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Uni Systems participated in IDC IT Security & Datacenters Transormation Roadshow in Athens. Presentation of Uni|Cloud and emphasis on Data Center Security Solutions.

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IDC it security dc_transformation_roadshow2012

  1. 1. Dynamic Cloud Services & IT Securitythat change the way we use, manage and secure IT Antony Cassano - ITS Department Manager Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 1
  2. 2. The Roadmap for The Network as the platform in the Data Centre Location HW Provisioning Business Process Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Consolidation Virtualization Automation Utility Market Inter-Cloud Enterprise-Class Clouds Unified Computing Unified Fabric Data Center Networking
  3. 3. IT needs to become smarter … about new choices • Some use the word “Cloud” to describe new consumption and delivery models. • Regardless of terminology, it is clear that these new models are emerging for the enterprise – even if they were first inspired by consumer Internet services. • Self-service, economies-of-scale, and flexible sourcing options – new choices of deployment – define these new models.
  4. 4. Uni Systems Datacenter Transformation Offering Unisys Infrastructure Management offering Infrastructure Management Suite ITUnisys uGovern™ Service Governance Resource Utilization Provisioning Cloud management Unisys uOrchestrate™ Re-purposing Unisys uAdapt™ Element Virtualization Server Network Virtualization Storage Virtualization Virtualization Servers Network Storage
  5. 5. State of the art DC Facilities Personnel •24 X 7 Availability •Certifications & Expertise •Background Clearance Checks Security •Physical Security •CCTV •Access Control System Fire Detection / Suppression •Fire Suppression Type FM200 •2 Types of Fire Detection Sensors Network Infrastructure •Redundant Connectivity •Redundant Routing/Switching Fabric. Redundant Power •N+1 Uninterruptable Power Systems •N+1 Redundant Generator System •N+2 CoolingBuilding Construction•Raised Floors•Redundant Cabling•BMS•Environmental Control
  6. 6. Uni Systems Data Center Facilities• Redundant Power • Environmental Control• N+1 Uninterruptable Power Systems • File Detection• N+1 Redundant Generator System • Fire Suppression• Ability to handle high density power • Building Management System requirements • CCTV• N+2 Cooling • Access Control• Multi-Layer Security • Physical Security• 24x7 On-Site Staffing to Assist with Remote Hands or Installation• Access to Multiple Carriers•ISO 9001:2008•ISO/SEC 27001/2005•Cabling TIA 568B Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 6
  7. 7. Data Center & Cloud services for Customers Managed Services Flexible Cloud Offering• Managed Hosting Services Uni|Cloud• Disaster Recovery• Business Continuity• Shared Desktops• 3 levels of support services Copyright © Unisystems 2012
  8. 8. Data Center Managed Services (Managed Hosting Services)• Vhosting & Dhosting (Collocation)• VRack, Rack, Cage, Suite (on-demand)• Complex, Fully managed, Windows or *nix hosting solutions for application service providers.• 3 levels of on-site support services• 24 X 7 Technical support• Advanced Monitoring and alerting services Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 8
  9. 9. Data Center Managed Services (Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity)• Customizable Disaster Recovery (DR) programs & services• Provide best-of-breed solution for information asset protection• Information recovery and restoration based on specific RTO/RPO• Various customizable back-up services• Tape archiving space• Data Replications services• Scenario testing• Compliance testing• Dark/White operating room, Shared or Dedicated Desktops Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 9
  10. 10. Flexible Cloud OfferingsIaaS AssS• Test & Development environment as a • Payroll as a Service Service (UNI | WORKPLACE) • e-Invoicing• Monitoring as a Service (UNI | ROOT) • CRM as a Service• Backup & Business Continuity as a • HCM as a Service Service (UNI | VAULT)• Desktop as a Service (UNI | DESKTOP)• Cloud on demand apps (UNI | APPS) PaaS• Cloud on boarding (UNI | ON-BOARD) • RDBMS as a Service• Unisystems next generation Hybrid • Middleware as a Service Enterprise Cloud Storage (TBD) Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 10
