Multichannel Commerce bei La Redoute


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Etienne Bourdon, CEO von Redcats Switzerland, Germany & Italy (La Redoute), berichtete am E-Commerce Summit 2013 über die aktuellen Herausforderungen im Online-Modemarkt mit Blick auf europäische Entwicklungen. In der Schweiz wurde La Redoute als Fashion Brand mit französischem Flair vor 15 Jahren gestartet und ist mittlerweile das führende Online-Modehaus der Schweiz.

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Multichannel Commerce bei La Redoute

  1. 1. La Redoute, based in Montreux, is in Switzerland since 15 years andbecame quickly the #1 online fashion brand. In the last couple of years, we observed several key changes in women multi-channel shopping in Switzerland. Similarities are developping fast with the rest of Europe,... but still with local specificities.  Etienne Bourdon
  2. 2. Started from catalogues in France, now in 31countries with over 70% of orders through Internet
  3. 3. #1 in France(e-commerce site for Apparel & Home Decoration)
  4. 4. French Fashion distributed by Redcats Transalps and in Switzerland since 15 yearsRedcats Transalps Fashion & Deco Switzerland Italy Germany/Austria Kids Apparel & Deco Switzerland Montreux Fashion large sizes Switzerland Fashion from Sweden Switzerland
  5. 5. French Fashion available in Switzerland since 15 years #1 online fashion brand in SwitzerlandOver 50% of activity in German Switzerland
  6. 6. Mainly communicating with catalogues and online media Over 70% of activity online.What changed in the last years in multi- channel distance shopping ?
  7. 7. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ? CHF/Euro "parity" : PUSH customers toward Euro prices in cross border shopping• €/CHF price comparison Online• Regional cross border shopping in retail Retail• Online shopping abroad in Europe and more= mainly since August 2011with a progressive develop-pment
  8. 8. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ? New "Deal based" Competition : New online players cloned from European successes (Ventes-privées, ...) pushing customers toward everyday time limited strong deals• Private Sales : eboutic, FashionFriends, ... Product of the day Private• Deal of the day : Dein Flash Sales sales Deal, Groupon NEW All Shoes NEW Flash• Product of the day : Qoqa All products NEW Sales Product of the day Private sales= becoming mainstreamsince 2011 with e-retailer Flash Salesnow having their own Product ofproduct of the day, private the day All productssales,...
  9. 9. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ? New Advertizing Competition : The boom of foreigners advertizing in Switzerland media• Push for foreign shopping online with wider offer and lower prices• Increase cost of local advertizing (SEM, retargeting, display,...) web TV Press• Increase expectations with more competitive services (price/quality)= Deeply changingcustomer behaviors
  10. 10. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ?New Advertizing Competition : Zalando exemple in Switzerland....
  11. 11. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ? Social Media : the boom of Facebook in Switzerland do not translate into a boom of interactivity with brands such as in other countries• Similar Facebook Penetration : about 50% of online population• Lower proportion of brand Fans on top "social brands" 12% 6% 9% 6%• Low interactions 8% 5% at least with La 8% 5% Redoute in CH vs. 6% 4% France (1Ms La Fans) 6% 4%source : 6% 3%
  12. 12. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ? Mobile : The boom of iPhones in Switzerland and then iPad had a big impact on our sales 2/3 iPad m-Commerce Android• 2,9Ms or 48% of split per Swiss equipped w/ mobile OS 2 % smartphone in early (june 2012) 2 % 2012 vs. 3% in 16 % ipad 2007 iphone site mobile 1/3 iPhone 10 % iphone app• 53% of men, 42% of women... android app 10 % ipad app 60 %• with a boost since the arrival of iPhones mid 2008 in 2013, over 12% of online transactions are done on iPad* source : Comparis
  13. 13. What changed recently in Swiss distance shopping ? Mobile : new shopping behavior in terms of timing and of usage (email, push notifications, SMS) Split per hour of traffic • 40% of emails opened on mobile devices (incl. 3/4 on iPhone) • 45% of email traffic via mobile device opened on mobile are deleted immediately Mobile activity (traffic and purchases) is mainly an Evening usage* mobile including iPad
  14. 14. What is next ? Traffic management : to reach better Cost Per Order and volumes of orders Mobile adaptations : email, services, specific communicationsServices and commercial animations : to keep on tracking and adapt our services and offers to our customer new behaviors Multi-channel commerce (e-commerce, m-commerce, mail order) has become simple commerce
  15. 15. Thank You