How to Ensure Business Continuity in the Cloud


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Giorgos Gerogiannis is Data Center & Cloud Solutions Manager at Uni Systems. He covered the topic of Business Continuity in the Cloud in the 1st Business Continuity Management Forum that took place in Athens, on February 18th, 2014

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How to Ensure Business Continuity in the Cloud

  1. 1. How to Ensure Business Continuity in the Cloud and change the way we use and manage IT Giorgos Gerogiannis, Datacenter & Cloud Solutions Manager
  2. 2. IT needs to become smarter … get new choices • Some use the word “Cloud” to describe new consumption and delivery models. • Regardless of terminology, it is clear that these new models are emerging for the enterprise – even if they were first inspired by consumer Internet services. • Self-service, economies-of-scale, and flexible sourcing options – new choices of deployment – define these new models.
  3. 3. Uni Systems Secure Cloud Services… Built with Reliability in mind ISO 27001:2005 •Hosting Services for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment and high-availability office facilities in the Company’s Data Centre •Cloud Services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) •Professional Services including the design, installation, administration and technical support of ICT
  4. 4. Physical Security
  5. 5. Protection of the Data |Technology
  6. 6. Reliability of Operations Processes Security Aware Professional Services NDA Agreement People Background checked Business Continuity Mgmt Operational & Change Control Availability Management Managed Backup Access Control Mgmt Monitoring SLA Mgmt Secure Information exchange Audit Logging Data Deletion Mgmt Quality Assurance
  7. 7. Uni|Cloud Portfolio Uni|Apps Cloud on demand Apps Uni|Desktop Desktop as a Service Uni|On-Board Cloud on Boarding Uni|Root Monitoring as a Service Uni|Vault Backup & Business Continuity as a Service Uni|Workplace Test & Development environment as a Service Uni Systems Next Generation Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Storage –TBA Uni|Cloud- IaaS Uni|Cloud- SaaS Uni|E-Invoicing Uni|PAYaaS Uni|HCMaaS Human Capital Mangmt as a Service Payroll as a Service Uni|Cloud- PaaS Uni|DBaaS RDBMS as a Service Uni|MaaS Middleware as a Service
  8. 8. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Your Clients, Employees, Bank, Insurance Company, Accountant, and Family are depending on you to back up and run quickly after a disaster EARTHQUAKE • EARTHQUAKE FLOODS WILDFIRES Electrical Storm
  9. 9. Traditional Approaches to DR Backup Your Data • Focus is on protecting data: o o • Tape backup Imaging Poor performance: o • Slow RTO, RPO (days) Hidden costs: o o How do we get the data back in to a useable state? How long to rebuild server?
  10. 10. Traditional Approaches to DR Data Replication - Mirroring • Focus is on protecting application o o • Clustering Like-for-like infrastructure Performance, but at what price? o • Near-zero RTO, RPO High cost: o Duplicate infrastructure o Management complexity
  11. 11. Balancing Business Requirements and Cost Cost Cost of Data Availability Cost of System Availability Cost of System Downtime Cost of Data Loss Ideal Solution Set TIME HOURS RPO Hours of Lost Transactions 0 RTO HOURS Hours Required to Resume Business
  12. 12. Bridging the Gap Duplication • Fast RTO and RPO • Duplicate resources • Costly and complex Backup • Slow RTO and RPO • Over commitment of recovery resources
  13. 13. Solution Design Challenges Identify the ideal solution set • Evaluate per Application RPO – RTO between Cost of Data Loss and • Evaluate DR resource needs Cost of Data availability • • Design DR users access providing physical and virtual seats • Easy Access • Support Legacy, Physical and • Assess per application data change rate Virtual servers • Design the right Replication techniques to • reduce replication data Provide support for multiple operating systems • Address limited bandwidth • Address Compliance issues • Address Country Risk • Use the right tools to optimize WAN usage • Use the right tools to support Physical – Virtual and Legacy systems • Provide 3rd replication hop out of Country
  14. 14. Uni Systems Cloud DR Solution
  15. 15. Paying only for the Business Continuity you use • No Startup Investment • In the event of a disaster, Uni Systems will restore your chosen servers into our cloud platform. Users are then able to remotely login to their virtual desktops and access business critical applications and data from any internet connected PC or workstation • Access from Anywhere • Cloud DR pricing is simple, transparent and is based around a low fixed monthly fee
  16. 16. References Customer Type of Services Major Financial Institution Disaster Site Hosting, Operations room Major Financial Institution Disaster site Hosting, Operations room Major Telecom Operator Disaster site for specific business applications Energy Media Governmental Institution Manufacturing More than 6 Financial Institutes SAP aaS Web aaS Mail aaS Hosting, Remote Desktop PAYroll as a Service
  17. 17. Copyright © 2014 Uni Systems