of course isthen it is obvious, that many kinds of “beings” of a impossible to convey in a drawing.non-physical nature would be expected to exist. In fact To sum up, the clairvoyants report that the devas play athe physical plane, and our spacetime reality, is just fundamental role in the formative dynamics of nature.one of many possible universes, and we should in If that is correct, then understanding the interactiongeneral expect many different kinds of reality to co- between the devas and matter is very important, andexist and influence each other through their interaction. can potentially yield groundbreaking insight into waysNone of this is of course measurable from the physical of working with the creative forces of nature.plane. 7KH UROH RI GHYDV LQ FUHDWLRQThe devas in nature But how does devas fit into the nature of reality, andIn the esoteric literature dealing with nature and are they necessary at all? According to our experience,evolution, one often encounters the concept of GHYDV. plants and animals grow fine by themselves, don’tDevas are described by clairvoyants as nature spirits they?and beings that assist in the evolution of the IRUPV onthe physical plane. The devas are said to have bodies From the perspective of the casual observer, this mightconsisting of the subtler densities of matter or the indeed seem correct. It is certainly true that mattersubstance of the etheric subplanes. The role of the seem to have a self-organizing capability, and thatdevas in nature is to assist lifeforms (and even simple life-forms can live almost everywhere, evenminerals) in their development, or perhaps rather direct under the most hostile conditions. Indeed life seemstheir development. H[WUHPHO YHUVDWLOH and can apparently adapt to almost any circumstances that we can imagine17.According to clairvoyant observations, is seems thatthe way biological systems grow, is related to the If we take seriously the clairvoyant testimonyexistence of an etheric body (a body of less dense regarding devas, then we are left with a paradox. It thusmaterial than the physical). When a leaf grows on a seems an absurd to think that “small invisible beings”plant, it can be seen by clairvoyance, how the etheric (the minor devas) should “stand by” at every moment,leaf is first created, and subsequently “filled out” with in every part of the universe to assist in every littlePDWWHU 7KXV WKH HWKHULF ERG PD DFW DV DQ process. It however also seem absurd to think that theLQIRUPDWLRQDO template WHOOLQJ the physical atoms and obviously highly creative nature and the self-molecules where to go. This has a clear analogy to the organizing properties of natural systems are just the“pilot wave” idea of Bohm, whereby the wavefunction result of random phenomena. There are just too manyserves as an informational field, informing the things that have to just right, and too precarious aelectrons about it’s surroundings and enabling it to balance required to imagine that there is not some kindmake “choices” about it’s behavior. of intelligence at work in the evolution of nature.And according to esoteric science, the devas are the But perhaps there is a different explanation. If we thusones responsible for building the etheric body of turn to the esoteric science for inspiration, then it isplants, animals and humans as well as the subsequent suggested here that the minor devas are all-pervasive,transfer of energy and life-force that maintains the and exists everywhere and are even intrinsic to thepatterns, once they have been established. The devas substance itself. This suggest that the minor devasthus seem closely related to the issues involved in literally are the intelligent aspect of matter. This wasformulating a theory explaining the formative laws of hypothesized to exist by Bohm, and would explain thenature. self-organizing properties, and many of the other strange attributes of matter, that is required to develop7KH GLIIHUHQW IRUPV RI GHYDV complex life-forms. The minor devas have no independent will, nor any understanding of the formsDevas are supposed to exist in many different forms. they are building (plants, cells, minerals etc.). They areSome are very small and can perform a limited range very limited, but has the very important quality thatof task, akin to a single-celled organism. Some are they understand the nature of matter itself [1].highly evolved beings, that are self-aware and likehuman beings can conceive and understand complex 14
