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    Typeface Research- Mastheads Typeface Research- Mastheads Presentation Transcript

    • Typeface Research
      Here are some typefaces I have researched and considered to use for the masthead on the front cover of my Indie/Pop Rock (Alternative rock) music magazine.
    • This typeface is called: ‘Earwig factory’. The dark background of each letter, their tilted angles and various sizes make the font edgy, fresh and distinctive this will appeal to my young target audience. However, from my primary research I gathered that some of my target audience find distinctive, titled fonts un-attractive and un-appealing. Therefore this font has positive and negative elements to it and it is uncertain if I want to use it.
    • This font is named ‘Rock it’. It would work very well as the font for the masthead of my music magazine because it connotates rock music and simple boldness. In relation to my primary research, typefaces that are striking and clear appeal to my target audience. This typeface is clear, eye-catching and simple. Also, it is neutral and would appeal to both genders- making it ideal for my target audience.
    • This distinctive typeface is called ‘All over again all caps’. It could work well as the font of the masthead of a alternative rock magazine because of the roughness it connotates as well as being a striking, neutral font, however, it could be received as ‘too untidy’ by my target audience who, as I gathered from primary research, prefer simpler, easy-to-read fonts.
    • This typeface is called ‘Marcsc’. This is a good font to use for the masthead because it connotates relaxation whilst connotating boldness and style. This font could be more appealing to females than males but it connotates modernism which is ideal for my young target audience.
    • The typeface above is called ‘San_Sation’. This is a ‘sans serif’ font and is very simple. It is neutral and would be appealing to both males and females. This font connotates simplicity-because of its simple design, neutralism- because it is not connotating any specific gender, and calmness- because there is not a lot going on. This would attract my target audience because they prefer un-complicated typefaces. However, it could be received at ‘typical’ and ‘boring’ therefore, all these factors need to be considered.
    • This typeface is called ‘Dirty bag’. It is bold, big, eye-catching and modern. The letters are big and connotate confidence, importance and strength. The font is neutral & appealing to both genders. It is simple and easy to read so in accordance with my primary research, it would be attracting for my target audience as the mastheads font.
    • This stylish typeface is called ‘Birth of a hero’. It is clear, simple and elegant. The letters are tall and thin- which connotates them as modern, striking, stylish and feminine. This font would be more appealing to females but because the typeface is black and modernly elegant, some males would also find it appealing. Calmness is connotated through this font because it is not busy and crowded. Also, the modern aspect being connotated would be liked by my young target audience.
    • This unusual typeface is called ‘Andarilho_font’. It is distinctive, minimal and spaced-out. This font would work well as the mastheads font because it is distinctive thus it would stand out amongst other fonts. The minimalism of the lettering would be appealing to my target audience because, according to my primary research, they like minimalism. Also, this typeface is neutral and would be appealing to females and males. The layout of this font is very spaced-out- connotating freedom, space and relaxation- concepts liked by youngsters thus making it an ideal font for a young target audience.
    • -Conclusion-
      To sum-up, during my research I have considered typefaces that are bold, basic and typefaces that are more crowded and complex. I have taken in to account my primary research and typeface research to decide that I am going to use a font that is original, fresh but simple and neutral so that both genders of my young target audience find it appealing.