Implications of a multiverse string cosmology by richard ruquist
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Implications of a multiverse string cosmology by richard ruquist



Vafa’s (11+1) F theory is extended by means of Bars’ 2T holographic theory to ...

Vafa’s (11+1) F theory is extended by means of Bars’ 2T holographic theory to
yield a 14d Multiverse theory that permeates the brane of a 12d Universe in
which both the Universe and the Multiverse have (3+1) space‐times. Given the
2d toroidal compactification of F theory, we conjecture that the Multiverse has
a 4d Cartesian compactification that is filled with 3D+T space‐time via the
standard 6d elliptic Calabi‐Yau compactification, as in both M and F theory. The
result is exemplified using supermassive black hole cosmology. Implications of
the existence of a Multiverse and at the Planck scale, two Compact Manifolds,
one for the Multiverse and one for our Universe, are explored. In particular,
the Multiverse is proposed to be the pre‐space‐time for which gravity is
nonlocal and instantaneous, and which allows quantum entanglement to
achieve unity of mind.



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Implications of a multiverse string cosmology by richard ruquist Document Transcript

  • 1. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com184  Opinion and Perspectives   Implications of a Multiverse  String Cosmology   Richard Ruquist Abstract Vafa’s (11+1) F theory is extended by means of Bars’ 2T holographic theory toyield a 14d Multiverse theory that permeates the brane of a 12d Universe in which both the Universe and the Multiverse have (3+1) space‐times. Given the 2d toroidal compactification of F theory, we conjecture that the Multiverse hasa  4d  Cartesian  compactification  that  is  filled  with  3D+T  space‐time  via  the standard 6d elliptic Calabi‐Yau compactification, as in both M and F theory. Theresult is exemplified using supermassive black hole cosmology. Implications ofthe existence of a Multiverse and at the Planck scale, two Compact Manifolds,one for the Multiverse and one for our Universe, are explored.  In particular, the  Multiverse  is  proposed  to  be  the  pre‐space‐time for  which  gravity  is nonlocal  and  instantaneous,  and  which  allows  quantum  entanglement  toachieve unity of mind.  Key  Words:  string  theory,  multiverse,  cosmology,  compact  manifold,  Bose‐Einstein condensate, gravity, consciousness NeuroQuantology 2010; 2: 184‐190    Introduction1The term Multiverse, coined by WilliamJames in 1895 (James, 1956), has mainlycome to refer to the parallel universes ofHugh Everett’s Many World Interpretationof quantum mechanics. A search for“Multiverse” in the Cornell physics yields 50 titled entries back to2004 with over half-concerned with paralleluniverses. That, is not the kind of Multiversewe are concerned with here. Much of theremaining entries are concerned with thechaotic inflationary universe proposed byAndre Linde (Linde, 1996). This is closer towhat we mean by multiverse as the range ofsuperstring solutions is often consideredproperties of individual bubbles within the  Corresponding author: Richard Ruquist   Address: 81 Merriam Road, Grafton, MA01519, USA   Phone: + 508‐839‐2631   e‐mail: Received  Jan 18, 2010. Revised April 8, 2010.  Accepted April 12, 2010.Linde universe. However, the size of aninflationary bubble in Linde’s theory isstaggering ~1010,000,000,000 cm, which shouldbe compared to a Hubble radius of 1028 cm. Ifind this theory uninteresting just because ofits bubble size.Only one of the 50 entries (Vaidya,2007), however, refers to Lee Smolinshypothesis of Cosmological Natural Selectionand Weak Anthropic Principle (Smolin,1999), which is the cosmology of interesthere. Even though, in the brane cosmology ofstring theory, our Universe is considered a4dimensional brane in a higher dimensionalspace, such thinking has largely supportedcyclic cosmologies (Steinhardt, 2001), ratherthan Smolin’s cosmology.Our particular interest in Smolin’sso-called “fecund universes theory” is two-fold. First, it is the cosmology with the mostobvious detail being amenable to stringtheory derivation. Very few papers about the