  • 27. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002$ KXPDQ DQDORJ WR GHYLF FUHDWLRQ interacting with the more basic intelligences present in the minor devas. The analogy is complete.Referring back to the idea that while DNA encodesessential information for the unfoldment of life, this is If this is true, then it explains why modern geneticistsnot enough to explain how the dynamic patterns of life are so successful in creating new species by changingare maintained. As an analogy (referring to Figure 17), the informational templates of living creatures. But itwe can examine the process whereby a human being also suggest that there exist a different mechanism,interacts with a computer to perform a creative task. which is potentially much more efficient and appropriate, namely FRRSHUDWLQJ with the major devas, in designing and creating new species of plants and Function Computer Universal animals. This points to a new role of the human race as technology intelligence cosmic co-creators. But it also point to the necessity of Human operator Major devas implementing expanding our horizon in an attempt to understand not Intentional natures intelligent design implementing an idea only the form side, but also the intent that lies behind nature, from the point of view of the greater whole of Software logic and Minor devas or formative Operational which we are a part. processing ability fields creating order Harddisk storage DNA and matters Representational and RAM (memory) structural properties)LJXUH  ,OOXVWUDWLRQ RI WKH UROH GHYDV SOD LQ WKHFUHDWLYH SURFHVV EDVHG XSRQ DQ DQDORJ WR WKH ZD DKXPDQ EHLQJ LQWHUDFWV ZLWK D FRPSXWHU WR FUHDWHVRPHWKLQJIn order for the computer to function, it requires arepresentational mechanism for storing software anddesigns (documents). But in order to do somethingwith these documents, it requires processing power andsoftware to handle the documents, thus invoking a newmechanism or principle.The CPU (and the processing mechanisms) thus accessthe informational templates (software instructions anddocuments on harddisk) and bring them to life (bydisplaying them on a screen). This makes it possiblefor a human operator to interact with the low-levelintelligence embodied in the computer, and use itaccording to the creative idea or intent the humanbeing has.In order to enable the creative process, there are thus )LJXUH  UDZLQJ RI GHYD REVHUYHG LQ WKH UDNHQVEHUJthree orders of intelligence that must be invoked. 5DQJH LQ 1DWDO $W OHDVW P WDOO &RPSULVHG RI D VWULNLQJ  GLPHQVLRQDO D[LV RI UDSLGO VSLQQLQJ IXQQHOV )RUPHG• A UHSUHVHQWDWLRQDO PHFKDQLVP, making it possible ZLWK D EULOOLDQW UDGLDQFH DQG REVHUYHG RYHU VXFFHVVLYH to encode ideas in a concrete form. GDV• An RSHUDWLRQDO PHFKDQLVP required to translate $ KSRWKHVLV RI GHYLF FUHDWLRQ the encoded information into a form that is suitable for human interaction If we are to formulate a hypothesis for how devas fit into the theory of everything, we can list a couple of• And an LQWHQWLRQDO FUHDWLYLW, exemplified by the things such a model must incorporate. human, that are able to make intelligent changes in the informational structures (document and First of all, there exist many more kinds of life and software code), and understand the possible consciousness than we have previously imagined. consequences. Some are highly evolved beings that are part of unfolding the beauty and intelligence in nature. TheseIn the evolution of nature one sees the same principles are the major devas. Then there are all-pervasive devasin operation. In relation to lifeforms as such, the DNA which has no self-awareness, and can be considered toserves as the information store, encoding the be part of matter itself, and indeed is what gives matterinstructions, the minor devas or the intelligent aspect of it’s intelligence. If one thinks of matter as amatter can decode this and explicate or unfold it, thus manifestation of consciousness, then as we have seencreating a form which can serve as a vehicle for from the discussion of quantum mechanics, it becomesdifferent lifeforms. And finally the greater devas can natural to view the wavefunction DV D KRORJUDSKLFmake changes in the informational templates, through 15
