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UBS Speialty Pharma Conference
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UBS Speialty Pharma Conference


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  • 1. Innovative Drug Delivery Device Solutions
    Ramin Mojdeh, Ph.D.
    Executive Vice President and
    Chief Operating Officer
    UBS Specialty Pharma Conference
    May 2011
  • 2. Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
    This presentation contains forward looking statements under the safe harbor provisions of the US securities laws. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s beliefs and assumptions and on information currently available to our management. Our management believes that these forward-looking statements are reasonable as and when made. However you should not place undue reliance on any such forward looking statements as these are subject to risks and uncertainties.  Please refer to our press release and our SEC filings for more information regarding the use of forward looking statements.
  • 3. Introducing Unilife
    • Emerging global leader in innovative drug delivery device solutions
    • 4. Enable and enhance delivery of drugs by pharmaceutical customers
    • 5. Rapidly expanding pipeline being driven by customer needs
    • 6. Unifill– world’s only prefilled platform with integrated safety
    • 7. NASDAQ listed (UNIS) with state-of-the-art facility in York, PA
  • 8. Attractive Market Trends and Opportunity
    • $30B Injectable drug delivery device market in2015, 12.3%CAGR
    • 9. Large macromolecule composition of pharmaceutical pipeline
    • 10. Safety legislation and sharps management
    • 11. Devices drive patient acceptance, preference and adherence
    • 12. Emerging healthcare needs of aging global population
    • 13. Risingglobalhealthcarestandardscreatingstrongmarketpotential
    • 14. Improved outcomes and economics with use of unit-dose and ready to administer formats
    • 15. Trend to patients self-administration of injectable drugs
    • 16. Patent cliff - 30 biologics with $51B sales expire by 2015
  • 17. Strategic Focus
    • Innovative devicesolutionsforcommercialdrugs/biosimilars
    • 18. Integratedproprietaryprimarydrug delivery devices withvalue-addfeatures
    • 19. Target and address emerging unmet needs for pipeline drugs
    • 20. Pharmaceuticalcollaborations – specializeddevicesfornoveldrugs
    • 21. Targethigh-endofmarketfordifferentiateddevices, highmargins
    • 22. Strategic sourcing of components
    • 23. In-house manufacturing and final assembly
  • 24. Customer-Driven Technology Pipeline
    • Technology pipeline developed in partnership with customers
    • 25. Directly responding to emerging customer needs including:
    • 26. Integrated primarydrugdelivery devices withvalue-addfeaturesandcustomization
    • 27. Advanced syringe systems with integrated safety and transfer mechanisms
    • 28. Dry drug reconstitution and delivery technologies
    • 29. Large-volume viscous drugs delivery technologies
    • 30. Targeted organ delivery devices
    • 31. Multi-chamber proprietary primary containers and delivery systems
    • 32. Reusable and disposable self administration device technologies
    • 33. Technology portfolio can be leveraged to develop customized device concepts according to specific customer needs
  • 34. 7
    Unifill – The Leading Edge of Our Portfolio
    • World’s first and only prefilled syringes with integrated safety
    • 35. Now in production
    • 36. Controlled retraction into barrel
    • 37. Needle locked after use for convenient, compact disposal
  • Unifill as a Game Changer
    • Primary drug delivery device with integrated safety
    • 38. Direct substitute for current prefill and safety prefill syringes
    • 39. Powerful brand differentiation
    • 40. Streamlines fill-finish and packaging process
    • 41. Optimal protection
    2.5B Units Annually
    Ancillary safety needle
    Unifill Platform
    Standard Prefill Syringe
    Current Safety Syringe
    Direct Substitute
    Ancillary safety Device
    Standard Prefill Syringe
    Current Safety Syringe
  • 42. 9
    Success in the Face of a Big Challenge
    Sanofi invested $40MM for access rights to Unifill
    Ready for initial shipment in July – well ahead of original schedule
    Current capacity of 60MM units, planned 150MM unit line extension
  • 43. 10
    New Paradigm in Drug-Device Development
    Clinical Development (phase I, II, III)
    Patient requirements
    Drug industrialization requirements
    Customized delivery device
    • Devicescustomizedtospecificrequirements ofdrugsandtargetpatients
    • 44. Collaboration with drug companies from clinical development through commercial sales
    • 45. Unique devices increasingly used to differentiate brands, optimize product lifecycles and enhance patient care
  • Summary
    • Unilife - emerging global leader in innovative drug delivery devices
    • 46. Injectable drug delivery device market is attractive and growing fast
    • 47. Innovative, differentiated devices for pipeline drugs and biosimilars
    • 48. Developing rich portfolio of technologies driven by customer need
    • 49. Unifill: the 1st and only prefill syringe system with integrated safety
    • 50. The new drug-device paradigm is to target pipeline drugs to develop total system solutions for the pharmaceutical partner
    • 51. LaunchwithUnifill,thendrivegrowthwithsuccessive introductionsofinnovative,differentiateddevices