  • 2. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com185Multiverse are about the actual creationprocess, excepting perhaps Linde’s over-sized chaotic inflationary universe and thecyclic universes. Second, and here I reveal areligious bias, the birth of baby universesfrom supermassive black holes at the centersof galaxies is consistent with the Hinduconcept of the Cosmic Egg within which sitsthe God Vishnu with universes streaming outof his nose (Bhagvatam, 1989).So assuming that supermassive blackholes in the galaxies of our Universe and allother existing universes may spawn babyuniverses that flow into the space of theMultiverse, we argue that a 26d reality isrequired. This reality is split between a 14dMultiverse and 12d universes. TheMultiverse permeates the brane of our 12dUniverse (and all other universes). However,only a 12d GUT field is recreated insupermassive-black-hole singularities at thecenters of galaxies in each universeconsistent with Brookhaven experiments(Steinberg, 2009) at near Big-Bangconditions. In addition, mass in the brane ofthe Universe induces gravity in theMultiverse, which in turn distorts the space-time of the Universe; and so 3D orbitalstability is maintained.The 12d Superstring F-theory ofCumrun Vafa (Vafa, 1996) is a guide for therequired compactification of the 14dMultiverse Superstring Theory. Based on theinitial 2d compactification in the creation ofour Universe into a toroidal fibration (or putsimply, a grid), we conjecture that in theMultiverse there is a 4d compactificationinto a Cartesian grid. Thereafter orconcurrently 6d compactifications fill thetorus or the Cartesian grid with 3D+T space-times along with the 6d compact ellipticCalabi-Yau fourfolds (Cordova, 2009). Thefibres that make up the 2d or 4d grids andthe two 6d compact manifolds at thejunctions of each grid are all at or below thePlanck scale and therefore constitute aninvisible, undetectable subspace (Note thatsmall case letters are used for individualPlanck-volume manifolds and thecompactified dimensions therein; whereascaps are used for structures and expandeddimensions that permeate the universe orMultiverse).Itzhak Bars’ 2T 13d S-theory (Bars,1999) combines his holographic 2T Physicswith Witten’s 1T 11d M-theory. We presumethat 2T physics may also be combined with(11+1) F-theory and that it can be done withan additional three large dimensions. Theresult connects the space-time of theUniverse to the space-time of the Multiverse.In the multiverse the 3D+T dimensions ofthe grid are perhaps infinite. But the 3D+ Tspace-time of our Universe is finite.The two Compact Manifolds (i.e.,with 6d compactifications) are Bose-EinsteinCondensates (BEC) possessing quantumentanglement since compactified dimensionsare effectively motionless. At this point it isappropriate to quote from a quantumcomputer view of space-time at the Planckscale (Zizzi, 2003) which applies to eitherCM:“Due to superposition and entanglement,quantum space-time can compute aBoolean function for all inputssimultaneously (massive quantumparallelism). We argue that the functionswhich are quantum-evaluated by quantumspace-time are the laws of Physics in theirmost fundamental, discrete and abstractform.”Therefore we conjecture that the lawsof physics are stored and applied by eitherCM, but the Universe contains gauge forceswhereas the Multiverse contains the force ofgravity, gravitons, that induce space-timecurvature in the Universe.We also conjecture that CompactManifolds of the Multiverse and of ourUniverse are entangled such that theMultiverse can make a copy of everythingthat happens in our Universe. It is presumedthat the Compact Manifold of the Multiversecontrols the copy process, perhaps by meansof the Penrose-Hameroff Orch-OR process(Penrose, 1994). As such, the virtual space-time of the multiverse contains a record ofevery happening in our universe from 0<T<T. We note that occult literature containsclaims that all knowledge of humanexperience and the history of the cosmos arecollected in the Akashic records. Such a copyprocess is also consistent with those whohave returned from a Near-Death Experience(NDE) and had a life review in that process.It is also consistent with Sheldrake’s theoryof morphic fields which suggests a living,