  • 28. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002SDWWHUQ RI LQWHUIHUHQFH between two (or more) orders of • The dynamic manifestation of objective realityconsciousness giving rise to the HIIHFWV that we witness. (including matter) obey PDWKHPDWLFDO ODZVSo one might say that the dynamics of thewavefunction ψ, is in fact the result of the intrinsic • The formative manifestation of reality obeydevas creative work. PDQWULF IRUPXODWLRQV (intentions encoded in vibrational patterns).From the esoteric science we have the concept of theone source manifesting through three different orders • The intentional aspect of manifestation proceedof intelligence, embodying LQWHQW IRUP DQG GQDPLFV through the verbalizing an intent with the use ofIt is therefore natural to consider matter as a focused will. Something that is hard to understandholographic pattern of interference between these three in scientific terms and that will remain within theorders of consciousness. What science has so far domain of the occult for the foreseeable future.uncovered is mainly the GQDPLF aspects, and what lies From this it would appear that WKH SKVLFDO XQLYHUVHahead of us is uncovering the formative aspect and the REHV PDWKHPDWLFDO ODZV, which we know, but it wouldcreative design embodying the underlying intent in also indicate that there are certain aspects of objectivenature. reality at other levels (astral, mental etc) that DOVR IROORZ PDWKHPDWLFDO ODZV. As an analogy to the7KH JUHDWHU GHYDV physical plane, one might suggest that in the thoughtFrom this perspective, the role of the greater devas, process there are dynamics that follow mathematicalnow becomes to RUJDQL]H the minor devas according to laws (as in physics), but also dynamics that followthe greater design and to guide the evolution of the other laws (laws of consciousness). The fact that thesewhole. What the idea of devas add to the traditional levels are SDUWLDOO subject to mathematical laws,ideas of evolution is a mechanism that can explain the should however allow us to develop a better theoreticalapparent intelligence in nature. A mechanism that understanding of the mental and astral processes,allows entire ecosystems to unfold, under the guidance similar to what has happened in physics.of intelligent beings. The point is that the three levels of laws (mathematicalAs an example, consider how in the natural evolution laws, formative laws and intentional laws) interact atthe devas could guide the emergence of a new bird all levels. The mathematical laws govern the dynamicsspecies. A bird, which must not only develop wings but of the system, regardless of whether it is on theaerodynamically adapted feathers, appropriate physical, astral, mental or higher planes. Thus it shouldmusculature, shifted center of gravity, lighter bones be possible for us to create mathematical theoriesand appropriate changes in metabolism–all at the same extending into the non-physical realms, but we cantime. Any one of these changes by itself would likely only model the GQDPLF aspect with mathematics. Todecrease chances of survival, only if created understand the formative and intentional aspects wesimultaneously do they improve the chances of must study the spiritual laws or laws of consciousness.survival. The theory of lifeocQ«coXš|`«”c6”š#o?šjH#|`«”c6”š This then leads us towards the final formulation of the conceptual framework for a new approach toBefore we proceed with proposing ways to integrate uncovering a theory of everything.these perspectives, I would like to expand a little on thelimitation of the mathematical models in describing As stated earlier, the nature of the clairvoyantconsciousness. observations are such that it is not possible to reconcile the observations with what we know about the natureLaws of mathematics or consciousness of physical reality from modern chemistry and quantum mechanics. If however we accept that theThe idea that nature can be expressed in mathematical observations underlying this whole discussion isform lies implicit in the idea of physics and is HVVHQWLDOO WUXH and if we accept that what is beinginextricable intertwined with the fabric of scientific observed through micro-psi is somehow related (or atthinking. When exploring an expanded vision for least FRUUHODWHG) to physical matter, then it remains toscience, it can however be useful to consider that there explain exactly ZKDW it is that is being observed.may be RWKHU laws or causal relations thanmathematical laws. Laws that nonetheless define a To shed some light on the nature of our problem, letscausality that is universal, yet operates according to a remind ourselves of a well-known parable, that can becompletely different notion order. used as a metaphor for nature of our dilemma.When considering what other kinds of order there exist 7KH WDOH RI WKH WKUHH EOLQG PHQ DQG WKH HOHSKDQWwhich such laws can obey, we can consult the esotericsources. In [1], the different orders of laws from an ,W LV WKH WDOH RI WKUHH EOLQG PHQ WKDW ZKHUH SUHVHQWHGesoteric perspective are described and we find that: ZLWK DQ HOHSKDQW DQG DVNHG WR H[SODLQ WR WKHLU IHOORZV ZKDW DQ HOHSKDQW ZDV OLNH 7KH ILUVW EOLQG PDQ FODLPHG 16
