Rock your CIO’s world with a sensational SharePoint strategy


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Does your SharePoint strategy rock your CIO’s world? How about your CEO’s? This presentation will give your organisation’s SharePoint strategy some extra bling. We’ll help you find harmony in the increasingly complex landscape of information systems, make the transition to social business and stay on course with future directions of content and collaboration via SharePoint.
Aligning trends in information management with your SharePoint blueprint
Where SharePoint fits within a complex information infrastructure
Developing a social business strategy with SharePoint
Don’t fail to plan – maximise your success through a sensational SharePoint strategy

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Rock your CIO’s world with a sensational SharePoint strategy

  1. 1. 2 3 4Rock Your CIO’s World with 5a Sensational SharePoint 6Strategy 7 8Impact 2011 9Jane HeadonNov 2011 10#janeheadon 11#impact2011syd 12
  2. 2. Outside Your CIO’s Office
  3. 3. Agenda Trends Social Meets SharePoint Case Study Digital Workplace User Experience & Content Bringing it all together
  4. 4. Trends - Collaboration• The Next Wave of Productivity Gains: making relationships work in a competitive global environment• Maintaining the human connection across a disparate & highly mobile workforce: Work is becoming ‘what you do, not a place you go’.• From ‘Systems of Record’ to ‘Systems of Engagement’ - where the real work gets done• Deeper engagement with customers, inside the organisation, and with the partner ecosystem
  5. 5. Trends - Social Social tools allow people to connect and interact with unprecedented speed and ease. Actions such as send, reply and forward are being replaced by more collaborative actions such post, follow, comment, share, like and tag. By 2014, social networking services will replace email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users. By 2015, the 20% of enterprises that employ social media beyond marketing will lead their industries in revenue growth.
  6. 6. Trends – Consumerisation of IT Our IT-enabled consumer experiences are deeply collaborative, highly effective, and efficient. Business needs these same capabilities“Why can’t I implement this critical businessapplication on my iPad just I can with ….? “
  7. 7. Trends - Mobile Demand for BYO IT is becoming mainstream Highly empowered tech-savvy individuals are demanding it (and won’t let I.T. get in the way) Gartner data shows tablets alone are going to have effective parity with PCs in just 3 years Issues around cost, security, policy
  8. 8. Trends - Cloud Benefits in cost, agility, scalability, flexibility There are privacy, security, commercial, contractual, regulatory, cost, risk and governance factors to consider
  9. 9. Getting StartedCurrent State
  10. 10. SharePoint Meets SocialWhat’s Hot. What’s Not.
  11. 11. The Social SpectrumMe We UsProfiles Communities Ideas & InnovationMicroblogs Discussions Enterprise Q&AActivity Streams Tagging Expertise Location Team Blog Learning
  12. 12. Reasons for Manager ResistanceReasons for resistance can be attributed to a lack of understanding of the purposeand benefits of collaborationSource: Chess - State of the Enterprise 2.0
  13. 13. Getting Started with Social 1. Where can social interactions create new business value for my customers, employees and partners? 2. What are the use cases? 3. How will I get employees and customers to use it for real business? 4. How do our concepts of control, governance, privacy and security need to change to deal with the new world? 5. What is the projected value for my new social business solution? 6. Is a single technology solution the answer? How do I avoid yet another silo?
  14. 14. A Day in the Life…Sales Exec I Need To….  Bring together a team of experts to help me close deals  Ask questions about products and pricing, case studies, testimonials  Coordinate cross-business-unit interaction with large, global accounts  Share win stories, lessons learnt But…. Now I Can  Ask Qs in an area SMEs will see  Rate or comment on case studies and other sales aids  Collaborate with prospects and customers in a private extranet group  Pick up on customer & competitive intelligence, industry trends And….
  15. 15. We’d need verystrict policies to I feel anxiousspecify who can about ‘puttingdo what myself out there’ Isn’t it just about making people feel good?
