Food For Thought GMO (Roundup Ready®) versus Non-GMO


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Food For Thought GMO (Roundup Ready®) versus Non-GMO
Nutrition Value From a Livestock Prospective.

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Food For Thought GMO (Roundup Ready®) versus Non-GMO

  1. 1. ANURE M M A NAG E M E N T N E W S Solving Manure Issues© 2010-2013 ProfitPro, LLC. JANUARY 2013 Featured Topic: Food for Thought . . . GMO (Roundup Ready®) versus Non-GMO The old saying is, “We are what we eat and how we digest our foods.” The same is true of our livestock and poultry. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Livestock health and productivity is determined by nutrition. Healthy feed has the available nutrients in the right levels/ratios, and is of high energy while devoid of toxins. ProfitPro’s Full-Circle System™ is all about “BALANCE” and achieving the highest possible health and productivity in all aspects of livestock/poultry production. Balance can only be achieved if one understands the role that minerals and microbes play in our entire Full-Circle Production System. How minerals and microbes are managed determine the health of our animals, manure, soil, plants and the quality of the feed that is fed to livestock/poultry. The fact is, feed quality and the resulting livestock production is largely determined by the health of the soil, while soil health is determined by the proper balance of our minerals and microbes. ProfitPro, LLC w 408 S. 1st Ave. w Albert Lea, MN 56007 w 1-888-875-2425 w Fax: 507-373-2520 w Email: info@ w 1
  2. 2. MANURE MANAGEMENT NEWS The following nutritional analysis “Comparison of GMO Corn (Roundup Ready) versus Non-GMO Corn” (on page 3) production system highlights our point of discussion. Please compare the energy levels, nutritional values and toxin levels of each production system. Which of these feed sources do you believe, when fed, will result in the best livestock/poultry health, productivity and uniformity? The comparative data speaks for itself. Comparison of GMO Corn versus Non-GMO Corn GMO – Non-Food Grade Food Grade – Mineral Dense § Higher disease problems § Less disease § Higher medical costs § Lower medical costs § Reduced productions / gains § Higher productions / gains § Loss of profits § Higher profits § Higher death losses § Lower death losses § Increased feed consumption § Reduced feed consumption § Lower conversion § Higher conversion § Lower quality manure § Higher quality manure § Mineral deficient foods § Mineral dense meats and grains § Higher costs / lower profits § Lower costs / higher profits Another old saying is, “You can pay me now or pay me later.” Remember most all disease in plants and animals, as well as humans, is a result of improper nutrition and toxins in our feed/food. Reduced cost, operational stress and, thus improved profitability, can be achieved by feeding livestock the highest quality of feed possible. ProfitPro, through its Full-Circle SystemTM, which enables the following, can help achieve higher levels of performance in your dairy, swine, beef, poultry and cropping operations: § Animal: § Crops and grain/forage quality: û Probiotic feed additives û Crop AdvantagePlus™ Program û Water revitalization technologies û Soil mineral balancer § Manure: û Plant nutrient calculator û ManurePlus™ Program For a one-on-one discussion of your individual livestock, poultry or cropping program, contact ProfitPro. We can provide guidance and the technology to help you achieve greater returns on your assets. Up Coming Events FREE Manure Management Teleconference scheduled for2013 SD Pork Congress, Sioux Falls, SD January 3, 2013 from 8 to 9 pm CDT on January 9 - 10. . .See us at Booth # TBD “Food for Thought . . . GMO versus Non-GMO”2013 MN Pork Congress, Minneapolis, MN For more information, go to January 17 - 18. . .See us at Booth # TBD Dial the toll free number 1-866-225-3498 just before 8 p.m. (CDT) and enter the security code 7159 # (pound key).2013 IA Pork Congress, Des Moines, IA January 23 - 24. . .See us at Booth # 931 corner2013 IA Power Farming Show, Des Moines, IA Roundup Ready is a registered trademark of Monsanto. January 29 - 31. . .See us at Booth # TBD Full-Circle System, ManurePlus and AdvantagePlus are trademarks of ProfitPro.2 ProfitPro, LLC w 408 S. 1st Ave. w Albert Lea, MN 56007 w 1-888-875-2425 w Fax: 507-373-2520 w Email: info@ w
  3. 3. MANURE MANAGEMENT NEWSProfitPro, LLC w 408 S. 1st Ave. w Albert Lea, MN 56007 w 1-888-875-2425 w Fax: 507-373-2520 w Email: info@ w 3
  4. 4. ProfitPro, LLC 408 S. 1st Ave. Albert Lea, MN 56007 1-888-875-2524 Learn and Earn Opportunities Plan on attending ProfitPro’s Winter Conference on Tuesday, February 12 & Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at ProfitPro’s headquarters, Albert Lea, MN. For more information go to Also, we just completed a series of meetings titled “Learn and Earn” Contact one of ProfitPro’s Full-Circle Consultants requesting a DVD of this educational event.4 ProfitPro, LLC w 408 S. 1st Ave. w Albert Lea, MN 56007 w 1-888-875-2425 w Fax: 507-373-2520 w Email: info@ w