  11. 11. Uni|Cloud powered by Citrix CloudStack Delivers Market Leading Functionality • Secure, multi-tenant cloud orchestration platform • Turnkey platform for delivering IaaS clouds • Hypervisor agnostic • Massively scalable, secure and open • Complete Self-service portal • Open source, open standards • Deploys on premise or as a hosted solution
  12. 12. Citrix CloudStack Architecture(OSS/BSS, Monitoring, Identity Management , Etc) User Interface Developer API Open Administer End User Console Amazon Stack Availability and Security Image Libraries Operational Integration Integration API Backu LB HA Monitor p Application Catalog Dynamic Workload Management Custom Templates Resource Management Operating System ISOs Servers Storage Network Service Management (Billing, Metering, Accounts, etc.) Virtualization Layer Servers Network Storage
  13. 13. Citrix technologies power large production clouds Telco and Service Web 2.0 and Enlightened Providers Media Enterprise13
  14. 14. Uni Systems Cloud Architecture End-Points & MULTI-TENANT SaaA / DaaS Dashboard & Offices Management Window Based DaaS & SaaS IaaS & PaaS WEB SaaA Back Office White Label Virtualization Farm 1 Solutions Servers SaaA ERP V1 CITRIX go-to- Test & Dev Citrix Delivery meeting aaS Services Console AppCenter Data Store Laptop CRM aaS ERP V2 CITRIX go-to- Smart Auditor Desktop aaS training Console Home Office HCM aaS ERP V3 User Experience CITRIX go-to- On Demand MonitoringCell Phone webinar Apps E-invoicing Applications Virtualization Farm N CRM V1 Performance Tablet / PDA Microsoft Cloud Monitoring Office 365 Backup AppCenter Data Store Payroll aaS Messaging Cloud Backup & Kiosk Storage Platform Monitoring 3rd part CSP Management Desktop aaS RDBMS Farm Virtualization Manager Provisioning Bandwidth Virtual Provisioning Physical Provisioning Management Remote Office Provisioning Power & Capacity Application Provisioning Unattended Installations Services mgnt. Uni Systems Cloud Physical Installations and Updates Security Server Virtulization Storage Provisioning Management PortalHQ / Enterprise SLA Network Infrastructure & Remote Access Management CITRIX NetScaler Uni Systems Cloud Portal DNS VLAN CITRIX Branch Repeater Vyatta Virtual Firewalling Active Directory Parent Government Forest DHCP CITRIX Access Gateway Cloud Backup
  15. 15. Simplifying Cloud Services Management Uni|Cloud Portal Services Manager Single, self-service interface for provisioning apps, desktops and services from the cloud User Account Automation Management DelegationMessaging & Web & Data Application Virtualization IntegrationCollaboration Hosting Delivery
  16. 16. UNI | CLOUDEnterprise Hybrid cloud Services Portfolio Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 16
  17. 17. Uni Systems Cloud Architecture Advantages• Open and Modular• Several Multi-tenant options• Several Multi-tier storage options• High user density per server• Massive horizontal scale• Autonomic provisioning• End-to-end visibility• Elasticity• High Definition Experience over Internet• Device independence (Any, Any, Any)• Provides a personal, secure, scalable and high performance solution for Multi-tenant SaaS and DaaS Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 17
  18. 18. What about Security?• Cloud computing is a huge topic. It encompasses diverse models and technologies, even though users and the trade press tend to lump them under a common name• For that matter, please note that were still discovering many of the security issues which will challenge cloud computing!• Why? In part, thats because cloud computing is still a work-in-progress. Because it is rapidly evolving.• Nonetheless, we simply dont have the option of sitting back and waiting to understand address cloud computing security issues. Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 18
  19. 19. Cloud Security• Cloud computing has become a common practice in business, government, education, and entertainment leveraging 50 millions of servers globally installed at thousands of datacenters today.• Private clouds will become widespread in addition to using a few public clouds, that are under heavy competition.• Effective trust management, guaranteed security, user privacy, data integrity, mobility support, and copyright protection are crucial to the universal acceptance of cloud as a ubiquitous service. Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 19
