Sap Application Assurance Service Offerings


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Sap Application Assurance Service Offerings

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Sap Application Assurance Service Offerings

  1. 1. EnterprizeERP Consulting Services SAP Application Assurance Integrated SAP Testing Services
  2. 2. Slide | 2 SAP Testing Facts Risks Cost & Time Changes Need Goals • Lack of Testing • 86% Customers Concerned • Major Cost & Time Factor • 75% of Customer Worried • Application Changes in a year • 25% of Corporate Applications • Applications Gain Complexity • Needs Additional Testing • More Reliable & Usability • Leading to Integrity & Correctness Source: SAP
  3. 3. Slide | 3 Testing Needs in SAP World
  4. 4. Slide | 4 SAP Landscape and Quality Management SAP Version Upgrades Change Management Transports User Licenses Solman Integration BPCA Integration TAO Integration QA Skills & Roles QA Processes & Practices eCATT , TDMS Test Management Test Automation Integration Testing Test Data Management Quality Strategy Test Process Automation Traceability Matrix Testing Tools Automation Consulting SAP Landscape and Quality Management
  5. 5. Slide | 5 SAP Test Strategy and Approach SAP Test Strategy Infrastructure Requirements Review Strategy Resources Planning Tools & Objectives Risk Management
  6. 6. Slide | 6 SAP Test Strategy Test Development Test Execution Defects Management Testing Delivery SAP Testing Lifecycle Automation Strategy Scheduling & PlanningAccepatance, Integration, performance Testing Test Plans,Scripts and Data Test Metrics & Dashbaord Reporting Bug Tracking, Findings and Verification
  7. 7. Slide | 7 SAP Testing Automation Framework 3rd Party Test Automation Tools with Solution Manager SAP Solution Manager Business Blue Print Test Automation Framework eCATT SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench SAP TDMS SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench Work Center BW Reporting Integrated Partner ReportingSAP Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench HP QTP Worksoft Micro Focus IBM Rational Test Scope Identification Test Case Setup Test Planning Business and Test Requirements Test Execution Manual Test Test Reporting Status and Progress Reports & Dashboards Certified Interface • Test Case Design • Test System Assessment • Test Data Assessment • Meta Data Collection
  8. 8. Slide | 8 SAP Integrated Testing - Business Process Flow Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer 2. Create Business Processes Documentation 3. Update Blueprint after redesigning the current business processes 1.Generate Blueprint from previous SAP Implementation By reading currently used business processes SAP Quality Management 4. Creating Test Requirements out of Blueprint SAP TAO SAP Test Case Management TDMS 5. Requirements provide information for components to be generated by TAO 6. Compose Test Cases out of TAO Components 6. Enable traceability 7. Create test Data for Test Cases 8. Update Project Analysis with Test Results 9. Monitor and Manage implemented business processes
  9. 9. Slide | 9 SAP TAO and Test Management Solution Solution Manager Incident Management Project Business Process Test Req. Test Object Test Management Project Test Req. Test Plan Test Execution Defect Management SMAdapter SMAdapter One to One match SAP TAO Business Process Change Analyzer Test Reporting
  10. 10. Slide | 10 Why Testing and Automation?  Comprehensive End to End Business Process Testing Solution that (1) accelerates testing of your business processes and (2) is fully aligned with ASAP and Solution Manager. What?  Install the solution and build test cases using (1) Bulk Generated components or (2) Components generated on demand. Once created, these highly reusable components are easily composed to form test cases. How?  Jump start today through EnterprizeERP’s small Proof of Concept Project leading to an enterprise testing implementation project When?  To fundamentally change the testing paradigm from manual testing to “Testing by Composition” thereby significantly reducing the costs and risks for all system change events like upgrades etc Why? Key Benefits  Faster Delivery of SAP Implementation, Upgrade and Enhancement Packs Projects  Lower risk due to better testing coverage and assurance  Improved testing ROI from cycles & increased capacity to absorb and manage change  Tighter Integration with QC or Silk Central and Solutions Manager  Automated Test Management using SAP Solution Manager  End to End Solution Quality Management for SAP and Enterprise Applications
  11. 11. Slide | 11 Contact Details For more Information, please call us at (630) 649 9235 or write to