  16. 16. Social & Crossing the Chasm KISS - Frictionless Get It In Context – find the moments Content Communicate Measure Engage the right people -new roles? Reward“Some things never change….”
  17. 17. SharePoint & Social Holes My Site inflexible: > can’t surface activity stream on homepage > activity stream not real-time Can’t ‘like’ or ‘comment’ or use hashtags Suggestions & Recommendations - v light No Ideation, Enterprise Q&A, Gamification Blogs, wikis, discussion boards - clumsy Team Sites are content-oriented, structured – what about informal communities?“Why can’t it be more like….LinkedIn, GooglePlus …”
  18. 18. SharePoint Plus - Options SharePoint Social Features Partial Full1  Basic Features Only  Improved Microblogging Yammer  Separate profiles 2 a.  Adds mobile capability Still an island2 b. Yammer  Can’t do with free version  Improved Microblogging  Separate profiles2 c. SalesForce/ Chatter   Adds Mobile capability Usage limitations?3  Fully integrated, single profile Newsgator  Mobile  In context, single UX
  19. 19. Social Integration – the next horizon Social Intranet CRM ERP SCM  Social standalone1  Social embedded as a silo2 CRM Social Social  Social everywhere  Connective tissue3 Intranet CRM ERP SCM Gartner: “By 2016, 15% of businesses will deploy a horizontal social technology layer that integrates with several business applications”.
  20. 20. SharePoint & theDigital Workplace
  21. 21. The Digital Workplace Customers, Partner, Competitors, Opinion Leaders The New Intranet Social Discover, Discuss Real time, constant movement, unpredictable Collaborative Work, Create, Do Creative, coordinated, goal oriented Managed Refer, Learn, Publish Content, Apps: Authoritative, Stable, ReferenceSource: Jane McConnell, NetStrategy
  22. 22. Getting Personal“There’s No Such Thing As Information Overload,Just Filter failure” - Clay ShirkyOpportunities: Audience Targeting Personalisation Email Alerts RSS Feeds Search
  23. 23. Still Can’t FindWhat You’re Looking For?
  24. 24. FAST Relevance enhanced by user tagging and rating Featured content Related searchesNavigators with exact counts Document previews Document thumbnails
  25. 25. User Experience.It’s not a ‘nice to have’.
  26. 26. User Experience Your system will live or die based on the user experience “Great IA and UX people can create and satisfy user desires that even the users would not know how to formulate. That’s pure Steve Jobs”. Jane McConnell Is it time to put a new face on your assets?
  27. 27. Inspiration: Karen McGraneBond Art & Science Interaction Design Visual Branding Information Architecture
  28. 28. Content…Is No Longer King.People are.Or….?
  29. 29. Content Tips1. Make it original.2. Make it useful.3. Make it fresh4. Go out on a limb.5. Dont ignore comments.6. Put things in perspective.7. Match the message to the medium.10. Be empathetic.
  30. 30. Horses for Courses Your culture is unique Your requirements are unique Your strategy should be unique too.
  31. 31. What’s the Hurry? Your competitors may already have this edge It IS coming, be on the front foot I.T. will have to face the security, governance, risk“You have to grab onto the newcommunication and collaboration systems oryou will simply end up as roadkill”Charles Moore - AIIM
  32. 32. Back to the CIO’s Office…
  33. 33. Strategy - End to End Listen &Identify Validate & Align Enablement SequenceWorkshops Distill Capacity to Prioritise Requirements into ImplementAnalysis of Existing Capabilities SequenceResearch Architecture Strategic Technology RoadmapWorkplace AlignmentDemographics Enablement  PeopleCompetitive Analysis  Processes  ChangeIndustry Trends
  34. 34. Information Management – Business Strategy  Workplace Demographics Strategy Elements  Culture  Maturity Collaboration  Traditional tools eg. team sites  Unified Comms  ExtranetIntranet Integrated, unified Content User Experience Social & Mobile Personalisation  New collaboration tools Search Personal Sites, activity Document Management streams, videos, ideation Governance, Training, Change, Measurement Strategic Alignment ie. Digital Strategy
  35. 35. It’s all about theRelevance
  36. 36. AttributionsJane McConnell -NetStrategyDion Hinchcliffe – The Dachis GroupCharles Moore - AIIM,AIIM – Social Business SystemsChess – State of E2.0 Images:Groundswell - Forrestor iStockNewsgator | Jive | Yammer | Socialcast Jessica Headon Despair #janeheadon #impact2011syd