  20. 20. Cloud Computing – Service Provider Priorities• Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability in a multi-tenant environment.• Effectively meet the advertised SLA, while optimizing cloud resource utilization.• Offer tenants capabilities for self-service, and achieve scaling through automation and simplification. Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 20
  21. 21. Trust Management for Protecting Cloud Resources and Safeguard Datacenter Operations Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 21
  22. 22. Cloud Service Models & Security Demands Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 22
  23. 23. Trusted Zones for VM Insulation Anti-malware Federate Insulate infrastructureIdentity from Malware, Trojans Cybercrime identities with intelligencefederation public clouds and cybercriminals Strong APP APP Tenant authentication OS OS #2 Control and Virtual Infrastructure InsulateVirtual isolate VM in the informationnetwork Data loss virtual from other preventionsecurity infrastructure tenants APP APP Tenant OS OS #1 Virtual Infrastructure Insulate Segregate and information from Encryption &Access cloud providers’ key mgmt control userMgmt employees access Tokenization Cloud Provider Physical Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure Security Info. & Event Mgmt Enable end to end view of security events and compliance GRC 23 across infrastructures
  24. 24. UNI | ONBOARD Cloud on boarding Enterprise customers want to leverage low- cost compute in the cloud, while keepingtheir data and directory services in a secure, on-premise location.
  25. 25. oarding solution will address these issues as application workloads areprivate clouds, enabling the enterprise to:on workload. UNI | ONBOARD Cloud on boarding tions to the cloud, moving one virtual machine to the cloud may not suffice an one virtual machine will need to migrate to the cloud thus defining thean example, an application could consist of a virtual machine containing thend a virtual machine containing a web stack the application may leverage. d can be defined as of one or more virtual machines needed to define a • Define an application workload and are migrated to the cloud as one entity. • Establish a transparent bridge and access between the cloud and premise datacenterrent bridge and access between the cloud and premise datacenter. orkloads to the cloud is only a minor part of the equation when! consideringsiderations like: Migrate application workloadscomponents back • network transparency, accessibility to key to the cloudnt management,Support virtualization optimization and secured • application firewalling, WAN heterogeneityn the cloud and the premise datacenter. By creating3. Migrate applicationthe a “bridge” between workloads to the cloud. • Enable seamless access to resources remainingto a target cloud can present challenges. Virtual to virtual will be Migrating an application workload in the enterprise data the cloud, the network will become transparent and applications will center the likely use-case, but physical to virtual may also arise in other use-cases. CitrixâXenConvertâ will seamlessly on- board application workloads to any of the key Citrix Cloud Partners. Supporting the Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) will allow virtual machines to be packaged into applications workloads. Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 25 4. Support virtualization heterogeneity. The on-boarding of application workloads from a premise datacenter that may be running on a
  26. 26. What about Integration?• In order to make the most of your existing IT provision, the cloud computing should be able to integrate easily with your current infrastructure• Key to Uni Systemss enterprise cloud offerings is being able to easily integrate with customers existing networks, so that our services become a seamless extension of those already provided by in-house IT departments• Cloud computing infrastructure should allow enterprises to achieve more efficient use of their existing IT hardware and software investments. Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 26
  27. 27. References Customer Type of Services Major Financial Disaster Site Hosting, Operations room Institution Major Financial Disaster site Hosting, Operations room InstitutionMajor Telecom Operator Disaster site for specific business applications Energy SAP aaS Media Web aaS Governmental Mail aaS Institution Manufacturing Hosting, Remote Desktop More than 6 Financial PAYroll as a Service Institutes Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 27
  28. 28. Thank You! Uni Systems Copyright © 2012 28