  • 3. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com186developing universe with its own inherentmemory (Sheldrake, 1995), only the memoryis stored in the Multiverse.It may be appreciated that the space-time of the Multiverse is semi-infiniteextending from now back to the deeprecesses of time in the Multiverse, wellbeyond the birth of our universe. However,except for the present time T= T themultiverse is static, possessing only a fixedhistory of everything in every universe. TheCompact Manifold of the Multiverse as wellas CM every universe exists only in the“now”. Yet because of quantumentanglement, all information is availableinstantaneously at some level ofconsciousness just as gravity isinstantaneous (Hu, 2006).The components of physical BECs areindistinguishable. That is, every matterparticle has the same wave function. But thatwill not do for the Multiverse copy processand so we conjecture that every Planckvolume in the space of the Multiverse, as wellas the space of each universe, contains adistinguishable compact manifold from the10500 thought to exist as solutions to theequations of superstring theory, primarilyfrom F theory. Presumably, distinguishablePlanck volumes are not required along thestatic T axis of the Multiverse. Therefore, asabove, the Compact Manifold (CM) is notrequired to fill the Time Dimension of theMultiverse. That is, the present time is thesame time everywhere.In this cosmology, the CM of eachuniverse performs instantaneousmathematical processing as part of itscontrol of physical particle interactions. Thisaspect of our cosmology has someexperimental verification (Steinberg, 2009)using a string theory where every matterparticle is attached to a string, which isattached to the CM at its other end. Weconjecture that every matter-particle in theuniverse is connected to the CM by a stringand that this is how the CM carries quantumwaves and controls the universe. Suchcontrol of physical processes is the grandimplication of the existence of compactifieddimensions. In this sense the Universe CM isomnipotent. Being a BEC it is alsoomniscient due to quantum entanglement,and of course omnipresent since it is asubspace that permeates the entire Universe.An even grander implication is the possibilitythat a CM cosmic consciousness may derivefrom either Universe and/or MultiverseCM mathematical processing ofdistinguishable Planck volumes. Any one ofthe several mechanisms proposed forconsciousness in the human brain may beapplicable to either Compact Manifold. Butperhaps more interesting is that theMultiverse may be the non-spatial and non-temporal pre-space-time where gravity isnonlocal and instantaneous, and where theunity of mind is achieved (Hu and Wu,2006). This is also consistent with theBuddhist concept of the “citta” which is thelocation of the human will or intention.Moreover, of course, the copy of all Universephysical events into the Multiverse isconsistent with the concept of karma. Onemay speculate that human enlightenment iswhen all string connections to the UniverseCM are severed.BackgroundThe existence of a Multiverse, in which ourUniverse and presumably many others areembedded as 3D branes, is inferred from tworecent bodies of work in high energytheoretical physics that go beyond theStandard Model (SM) in order to solve someSM problems (e.g., the hierarchy andthe cosmological constant). The first is thestring phenomenology by Lisa Randall andRaman Sundrum (Randall, 1999) which hasexpanded into well over a 100 papers sincethen, mainly devoted to the search for ‘LargeExtra Dimensions’ at the LHC. Here is theabstract of one review of these papers,“Large and infinite extra dimensions” byRubakov (Rubakov, 2001):“The emphasis in the development oftheories with more than three spatialdimensions has recently shifted towards“brane world” picture, which assumes thatordinary matter (with possible exceptionsof gravitons and other, hypothetical-particles which interact very weakly withmatter) is trapped to a three-dimensionalsub-manifold - brane - embedded in afundamental multi-dimensional space. Inthe brane world scenario, extra dimensionsmay be large, and even infinite; they mayhave effects, directly observable in currentor forthcoming experiments. On the basis
