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Evaluation question 3
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Evaluation question 3

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  • 2. MAGAZINE PUBLISHERS:• IPC MEDIA is committed to working in partnership with its consumers, advertisers, business partners and employees. With more than 60 iconic media it’s the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher and engage with 26m UK adults- almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men. Their ‘award winning portfolio of websites reaches over 25 million users globally every month’.• EMAP purpose is to connect professional communities and inspire them to know, to grow, progress and win.’ They ‘hear the market agenda, ask the important questions and suggest innovative solutions’. ‘Every one of our customers should win’.
  • 3. • BAUER MEDIA Bauer Media ‘reaches over nineteen million UK adults every week’ and has been ‘widely recognised and rewarded as being industry innovators’. It has 80 influential brands covering a ‘diverse’ range of interest. The company own the best selling multi-platform brand ‘FHM’ and other well known brands such as ‘EMPIRE’ magazine.• Starting with one magazine, today Future PLC operates in the UK, US and Australia ‘creating over 200 specialist publications, apps, websites and events’. It attracts more than 50 million monthly unique visitors and sells ‘2.2 million magazines every month.
  • 4. WHY BAUER MEDIA?Bauer Media ‘reaches over nineteen million UK adults every week’ and has been ‘widelyrecognised and rewarded as being industry innovators’. It has 80 influential brandscovering a ‘diverse’ range of interest. The company own the best selling multi-platformbrand ‘FHM’ and other well known brands such as ‘EMPIRE’ magazine.Furthermore Bauer have some of the biggest selling brands in the music magazineindustry such as ‘Q’ and ‘KERRANG!’. Following the success of these brands I believethat ‘IMAGINE…’ would join these well-known magazines and as ‘Q’ is similar to‘IMAGINE…’ it seems that it could highly likely become a success.Lastly the most eye catching point is that their strategy is to connect to the audiencewhich is something ‘IMAGINE…’ magazine feel is very important in becoming a successfulbrand in the industry.
  • 5. ADVERTISING• Music magazines make a large sum of money from advertising and so the companys that would be in ‘IMAGINE’ magazine are:ITUNES: Technology is taking over the high street shops, insteadof going out to buy albums people are now downloading them fromtheir computers. Also having this huge brand in the magazinewould boost the profile ‘IMAGINE’.HMV: The reason why HMV would be advertised in ‘IMAGINE’magazine is because many high street shops do not sell music andso HMV is the shop that many people would go to get albums.
  • 6. Jack Wills: This shop specializes in university wear as they are‘University Outfitters’. The target audience that ‘IMAGINE’ isaimed at looks at people that could be in further education(University) and so would be perfect in the magazine
  • 7. WOULD ‘IMAGINE’ MAGAZINE HAVE AN ONLINEPRESENCE!I believe that having a website, Twitter, Facebook etc. is important to a magazinebecause it gives the magazine accessibility for readers that might not be able to get theshops to buy a magazine. Also makes the magazine increase in popularity as nearly allhouseholds would have access to a computer and over 800 million users on Facebookand 500 million users on twitter so I think that it would be crucial for a magazine too havean online presence. Digital magazines are become ever more popular so its important for‘IMAGINE’ magazine to keep up with other magazines such as ‘Q’ and ‘NME’.With all these statistics ‘IMAGINE’ magazine should have an online presence.
  • 8. APP OR NO APP?Apple and the app store is becoming one of the worlds biggest companys and manymagazines/newspapers already have taken the opportunity and got an app for their product.Music magazines such as ‘POPSTAR!’, ‘TOP OF THE POPS’, ‘Q’ and ‘NME’ all have an appthat readers can download onto their IPADS and IPHONES, This allows people to buy anddownload the magazine and so sales would dramatically increases and so would thepopularity of the magazine. So ‘IMAGINE’ magazine will have an app as it would show thatthey can compete with the big names such as ‘Q’.