  • 29. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002WKDW WKH HOHSKDQW LV WDOO DQG VOLP OLNH D WUHH WUXQN 7KH This suggests the existence of a ODZ RI WKH ZKROH,VHFRQG SURFODLPHG WKDW WKH HOHSKDQW ZDV PDVVLYH DQG which states that in any context exists laws ofURXQG OLNH D EDUUHO ZKLOH WKH ODVW PDQ KHOG WKDW WKH wholeness which guides the evolution of form andHOHSKDQW ZDV VRIW DQG IOH[LEOH OLNH D FDUSHW $QG QR expression. And that the formative law interacts withPDWWHU KRZ PXFK WKH DUJXHG WKH FRXOG QHYHU DJUHH laws of dynamics, giving rise to increased complexityRQ ZKDW DQ HOHSKDQW WUXO ZDV OLNH 7KH REVHUYDQW and new orders of dynamic creativity. The two areUHDGHU KDV RI FRXUVH DOUHDG ILJXUHG RXW WKDW RQH KHOG qualitatively different kinds of laws, and we thusD OHJ RQH WKH ERG DQG RQH WKH HDU RI WKH HOHSKDQW 6R cannot use our previous notions of order toLQ WUXWK WKH ZKHUH DOO FRUUHFW EXW HDFK KDV RQO comprehend the order of the whole, which guidesXQFRYHUHG D VLQJOH DVSHFW RI WKH WUXH QDWXUH RI WKH evolution, but must turn to notions of order which canDQLPDO encompass the relationship between the whole and the part. One such notion is as we have seen the hologram, which gives us a hint at the qualities in the natural lawsThe point is that the picture of reality created by we might expect to find, when we are able to uncovermodern physics, is founded on the notion of the precise mechanisms underlying the IRUPDWLYHseparateness. An image of nature based on separate DVSHFW RI QDWXUH.entities (particles) that are interacting with each other.It is clear that this image of reality contains essential 7KH GXDO IDFHV RI UHDOLWtruths about the true nature of reality, but the question Thus what is proposed is that the image of reality basedis if is the IXOO truth. on separate particles and their interaction, is only RQHAs we have seen from the discussion earlier, is seems face of reality, and that another face based onthat wholeness, in the sense that a given system can ZKROHQHVV should be expected to exist. Each of theseonly be understood as a whole, is also a fundamental faces are reflections of a deeper unity and dependingproperty of reality. Just as separateness or individuality on the context, different aspects will emerge. Thusis. This might lead us to speculate if there exist a your answer will depend on the way you phrase yourprinciple which means that every system with equal “question”. If you create a physical experiment, youright can be considered as a ZKROH, and a VXP RI will get an answer in terms of separateness. If youLQGLYLGXDO SDUWV. Both of these perspectives may be explore matter through the use of subjective techniquesequally valid. Giving rise to qualitatively different yet such as micro-psi, you will get an answer in terms ofcorrelated realities (as illustrated in Figure 4). wholeness.The particle perspective or the fact that any objective Another way of formulating this, is that there might beform, must necessarily be created by assembling a fundamental duality in nature, in the sense thatsmaller, more basic forms, into a new whole, points to everything has a OLIHVLGH and a IRUPVLGH to it. Thethe fact that the evolution of any form or organism is form-side is governed by what we know as quantumdependent on, and limited by, the nature of the basic mechanics, and the life-side is governed by laws as yetforms of which it consists. At the same time, any form unknown, but laws that should be knowable and ator organism is dependent on the formative aspects of least partially expressible in mathematics.the whole, to organize the parts into a meaningful Given the wave/particle particle duality in QM it wouldpattern. This leads to a general principle, which be natural to think of the face of separateness (orinitially was formulated by Ken Wilber [17], which objectivity) as particles and the face of life (orstates that, WKH ORZHU GHWHUPLQHV WKH SRVVLELOLWLHV IRU WKH subjectivity) as waves. This analogy can at least partlyKLJKHU ZKLOH WKH KLJKHU JXLGHV WKH HYROXWLRQ RI WKH be said to be present in the M.P.M. shown earlier,ORZHU. By higher and lower is meant respectively the where the atoms in the molecule IRUP D FRPPRQ ILHOGwhole, and the parts. This may be a universal principle, DQG LQWHUDFW