  • 4. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com187of simple field-theoretic models, variousideas in this direction are exposed at a non-expert level.”The second inference comes from the Two-Time Physics investigations of Itzhak Barsand his students at USC. Quoting from hisUSC biography (Bars, 2009):“According to the body of work in 2T-physics, there is more to space-time thancan be garnered with 1T-physics. 2T-physics introduces additional one spaceand one-time dimensions, which cancoexist with the familiar 3+1 dimensions aswell as extra space dimensions of tiny sizesknown as Kaluza-Klein-type dimensions,but the new ones have very differentproperties. First of all, the extra 1+1dimensions in 2T-physics are not small.However, there are gauge symmetries thateffectively reduce 2T-physics in 4+2dimensions to 1T-physics in 3+1dimensions without any Kaluza-Kleinremnants. The reduction is not uniquebecause there is an infinite variety of 3+1embeddings in 4+2 dimensions”Additionally, there are holographicproperties of this model also from the workof Bars. To quote again from the USC bio:“Similarly, even though according to 2T-physics a unique dynamical system in 4+2dimensions generates a large variety of 1-time “shadows”’, 1T-physics presents these“shadows” in 3+1 dimensional space-timesas different dynamical systems in terms ofdifferent Hamiltonians (different times). Inthis way 1T-physics misses the underlyingrelationship between the “shadows” as wellas the underlying properties (e.g.symmetries) of the higher dimensionalspace-time. Actually, it turns out that each“shadow” is a holographic image thatretains all the information of the d+2structure.”Thus Bars might extend his 13d (4+2) S-theory (Bars, 1999) from 1 to 3 extra spacedimensions, and apply it to F-theory, tosupport the inference of our Universe is a 3Dbrane embedded in a larger 3D (Multiverse)space. He replied to a query regarding thenumber of space dimensions:“Yes, my theory admits any number ofspace dimensions. Limits on that numberemerge from structures such as stringtheory, as you seem to be well aware of.”(Bars, 2008).So string phenomenology and more directlyTwo Time Physics extrapolates to the notionof two (3D+T) space-times. The original 26dclosed-string theory of Lovelace (Lovelace,1971) had two time dimensions, as well asparticles with imaginary mass, for which itwas rejected. However to obtain a 26dMultiverse theory, 2T Physics must beapplied to Vafa’s 12d F-theory where the 26dare split into 12d for the brane of theUniverse and 14d for the Multiverse. Oneambiguity is that F Theory is sometimes saidto be (11+1) and at other times (10+2). Thatis, some references claim F Theory containstwo time dimensions. We obviously requirethe (11+1) version.Top-down 26d String TheorySo it seems that Vafa’s 1T 12d theory must beextended by Bars 2T physics to get a 1T 12dUniverse along with a 1T 14d Multiverse.The details of the relationships between M-theory, F-theory, S-theory and Multiversetheory are outside the scope of this paper.However, as an aside, it is interesting thatVafa named his superstring theory F-theorywhere the F stands for Father, under theconsideration that the M in Witten’ssuperstring theory stands for Mother. Wepresume that the S in Bars’ 13d theory thenstands for Son. Therefore, a Bars-type 14dsuperstring theory would be called D-theorywhere the D stands for Daughter. Inaddition, it is a convenient oversimplificationto think of compactification as resulting in agrid of 2d or 4d wires connecting 6djunctions (called compact manifolds).Consider the following simple model:The original superstring theories were in 10dimensions (10d) which is the most basicform of superstring theory. In such theories,6d of the 10d are COMPACTIFIED. That is,6d dimensions shrink down to the Planckscale or less, as 3D space dimensionsINFLATE in the Big Bang and one dimensionremains time T. The inflated dimensions arereferred to as (3+1) space-time. In 11d M-theory, the extra dimension just allows forincorporation of all 10d string theories plus11d point-particle quantum gravity as duals.Duality just means it’s the same physics in adifferent approximation, like the wave-particle duality.However, in F-theory, twodimensions are compactified into a torusbefore or perhaps coincident with the 6d
