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Uninstall TuneUp Utilities
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Uninstall TuneUp Utilities


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Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. Problem With Uninstalling Tune Up Utilities? –Best Solution to Remove Tune Up UtilitiesHow would you remove Tune Up Utilities is a newly releasedoptimization tool which can detect and remove both of known andunknown system errors so as to increased performance for Windowssystem. But my uncle is stuck with this software. He has installed TuneUp Utilities, then he couldn’t uninstall from the control panel, so heremove it manually the Program Files, Program Data and AppData.When he tried to reinstall it, but the setup file gives the message“TuneUp Utilities cannot be installed because a more recent version ofTuneUp Utilities is already installed.” It is even impossible to end itsprocess with the “kill process” software!
  • 2. Now, he can’t run the program any more.How can you remove TuneUp Undelete button from the menu thatappears when clicking the right mouse button on Recycle Bin?As we all know that once TuneUP Utilities was installed on thecomputer, it will be automatically added on the programs list. Hence,we can simply go to Add/Remove program to uninstall Tune Up Utilities:1. Close Tune Up Utilities and end its process on Windows TaskManager.2. Click Start and the go the Control Panel
  • 3. 3. Selecting Uninstall a program or Add/Remove programs (onWindows XP).Once you see Tune Up Utilities on the list, click Uninstall/Change thenfollow the instructions from there.Actually, TuneUp Utilities has been removed through the Windowsdefault programs list, some of its files also can be seen in your PC.Tuneup Utilities install these utilities in your machine with itsinstallation. In other words, it is rather difficult to make Tune UpUtilities gone by simply uninstalling it with Add/Remove applet.Themost effective way to remove TuneUP Utilities is to run a powerful andreliable uninstaller which ensures you a complete and clean removal.1. Free download Special Uninstaller and Install It.
  • 4. 2. Select Tune Up Utilities 2012 from the detected program list and click“Run Uninstaller”.3. Click “OK” button to start uninstall TuneUP Utilities process.4. Wait for the standard uninstalling process to be completed andselect Scan Leftovers to detect leftover files/registry entries and clickDelete Leftovers.5. Click “OK” to finish the removal.As you can see that, not only will Special Uninstaller uninstall Tune UpUtilities in this case, but it will also clean up all the utilities come withTuneUP Utilities and any files associated with the program, such as dlls,other registry issues as well.