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ITSM in the Cloud
The Service Challenge
Enabling the Business to Deliver New Services
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Edge Service Management by Unisys
Unisys is one of the world’s most experienced service
management practit...
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Uniquely Unisys:
ƒƒ Over 150 pre-built service request definitions (SRDs) that are
ready for use
Change an...
Additional Advisory Services
Realize the full value of your Service Management investments
by leveraging the talent and ex...
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Edge Service Management by Unisys


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ITSM is the control center for the enterprise - it is the engine that drives the IT factory. It is driven by data and insights. It is optimized by integration and automation. It involves people and processes, not just technology. Often, the blame has been directed to the ITSM tool and that getting a new tool would solve the problem. Most people find that even with a different tool, the problem persists. Learn how you can you realize results in weeks, not years with our time-tested, customer-validated approach.

Edge Service Management by Unisys allows you to realize the full value of your Service Management investments by leveraging the talent and experience of our experts and practitioners. We can help you take your processes, people and technology to the next level.

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Transcript of "Edge Service Management by Unisys"

  1. 1. Previous | Next ITSM in the Cloud SERVICE MANAGEMENT The Service Challenge Enabling the Business to Deliver New Services Enterprises today are expected to modernize an aging service desk, move to a customer-centric approach, and deploy new services, while being challenged with a plethora of consumer technologies that are being brought into the workplace such as management of cloud, “as a Service” solutions, Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), and other disruptive trends. Service Management processes and supporting technologies must evolve quickly to keep pace with business demands, while leveraging current IT investments. Adding to this, there is little information sharing and organizations do not have a single consolidated view of IT operations and enterprise health leading to inconsistent support for end users. Often, the blame is directed at the IT Service Management (ITSM) tool and the general consensus is that getting a new tool would solve the problem. But most people find that even with a different tool, the same problem persists. If we apply a problem management approach to this situation, we need to determine the root cause of the problem. While, ITSM is the control center of your enterprise, it involves people and processes, not just technology. You need to focus on people, think in terms of their productivity and satisfaction, and not just run IT projects. You also need to communicate in business terms and service levels, and not just in terms of IT metrics. The nature of the business you are in - retail, finance, or healthcare - will determine what these business attributes are and how they can be communicated to your customers and business owners. HIGHLIGHTS ƒƒ Develop a service mindset and support structure to focus on service improvement and cost optimization ƒƒ Increase the ability to anticipate and react with a monitored, integrated and automated support infrastructure ƒƒ Activate and operationalize a modern ITSM framework within 90 days ƒƒ Leverage pre-built templates and Service Request Definitions (SRDs) to quickly realize improvements in process and speed ƒƒ Gain operational knowledge from best practices built on actual operational experience
  2. 2. Previous | Next Edge Service Management by Unisys Unisys is one of the world’s most experienced service management practitioners and offers one of the most advanced, cloud-based service management solutions for clients globally. Edge Service Management by Unisys (Edge) is an ITIL v3 subscription-based solution hosted on a secure private cloud infrastructure that includes three pre-configured environments: Production, Test and Development. Our cloud-based platform is a low-risk and low-cost solution that gets you up and running quickly, often within 90 days. This allows you to focus on empowering the business, while we assist you in running your IT as a business. Our “As-a-Service” model eliminates capital expenditure, system maintenance, upgrade outages, lengthy user training, and costly user support. This significantly reduces both the initial cost and the total cost of your service management function. Unisys accelerates the business value and outcomes expected through consulting services that help you get the maximum value out of the service. In addition, these services help you assess and improve your current operating model. We configure your ITSM with the essentials for an effective, efficient IT organization based on your current practices and capabilities. We then expand the core ITSM capabilities with Unisys VantagePointSM , the Unisys Integration Platform, and our patent pending Short Maintenance Window for optimal availability. From incident and problem management to other essential services, your core ITSM discipline modules are available via an easy-to-use web interface. We provide platform maintenance, system maintenance, and monitoring along with 24x7 platform availability and 99.5% application availability. The service is delivered via an infrastructure that is owned, managed, and maintained by Unisys. We ensure that your applications and data are hosted in our secure environment and delivered in compliance with SAS 70 guidelines and ISO 27000 standard. With advanced analytics, pre-built work flows and reporting capabilities you not only improve user productivity and satisfaction but also maximize the effectiveness of your IT resources and to make better business decisions. Edge by Unisys ITSM Core Our ITSM core modules help you modernize incident, problem, change, and release management. Delivered via SaaS they integrate seamlessly with your other IT systems. Incident and Problem Management: Handle support requests quickly with an integrated service support process that includes ITIL best practices built directly into the tool. You can identify incidents resulting from degradation or a service outage and report them via monitoring systems for quick service remediation. Restore normal service operations quickly by managing all aspects of an incident and reduce cycle times. Improve productivity and response time utilizing incident pattern matching to leverage known-error, root-cause and existing service restoration knowledge. Analyze your incident data to identify recurring issues and implement via Problem Management. You can move from a reactive to a predictive mode by collecting and analyzing the current behavior of applications and IT infrastructure, predicting problems before they occur, automatically pinpointing probable cause across technology silos, and initiating standardized problem and resolution processes. Uniquely Unisys: ƒƒ Defined reportable tables for auditing ƒƒ Simplified ticket management and closure ƒƒ Pre-built incident templates for common issues Request Management: Begin the transition to a more consumer oriented delivery of services with Service Request Management (SRM). Service delivery organizations can easily define a service portfolio and publish their service catalog in an easy-to-use web portal. Beginning with basic IT support services you can expand the facility to other non-IT categories such as facilities, human resources, and marketing. This service is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