  • 5. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com188compactification. The 2d compactificationinto a torus indicates that in the creation ofour UNIVERSE and maybe all universes, thefirst act of creation was to lay down a finitegrid of Planck scale wires in the shape of atoroidal surface in which the space of theUniverse (Uspace) could expand. The 2d gridis relatively passive, perhaps only beingcapable of distortion due to the presence ofmass in the Universe; whereas the 6dCompact Manifold may have active controlof physical processes based on the laws ofphysics.That leaves 14d for theMULTIVERSE. A conjecture is that all of thedimensions of the Multiverse are alsocompactified except for 3 Space and oneTime Dimension. If so, then 10d dimensionsform a fine mesh screen or matrix in theMultiverse. But if the creation of theMultiverse is like that of a universe, then 6dcompactify as 3D inflate; and 4d may havecompactified beforehand into a static 4dfine-mesh grid at or below the Planck scale,just like in F theory (except the 2dcompactified into a flexible toroidal grid).Occam’s razor suggests that the 4dgrid is Cartesian with 3 space coordinatesand one time-like coordinate into which the6d compactification provides for expansionof 3 Space Dimensions. The MultiverseCompact Manifold is presumed to exist atonly a single time T which is the same time Tas in each universe, i.e., T= T. Such aMultiverse grid and space-time are likelysemi-infinite in the Time Dimension. Wespeculate below based on superstringlandscape considerations that the Mspace ofthe Multiverse is not infinite, and may be apart of something bigger, perhaps comingfrom a black hole in a higher level space.To summarize, reality may consist of24 space-like dimensions of which all but 6Space Dimensions have compactified intoeffectively two zero-volume matrices of wiresand their junctions at or below the Planckscale. A similar 6d matrix called the CompactManifold CM in string physics exists in bothMspace and Uspace. We shall refer to eachindividual junction as a compact manifold(Cordova, 2009), the triple intersectionpoints of seven-branes in 6d geometry. Thisgeometry may be connected to the FlagManifold of Shipman that apparentlymathematically describes the honeybeedance (Frank, 2009).A 26d String CosmologyIn the beginning was a 26 dimensionalprimordial UNIFIED FIELD where alldimensions were of uniform size Wespeculate that the 14d Multiverse is firstcreated within the unified field by thecompactification of 10d and the expansion of3D. One possibility is the compactification ofan additional 8d, (perhaps along with the10d compactification), to make a 3D’ coreuniverse. The unified field could do thismany times to make many universes whichpropagate out into the Multiverse. OR, eachresulting universe could contain amechanism that recreates a 12d GUT field inthe singularity a black hole (that can createuniverses but not the Multiverse) which isconsistent with the inferred observation ofan upper mass limit of the supermassiveblack holes at the center of galaxies in ourUniverse. (Natarajan, 2008). If theprimordial 26d unified field were asupermassive black hole we mightcharacterize First Creation as the result ofinflation and compactification of 14dimensions of the 26d, e.g.;26d primordial black hole →T(Mtime) +3D(Mspace) + 4d(grid) + 6d(manifold) + 12d(black holes). Where the 12d black holes arecarried along in the expansion of 3D Mspace.In a Second Creation the 12d black holesthen generate universes. 12d black hole → T(Utime) + 3D (Uspace) + 2d (grid) + 6d(manifold). Universes then make their own12d black holes that generate moreuniverses.Conservation of phase space supportsthat conclusion. There is enough phase space(microstates) in a 12d black hole to fill a newuniverse, i.e.: For Planck-volume equality tofill 3 dimensions of space within theUniverse:( l/p)N=(L/p)3 , we get L/p=(l/p)N/3,where N is the number of space dimensionsin the black hole, l is the size of the blackhole singularity, p is the Planck scale and L isthe size of the resulting universe.Then supposing the size in Planckunits of a supermassive black holesingularity is l/p=1036, or 100 meters, we get