LQ D ZDYHOLNH IDVKLRQ (see Figure 12). Inwhich would explains the dynamics between the the M.P.M the different “notes” each particletranscendental source of creativity and the way it contribute with, is mixed with the other notes in theexpresses through evolving and dynamic living compound or structure, giving rise to a vibration ofsystems in the temporal realm. consciousness which is not only the single notes ofIf we accept the idea that reality originates from an each particle, but QHZ qualities created through theiressence beyond all dualities and even beyond the interaction.division of reality into subject and object, then it When thus see how several atoms give up their originalfollows that the true and undivided reality underlying form and merge into a union. Seen from the life-side,all the phenomena’s we are discussing must be the two atoms are not independent entities, but QRWHV LQtranscendental. That is, the reality ultimately D FRPPRQ KDUPRQ. And like waves on a string, thetranscends both subjective and objective perspectives, two will naturally merge in a common expression ofsince both are ultimately fragmented perspectives, as their nature, whatever it be. We see this in the M.P.M.seen from the naked consciousness. as a merging of the constituting molecules into a new form and although their individual constituents can still 17
  • 30. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002be identified, they now have a common identity as a Uur‚…’ÂsÅryh‡v‰v‡’à Rˆh‡ˆ€Ã€rpuhvp†Ã Uur‚…’ÂsÃyvsrÃmolecule PHUJLQJ their vibrations and in this waycreating a new pattern of vibration, or a new whole, Governing existence Governing dynamics Governing formenabling the naked consciousness to manifest new Spacetime/matter Wave/particle duality Part/whole dualityaspects of it’s creative intent. duality Wavefunction Undivided wholenessIt is however important to remember, that although the Continuous specifying probability Holographicaspects of separateness and wholeness (as seen in Invariant in relation to Indivisibility of the transformationsmicro-psi) are clearly correlated, they express two all inertial frames quantum Unfoldmentqualitatively different aspects of the substance. Curved spacetime Separate identities Withinness Relative time Coherent time6RPH NH SURSHUWLHV RI WKH WKHRU RI OLIH Wavelike qualities Uncertainty relation Expressing ideasIn order to create a framework unifying the differentaspects, it seems that it must rest on concepts thatreflects both wholeness and separateness at the same 7DEOH  2YHUYLHZ RI WKH GLIIHUHQW WKHRULHV DQG WKHLUtime. It must be a framework that has as it’s HVVHQWLDO DQG VXJJHVWHG
  • 31. TXDOLWLHVfundamental premise that everything in the objectivereality is reflections of a single source, yet reflection of ro6f¦”cro”šimmense diversity and creativity. First of all, this article demonstrates that it is possibleWhat is missing in order proceed in creating a in principle to formulate a scientific theory of nature,framework unifying relativity, QM and micro-psi is that is congruent with the esoteric claim that everythingmost likely our limited understanding of this third leg in existence springs from one source. Indeed thisof science explored through micro-psi. It seems natural approach to modeling reality, allows us to understandthat there exist a theory describing the behavior of the many phenomena of consciousness, which has hithertoOLIHVLGH of the molecules, which can describe and been considered as mystical, such as clairvoyance andpredict the behaviors seen with micro-psi. We will other transpersonal phenomena’s. Within the presentedname this the WKHRU RI OLIH, in the lack of a better framework, these phenomena would be expected toname. Because these laws are related to the physical exist, although it remains to explain them in detail.plane and are agents in creating the objective universe,they should be expected to obey mathematical laws (at This articles does not claim to provide answers to theleast partially) and we should therefore be able to nature of reality, but aim to outline a framework formodel them mathematically. inquiry, that hold a chance of uncovering these answers. Thus by taking seriously Bohms idea of4XDQWXP PHFKDQLFV UHODWLYLW and the WKHRU RI OLIH undivided wholeness as well as the clairvoyant 72/
