Astroved Youtube Case Study

Uploaded on was founded by Dr. Pillai, a well-respected Vedic astrologer with extensive contacts in the international Vedic Astrology community. This case study attempts to trace AstroVed's success … was founded by Dr. Pillai, a well-respected Vedic astrologer with extensive contacts in the international Vedic Astrology community. This case study attempts to trace AstroVed's success on YouTube.

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  • 1. AstroVed YouTube Case study - Umananda Mukherjee
  • 2. About was founded by Dr. Pillai, a well-respected Vedic astrologer withextensive contacts in the international Vedic Astrology community. AstroVed wasestablished to provide immediate personalized answers to member’s questions,based on the science of Vedic Astrology and aims to help people lead a happy andfulfilled life on earth.In pursuance of this objective, has established various astrologicalestablishments in the fields of Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, and AshtamangalamPrasanna and so on; thereby contributing to the global needs for astrology andpositioning itself as one of the most reputed astrological services company today.
  • 3. AstroVed YouTube StatsDate joined: February 2007 | Country of origin: United States| First video: 16 July 2008Youtube profile: (Astrology Portal) provides Astrology predictions, Astrologyconsultations, daily horoscopes, nadi astrology, vedic astrology and remedies for all your problems.Subscribers: 3200 | Video views: 1,711,149No of videos uploaded: 225 (AstroVed also runs the Pillai center YouTube Channel which has 268videos uploaded till date)
  • 4. The Purpose• Providing answers and divine wisdom to its members, concerning vital areas of their life like finance, relationship, career, health, business, spirituality etc.• Promoting its various astrology and Vedic based products and services.
  • 5. The InvestmentProfessional video production is a costly affair; probably the reason why AstroVedmaintains an in-house video production team, equipped with high end cameras,video editing software and other peripherals – ensuring that they have all the toolsof the trade.This has immensely helped them in keeping their cost comparatively low, whichwould have otherwise required the allocation of a large fund.
  • 6. The KindKind of videos uploaded by AstroVed:• Testimonial videos by people who have experienced their services• Astrological events/happenings and their possible effects• Videos explaining the essence of divine mantras, gems and rituals• Introducing the role and influence of various archetypes, God and Goddesses in human’s life
  • 7. The Benefits Seeing is believing - Dr. Pillai’s effort in giving away Vedic and astrological tips in his videos, greatly established his and AstroVed’s reputation as a Vedic and astrology expert. This gave them a strong edge over their competition – who wouldn’t prefer to believe a visible person talking rather then a web page full of content?Professionalism paid off – AstroVed ensured that the videos uploaded were made on asufficiently professional level. These videos werent presented as a self-serving manner, but on amanner which genuinely intended to help its viewers. This built a huge loyalty and fan followingfor AstroVed.Smart optimization - Based on the smart use of key words and other optimizing techniques,AstroVed’s video was viewed by thousands of people around the world. This translated in anincrease in AstroVed’s clientele not only locally but also globally.Authority – AstroVed’s untiring efforts in frequently updating videos typically focused on theirindustry i.e. Vedic astrology, successfully demonstrated their niche market with more authority.Their videos which specifically suggested life improvement ideas, attracted a lot of attention;which eventually resulted in more sales.
  • 8. Thank YouConnect with me on: read more about AstroVed please visit: http://www.astroved.comDisclaimer: I don’t own rights to any of the images used on this presentation. The purpose of thispresentation is only informative and not commercial in anyway. The published information in no way reflectsthe views and opinion of my employer and represents only my personal viewpoint.