  • 6. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com189for the scale of the Universe, L/p=1012N. Theobservable universe (Egan, 2009) is 3x1080cubic meters and so the number of Planckvolumes in it is (L/p)3=10180 or L/p=1060 forwhich N=5. The actual universe is of coursemuch larger than the observable universe.However, since N can be as large as 9 (notcounting the 2d grid or the time dimension)100 meter 12d black hole singularities couldprovide for universes where L/p =10111.A 10 cm 12d singularity provides forL/p=1099. Given 10500 or moredistinguishable Planck volumes, theMultiverse then has room for about 10100universes on which every Planck volume hasa distinguishable string theory. Therefore,despite the gross uncertainty of our guessesfor singularity and universe size, ourconclusion that 12d black holes containingGUT fields are adequate. Deriving thenumber of microstates from 2D and (N-1)Dholographic surfaces is even more robust.DiscussionAccording to string phenomenology, gravityexists in the Multiverse and space-timedistortion exists in the Universe asdemonstrated by metamaterial experiments(Cheng, 2009). Matter and the gauge forceslike the strong force, the weak force and theelectromagnetic force only exist in theUniverse. We conjecture that the Multiverse6d compact manifolds control the copyprocess to the Multiverse; and the universe6d compact manifolds control the gaugephysics of the universe. In this context thegrids control the shape of each space and the6d junctions control and copy all physicalparticle-particle interactions.Based on a string theory prediction ofa “perfect liquid” (a BEC of quarks andgluons) at both near-absolute-zero and near-big-bang temperatures and their subsequentobservation (Steinberg, 2009 ) wherein eachmatter-particle is attached to a string, weconjecture that every particle of matter inour Universe is connected to the entangledBEC Compact Manifold by means of a string.That suggests how the Compact Manifoldcontrols all matter-particle interactions. Itfollows that the Compact Manifold of theUniverse provides the vacuum Zero PointEnergy ZPE and its virtual particles, and theconnecting string is the location of quantumwave functions. Gauge forces being closedstrings are relatively free. Gravity of course(due to space-time distortion in the brane ofeach universe) is not free. This model will befalsified if gravitons are detected.The number of solutions to stringtheory is dominated by F-theorycompactifications indicating that there are10500 or more distinguishable solutions forthe Compact Manifold CM. We haveestimated that the extent of each universemay be as large as L/p=10120 which amountsto 10360 Planck volumes. So every Planckvolume could have a distinguishable compactmanifold with presumably neighboringPlanck volumes having slightly differentproperties but the same laws of physics. Infact, we can estimate the volume of theMultiverse assuming that every Planckvolume in it is distinguishable. Given thatthe observable universe at 3x1080 cubicmeters has 10180 Planck volumes, the 3Dvolume of the Multiverse may be as large as3x10400 cubic meters with every Planckvolume in it having a distinguishablecompact manifold. (The 4D volumeincluding the Time dimension does not needdistinct Planck volumes for lack of a CM).Some distinguishable CM solutionsare needed for all the embedded universes.But unless the packing density of universesin the Multiverse is close to one, ourconclusion regarding Multiverse size isunchanged. If every Planck volume in theMultiverse is distinguishable, the size of theMultiverse is about 10320 of our observableuniverses. Given that, we can observe out toabout 13 Billion light years, the extent of theMultiverse if a sphere would be about or asmuch as 10117 light years.ConclusionIn this cosmology, the Multiverse is a 4Dspace-time that apparently has alwaysexisted. In fact, time does not seem to existexcept in the present, just as in our Universe.Time does exist as a pre-ordained infinitecompactified dimension. In some sense, itexists as a semi-infinite 4D space dimension,but that dimension is static except for the“now”. Our conjecture is that everything thathappens in every universe in the Multiverseis recorded as a function of time and locationin the 4D space-time of the Multiverse. In