  • 32. , will most likely be discovered as limiting cases testimony from occult chemistry, it seems clear that aof a universal law underlying them all. A theory that complete reversal of our notions of reality is required.explains consciousness, physics and the formative From a concept of an objective universe as the primaryaspects of nature in it’s full extent. reality, we are now faced with a holographic universe,While the mathematics of TOL, is as yet unknown, we where the primary order is that of essence, or spirit,might speculate on some key aspects of this theory. which manifests itself through fragmentation into lesser parts that interact creatively. But a reality that is• First of all, it is likely to have a part/whole duality. always a reflection of the source, and where in it’s By this I mean that everything can be understood deep essence, everything is still one, which gives rise at the same time as a part (a molecule or a cell) to the holographic properties such as the part/whole and a whole (an organ or a human being). duality, as well as the non-local effects in quantum• It will also explain the qualitative side of reality, mechanics. which is to say the consciousness aspect of matter. From a scientific point of view it is curious that there• It will be essentially holographic in nature, are such extraordinary similarities between the because the interaction between the source of life, clairvoyantly observed phenomena and the modern with the form of life will be the dominant theories of physics. First of all there is the fact that the dynamic. And as we have seen the holographic investigators supposedly discovered several elements properties arise from the interaction between a decades prior to conventional scientist19. But the fact wave-like field (light) and a structural entity that superstrings and micro-psi is both rooted in the (form). See also Figure 16. dynamics of essentially 1-dimensional string points strongly to the fact that micro-psi is a genuineIn the table below, some of the key attributes of the phenomena.different theories have been listed in order to illustratetheir differences and potential similarities. The conclusions must clearly be that VHULRXV UHVHDUFK PXVW EH XQGHUWDNHQ to reproduce and extend the results obtained by micro-psi so far. However, this work must 18
  • 33. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002be conducted in a way that respects the spiritual nature [11] Hawkins, Stephen; 2001, 7KH XQLYHUVH LQ Dof the undertaking and approach it in a responsible and QXWVKHOOwise manner. Understanding that what is important is [12] Hodson, Geoffrey, 1959; Unpublished tapenot just the technical understanding of nature that we transcripts. Available at www.gaia-institute.org.might obtain, but introducing a whole differentconception of reality and it’s implications for all [13] Leadbeater; C.W.; 7KRXJKWIRUPVscientific research. [14] Leadbeater, C.W., Besant, Annie; 1957; OccultFrom a more philosophical point of view, the Chemistry 3rd edition. Available at www.gaia-consequences of the new notions of reality are mind- institute.orgblowing. Even as I have been working with thismaterial and trying to present it as clearly as possible, [15] Phillips, Stephen M., 1980, ([WUDVHQVRU SHUFHSWLRQ RI TXDUNVIt is very challenging to accept the consequences, thatflow from the arguments. One key conclusion is that [16] Lovelock, James, 1988, 7KH DJHV RI *DLD  Dour thoughts and ideas are just as real, if not more real ELRJUDSK RI RXU OLYLQJ HDUWKthan the physical reality that surround us. Anotherconclusion is that everything in the universe is literally [17] Wilber, Ken, 1996, Shambhala; $ EULHI KLVWRU RIalive. There is no such thing as “inert matter”, only HYHUWKLQJvarious degrees of limitations of the one source of life.Finally there is one more aspect, which is very 1 The term HVRWHULF literally means that which isimportant from a more philosophical and societal point hidden. Esoteric science refers to the wisdom traditionsof view. If it is true that there is one creative source and knowledge about nature obtained throughbehind all of creation, then we must necessarily infer unconventional mechanism such as ESP, clairvoyancethat WKHUH PXVW EH D JUDQG GHVLJQ LQ QDWXUH $ FRVPLF and other means of knowing about nature usingSODQ, which is under unfoldment and that our universe spiritual faculties.is an expression of an intent, or an idea, that is 2currently evolving. The mechanism is one whereby the observer is able to make the point of observation as small as theThe philosophical consequence of this is huge and will subatomic particles and is able to see the dynamics ofaffect every aspect of our lives. At a bare minimum, it the subatomic realm. For more on this visit thesuggest that we must redirect our aspirations from the www.gaia-institute.org website where severalattempt to PDVWHU nature, to contributing actively LQ WKH documents are available.XQIROGPHQW RI WKH FRVPLF GHVLJQ 3 Language depends on a fundamental duality between the description and what is being described. Thus evenRolf Jackson, (rolf@oberion.com) assigning a label to something, is a process of awareness that can only take place if there is a)RU IXUWKHU LQIRUPDWLRQ YLVLW WKH ZZZJDLD fragmentation of awareness into subject and object.LQVWLWXWHRUJ ZHEVLWH ZKHUH VHYHUDO RI WKH RULJLQDOGRFXPHQWV FDQ EH GRZQORDGHG 4 Stephen Hawkins in 7KH XQLYHUVH LQ D QXWVKHOO. 