Technology is the Enabler for a Complete HCM Strategy


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Technology is the Enabler for a Complete HCM Strategy

  1. 1. “Technology is the Enabler for a Complete HRM Strategy‟‟ Kondilenia Gourdouveli, HCM Senior Business Consultant Uni Systems Copyright 2011 1
  2. 2. CHROs Challenges; Today‟s Climate Globalization Economic Crisis Disengaged Employees Talented Workforce Shrinking Multiple Generations Changing TechnologySources: PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of the European Association of Personnel Mgmt (EAPM) ©2011 Uni Systems
  3. 3. Global Talent Shortage Despite Global Economic Crisis Fact: Almost 1 in 4 Employers can‟t fill the crucial positions. Fact: Baby Boomers are retiring and Generation X is not large enough to shoulder the responsibility alone.Sources: Business Harvard Review 2010, Manpower Inc.‟s 2010 Talent Shortage Survey ©2011 Uni Systems
  4. 4. Global Workforce‟s Seismic Shift; Millennials as a Majority „‟..Millennials view work as a key part of life, not a separate activity that needs to be “balanced” by it. For that reason, they place a strong emphasis on finding work that‟s personally fulfilling. They want work to afford them the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and connect to a larger purpose‟‟…‟ ‟‟Millennials want a constant stream of feedback and were in a hurry for success‟‟ Fact: HR Practices need to be re- examined & re-evaluated against Integrated Talent Management & Social Collaboration Practices ©2011 Uni Systems
  5. 5. Facts About Engagement & Turnover Despite Global Economic Crisis Highly Engaged Moderately Engaged Disengaged 5% 2% 8% 7% 59% 35% 9% 3% 4% 24% 6% Leaving Looking Staying Will Staying 21% consider Actively Staying Will looking offers consider Will consider 31% offers offers 47% 39% Sowing Seeds of Revolt! No plans to leave Not looking, but would Challenging work consider another offer Factors to Engage Actively looking Career advancement opportunities Made plans to leave Collaboration from co-workers Plan to retireSources: Towers Perrin 2010 Resources to get the job done ©2011 Uni Systems
  6. 6. IT Drives Higher Performance Profitability Another critical goal during a downturn is getting more „‟bang for the buck" from employees … by increasing a60% companys operating scale, making processes more efficient to reduce rework, and stepping up efforts to automate manual procedures. IT is essential to all of these efforts.. Margin Gap40% Percentage gap between top and bottom quartiles20% 1965 1995 2005Sources: McKinsey, “Managing IT in a Downturn” 2009 & Business Harvard Review, Investing in IT 2009 ©2011 Uni Systems
  7. 7. Emergent Trends in HR • Performance Management • Career Management • Social • Integrated Talent Collaboration Management • Employee Profile • CompensationSources: Knowledge Infusion, 2009 Management ©2011 Uni Systems
  8. 8. Uni Systems; Dynamic Investment in HRM & Payroll Presence in the HRMS Market since 1982. Strategic Partnership with Oracle for Over 25 Years. Offering PeopleSoft HCM since 2002. The ONLY company Implementing PeopleSoft HCM in Greece & Cyprus. Implementing National, International & Global HRM Projects. 30 Dedicated Consultants in PeopleSoft HCM Projects. ©2011 Uni Systems
  9. 9. Uni Systems; A Reference in the SA ITC Service Sector Using Greece as its base, Uni Systems is positioned as a key SI player in the emerging SE European and the MENA area. B E Major ITC Systems Integrator in L Local Presence the domestic market U Projects R Among the top 5 ITC solutions C O provider in the region of South- S B G A Eastern Europe L G T Key contractor for central EU R R Institutions M T C Y L E Y G One of the largest 2009 Revenues: Workforce: 500+ More than 45 yearsSystems Integration 96,65 M€ specialized of solid experience in Greece 60% Services professionals ©2011 Uni Systems
  10. 10. PeopleSoft HCM; A Complete HCM Solution Align employee goals with overall A business strategy that makes organizational Deploy objectives sophisticated „‟every worker a competitive tools to asset‟‟.. determine the value of HR investment Helps put into ACTION… “Our people are our most Align important asset” Save costs It enables Organizations to: and time with integrated self-service andDo the basics, including comprehensive embedded Comply Automate global HR processes and regulatory workflow compliance ©2011 Uni Systems
  11. 11. PeopleSoft HCM; Managing Entire Employee Life-Cycle! ©2011 Uni Systems
  12. 12. PeopleSoft HCM; A Complete Product Portfolio3rd Level BI Applications Drive Company HCM WarehousePerformance Community Portal Directory Interface Service Procurement HRMS Portal Pack2nd Level Self-Service Human Resources e-Performance Drive e-Benefits e-Development Absence ManagementWorkforce e-Pay Recruitment SolutionsEfficiency e-Profile e-Profile Manager e-Compensation e-Compensation Manager Candidate Getaway Talent Acquisition Manager Help Desk for HR1st Level Time & Labor Expenses Workforce Benefits Drive HR Management Management Management Management Dept. Core Human ResourcesEfficiency Pension Stock Payroll Interface Payroll Management Administration Workforce Position Labor Talent – Training Succession Career Admin Management Relations Profile Mgmt Admin Planning Planning Salary Variable Total Benefits Absence Tree Health & Safety Planning Compensation Compensation Admin Monitor Management Management ©2011 Uni Systems
  13. 13. PeopleSoft HCM; Leading the HR Evolution• #1 HRMS Solution Worldwide• 27+ Year of Presence in the Global HRMS Market• 5014+ Customers Worldwide• 3rd Release Since Acquisition• 21 New PeopleSoft Solutions• 1.350 New Features• 150+ Customers Involved• 28.000+ Pages Enhanced with Web 2.0 Capabilities• 300 New Web Services• 200 Industry Specific Enhancements• Best of Breed Practices“PeopleSoft 9.1 combines all the latest features customers expect in a web- based application with the tools needed to extend it into the future.” Larry Bastianelli , Acushnet Company ©2011 Uni Systems
  14. 14. PeopleSoft HCM; Introducing Integrated Talent Mgmt Talent Plan Requirement Development Gap Analysis Job Profile Person Profile Organizational Strategy ©2011 Uni Systems 14
  15. 15. PeopleSoft HCM Integrated Talent Mgmt; Job ProfilesFunctional Silos Talent Planning HR Admin Measure and Report Recruiting Recruitment Compensation Performance Succession Performance Planning Management Reporting Competencies Compensation Learning & Successions Development Learning Career Planning ©2011 Uni Systems 15
  16. 16. PeopleSoft HCM Integrated Talent Mgmt; Employee Profiles Skills Knowledge Profile Attributes Licenses & CertificatesExperience Group Memberships Company Defined Content ©2011 Uni Systems
  17. 17. Uni Systems; Customers in HRM & Payroll ©2011 Uni Systems
  18. 18. “Technology is the Enabler for a Complete HRM Strategy‟‟ Kondilenia Gourdouveli, HCM Senior Business Consultant Uni Systems Copyright 2011 18