  • 7. NeuroQuantology | June 2010 | Vol 8 | Issue 2 | Page 184‐190 Ruquist R., Implications of multiverse string cosmology ISSN 1303 5150                                              www.neuroquantology.com190this scheme, the Multiverse does not recordthe future. It records the present and storesthe past.The subspace of compactifieddimensions in each universe, the so-calledCompact Manifold, actively controls allphysical processes in the universe by stringsconnecting it to all matter particles; andbeing a BEC, it does so with its owninstantaneous processing for which weexpect that every Planck volume isdistinguishable. In addition, because it is aBEC, the flow of information in it is notlimited by the speed of light. If a humancould "see" in the CM subspace, everythingwould be seen as it was happening and notdelayed by the speed of light as inastronomy. For example, if the earth were toexperience a nearby supernovae, somethingthat on the average in the Milky Way shouldhappen every 100,000 years or so, a personwith insight could “see” it coming before itsradiation arrived. Being outside a spiral armof the galaxy, we have been spared formillions of years.Finally, it is possible that the inherentdivisibility of the CM provides formathematical processing since every Planckvolume is countable and perhapsprogrammable at some high level. That couldbe the basis of consciousness at the level ofthe CM and perhaps even for biologicalstructures. Biological beings would then havethree levels of consciousness: physicalconsciousness; a consciousness connected tothe Universe CM; and a consciousnessconnected to the Multiverse CM. Unity ofmind could be provided by either CMconsciousness.I offer this string cosmology as apossible synthesis of science and religion,and suggest the existence of two omnipotent,omniscient, omnipresent and perhapsconscious gods: one being the MultiverseCompact Manifold and the other theUniverse Compact Manifold.ReferencesBars I. USC biography.,2009.Bars I. Lifting M-theory to Two-Time Physics. arXiv:hep-th/9904063, 1999.Bars I. Private Email to Richard Ruquist. January 23,2008Cheng Q & Cui TJ. An electromagnetic black hole madeof metamaterials. arXiv:physics optics/09102159.2009.Cordova C. Decoupling Gravity in F-Theory. arXiv:hep-th/09102955, 2009.Davies PCW. Multiverse Cosmological Models.arXiv:astro-ph/0403047, 2004Egan C & Lineweaver CH. A Larger Estimate of theEntropy of the Universe. arXiv:astrp-ph/09093983, 2009.Frank A. Honeybees are found to interact withquantum fields. NeuroQuantology Latest News.2009.Hu H and Wu M. Thinking outside the box: the essenceand implications of quantum entanglement.NeuroQuantology 2006.James W. The Will to Believe. Dover Publications.1956.Linde A & Vanchurin V. How many universes are in themultiverse. arXiv:hep-ph/09101589,2009.Lovelace C. Pomeron Form Factors and Dual ReggeCuts. Phys. Lett. 34B, 500, 1971.Natarajan P and Treister E. Is there an upper limit toblack hole masses? arXiv:astro-ph/08082813,2008Penrose R. Shadows of the Mind. Oxford UniversityPress. 1994.Randall L & Sundrum R. A Large Mass Hierarchy froma Small Extra Dimension. arXiv: hep-th/9905221,1999Rubakov VA. Large and infinite extra dimensions.arXiv:hep-ph/0104152, 2001Sheldrake R. A New Science of Life. Park Street Press.1995.Shrimad Bhagvatam. State University of New YorkPress. 1989.Smolin L. The Life of the Cosmos. USA: OxfordUniversity Press 1999.Steinberg P. Soft Physics from RHIC to the LHC.arXiv:nucl-ex/09031471, 2009.Steinhardt P & Turok N. A Cyclic Model of theUniverse. arXiv:hep-ph/0111098Vafa C. Evidence for F-Theory. arXiv:hep-th/9602022,1996.Vaidya PG. Are We Alone in the Multiverse?arXiv:physics/07060317, 2007.Zizzi P. Space-time at the Planck Scale: The QuantumComputer View.