  3. 3. Previous | Next Uniquely Unisys: ƒƒ Over 150 pre-built service request definitions (SRDs) that are ready for use Change and Release Management: Deploy a tightly integrated process to manage change across your entire IT infrastructure beginning with your data centers to desktops. Based on ITIL best practices and organizational policy the process helps you reduce the risks associated with change and release management. You can access and analyze the risk of change, obtain input and reviews from key stakeholders. Then check the change schedule for potential blackout dates and communicate planned changes to the entire organization. Asset and Configuration Management: Manage the entire lifecycle of your IT assets – from procurement through retirement. Translate discovery data into normalized software titles and descriptions, enabling more accurate and efficient matching of discovered software to licenses. Create a complete picture of application deployment and usage – mainframe, distributed, virtual, and cloud – through the CI data populated and maintained in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Reduce software license and compliance costs by incorporating software license management into both your asset and operational processes. You can compare license entitlements against usage and provide compliance reporting to identify under and over-utilization. The CMDB provides a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of both services and the corresponding CIs. Provide detailed compliance measurement using a flexible, rules- based license engine with wizard-based license rules creation. Uniquely Unisys: ƒƒ Pre-built CMDB Data Structure (Product Catalog) to facilitate the importing of the right CI detail from discovery sources Knowledge Management: Resolve incidents faster by providing a framework for creating, publishing, reviewing, and searching knowledge articles. Content is available for collaborative use by service support teams as well as for publishing self-help articles to increase self-service and call deflection. Service Management Reporting: Gain visibility into key IT performance indicators through point-and-click analysis, advanced reporting, and a dashboard view of critical IT processes. Uniquely Unisys: ƒƒ 160 pre-built service reports – 96 standard and 64 (additional) from Unisys ƒƒ Weekly, monthly, and daily reports in both PDF and Excel formats Service Level Management: Start communicating with your business stakeholders in terms they can understand. Define service level requirements, track service levels, measure service level compliance, and drive continuous service improvement initiatives. Development: Develop your own applications and workflows with the industry’s most powerful workflow engine. Integrations: Orchestrate service support over a larger portion of your IT investments with over 70 pre-built integrations to common enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle and others. Leverage out-of-the-box integration with BMC BladeLogic solutions for automated fulfillment of requests, such as provisioning of virtual servers. Unisys VantagePoint Unisys VantagePoint provides a set of consolidated service views of the business focusing on the people within your organization. It offers insight into what is occurring within your IT landscape, and provides a business oriented views to key stakeholders. Unisys VantagePoint brings you both the depth and detail needed at the front line as well as specific information focusing on service views, service levels, service integration, and service orchestration. The service views focused on people includes a rich user portal with knowledge, self-help, and chat, as well as a consumer oriented service catalog of support and services to help your people stay productive. The operations service view provides front line support and personal access to the ITSM tool while providing an overall enterprise health and service support picture for your IT operations managers. The business view provides CIOs, CMOs, HR and other business line leaders with line-of-sight information on how core services are running and helps them define status of critical business information such as costs, projects and more.
  4. 4. Additional Advisory Services Realize the full value of your Service Management investments by leveraging the talent and experience of our experts and practitioners. With years of experience in running IT operations and delivering ITSM solutions, our team can assist you in identifying areas for improvement, creating a technology and process roadmap, or helping you operationalize your core ITSM disciplines. Our additional Services include: ITSM Activation Services: Activation services are designed for faster development, implementation and operationalization of your new ITSM service. It includes initiation and base activation services. ITSM Transition Services: Assistance to configure and enhance base activation, which include advanced activation, process workshops and transition training. Infrastructure and Application Assessment Services: Diagnostics for your service management installation – an assessment of where you stand and how you can improve your ITSM system. ITSM Maturity Assessment: Maturity assessment, strategic planning and process optimization that help spot gaps, and prioritize areas of improvement to drive maximum value realization of your ITSM program. IT Asset Management: Taking your organization beyond basic asset tracking to delivering business benefits through holistic management of assets across your entire organization and throughout the full asset lifecycle. Delivering Results Edge will help you realize results in weeks, not years. Our time- tested, customer-validated approach will help you take your processes, people, and technology to the next level. Ask us about ways to: ƒƒ Advance your organization’s overall ITSM maturity level ƒƒ Modernize your ITSM system and operationalize core disciplines such as Incident and Problem in as little as 60 days ƒƒ Improve core incident response and resolution metrics based on priority-level support, VIP-level support, or product-level support ƒƒ Track compliance and reduce costs by isolating issues with common IT configuration items such as software license management Get Started Today We help you get started quickly, given our blend of tools, infrastructure, and service management expertise. Our advanced diagnostic service assesses your situation and identifies areas that hold the greatest potential for operational improvement and ROI. We will work with you, wherever you need assistance: strategy, business case development, process and execution, optimization, system implementation, maintenance, and support. Why buy a new tool for an old problem? Break the mold and resolve the root cause today. For isn’t that what service management is all about? Edge Service Management by Unisys Turn insight into action with Edge Service Management by Unisys. Drive increased value through a cloud-based pre-built, proven, and business ready solution powered by BMC and advanced by Unisys. Use real-time analytics to accelerate problem resolution, proactively improve and gain competitive advantage through enhanced support for people, operations, and business. For more information, contact your Unisys representative or visit Previous SERVICE MANAGEMENT 14-0137 © 2014 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. Unisys, the Unisys logo, and Edge Service Management by Unisys are registered trademarks or trademarks of Unisys Corporation. All other brands and products referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.