5 The experiment to verify the non-local coupling wasHQH‘Ho6H”š conducted using a smaller scale of course (since measuring i different ends of the universe is not[1] Bailey, Alice, 1962; $ WUHDWLVH RQ FRVPLF ILUH practical), but the distance of separation does not seem[2] Babbitt, Edwin D., 1878; 7KH SULQFLSOHV RI OLJKW to matter. The experiment was made by Alain Aspect DQG FRORU in 1982. 6[3] Bohm, David; 1954, 4XDQWXP PHFKDQLFV The orthodox interpretation escapes the non-locality paradox, but this just replace it with another. It[4] Bohm, David; 1980, :KROHQHVV DQG WKH LPSOLFDWH removes non-local influence, but replaces it with an RUGHU irreducible lawlessness at a quantum level, which is[5] Bohm, David; &DXVDOLW DQG FKDQFH equally problematic from a scientific point of view. 7[6] Bohm, David, Peat, David; 1987, 6FLHQFH RUGHU While still a graduate student in Berkeley, Bohm did DQG FUHDWLYLW. pioneering work on plasmas at the Lawrence Berkeley Radiation Laboratory. He discovered that, in a high[7] Einstein, Albert, 1952, 5HODWLYLW temperature gas (known as a plasma), electrons that[8] Greene, Brian; 1999, 7KH HOHJDQW XQLYHUVH have been stripped away from atoms do not behave as separate individual particles but rather as part of a[9] Groff, Stanislav; 1998, 7KH FRVPLF JDPH larger, organized whole. Vast numbers of electrons[10] Groff, Stanislav; 1993, 7KH KRORWURSLF PLQG would produce effects that were highly organized, as if some organic process were orchestrating their 19
  • 34. The conscious universe. Copyright © Gaia Consciousness Institute 2002collective behavior. Bohm later reflected that thesecollective movements, which today are called Bohm-diffusion, gave him the impression that the sea ofelectrons was somehow "alive."8 A positivist is a person who believes that everythingcan be explained without invoking any kind of finalcauses or teleological entities.9 Bohm defines a random order as one having thefollowing three characteristics: (1) it is of infinitedegree, (2) it has no significant correlations or stretchesof suborder of low degree, and (3) it has a fairlyconstant average behavior. David Bohm and DavidPeat, Science, Order, and Creativity, p126-27.10 For example, one such program operates by startingwith a given eight-digit number, then multiplying thisnumber by itself, which gives a huge number, and thenselecting the middle eight digits. This new eight-digitnumber is then cycled through the same process, andthe result is a sequence of digits that appear to have noorder in relation to each other.11 The term complex refers to the mathematicalmeaning, i.e. that the iterations is taking place in thecomplex mathematical space: z = x + yL12 In fact a phenomena’s reminiscent of this, isobserved in modern physics where virtual particles areconstantly created out of nothing and disappear backinto nothing again.13 David Bohm in Wholeness and the implicate orderp19114 A book called 7KH LQWHOOLJHQW XQLYHUVH expanding onthe issues raised in this article is under preparation bythe author.15 Occult Chemistry, p26816 More precisely the number of the ultimate “bubbles”in the physical anu is estimated to be close to 497,based on a progression that means that one anu on thephysical level manifests as 49 anu one the astral level,and this is thought to continue until the primary level(the divine). Details can be found in [14]17 Recently researchers have actually discovered strainsof microorganisms deep underground, which whereable to survive without any light or heat source. Lifecan also develop in laboratories, where for instancenew fetuses are created “artificially”, in tests tube, forsubsequent insemination.18 Observed by G. Hodson. Further informationavailable at the earthspirits website athttp://phopro.ie/earthspirit19 This account can be found in Stephen Phillips bookon extrasensory perceptions of quarks. 20