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  • Why do we need balance in our lives – Stress and vicarious trauma lead to burnout in youth workers.What does balance look like - A happy, healthy and whole person from home to the office and back again. A five step plan to combat vicarious trauma and develop balance.
  • Why do we need balance in our lives – Stress and vicarious trauma lead to burnout in youth workers.Tell story about CPS sexual abuse team and working with the family while Hope was 2.WHAT IS STRESS? There are 3 typesEUSTRESS:Stress that is deemed healthy or giving you a feeling of fulfilment.ACUTE STRESS:The reaction to an immediate threat, commonly known as the fight or flight response.CHRONIC STRESS:A state of prolonged tension from internal or external stressors, which may cause various physical symptoms.Stress symptoms Poor concentration Anxious or racing thoughts Aggression Irritability Tiredness Agitation Physical problems Difficulty sleeping
  • What does balance look like - A happy, healthy and whole person from home to the office and back again.
  • So I am sure by now you would agree with me that we all need to find a little more balance in our lives!!!But how do we get it???If it was easy we all would have done it before.What if I could give you a plan! What if I could give you a framework that guides your future directions so that you live a healthy balanced life. What would that be worth to you?Would it be worth ½ an hour of your time every 3 months to keep you on track.½ an hour to help you keep that new years resolution, ½ an hour to develop a clear program for growth and development? ½ an hour to strengthen you as a whole person. Wouldn’t that be a worthwhile investment???If you are able to invest half an hour every three months and are committed to bettering yourself then its time for us to move on to a plan.
  • Imagine a stool.4 legs.
  • ExerciseFoodRegular GP check ups
  • The human mind is our fundamental resource. John F. Kennedyreading, writing, organizing and planning.Sudoku story You don't have to start with a marathon like a masters degree, perhaps it will be a crossword or a good book, the point is just do it!The energy of the mind is the essence of life. Aristotle
  • Our emotional life is primarily developed out of and manifested in our relationships with othersColleagues = 8 hours a dayFriends = our down timeThere is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. Thomas AquinasFamily = do not underestimate your family of origin
  • The spiritual dimension is your centre, your commitment to your value system.Its what gets you out of bed in the morning
  • It is the seat that holds the legs togetherGet people around you
  • Best laid plans mean nothing without action.30 minutes every six months
  • Everything to do with your bodyEverything to do with your MindEverything to do with your Social lifeEverything to do with your valuesAn the people who help you to stay on track
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  • A balanced life

    1. 1. Youth Work Survival Guide:A Balanced Life© Aaron Garth | www.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    2. 2. ➢ An Australian company based in Melbourne to supportyouth worker’s and their organisations to havelongevity in the field➢ We provide supervision services, organisationaldevelopment, consultancy and continuingprofessional development opportunities➢ Aaron Garth➢ Director of OperationsWho is Ultimate Youth Worker?www.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    3. 3. ➢ Why do we need balance in our lives? – Stress andvicarious trauma lead to burnout in youth workers.➢ What does balance look like? - A happy, healthy andwhole person from home to the office and back again.➢ A five step plan to combat vicarious trauma anddevelop balance.What are we going to cover?www.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    4. 4. www.ultimateyouthworker.com.auTO BALANCE OR NOT TOBALANCE
    5. 5. www.ultimateyouthworker.com.auBALANCE = HAPPINESS
    6. 6. www.ultimateyouthworker.com.auBECOMING BALANCED
    7. 7. www.ultimateyouthworker.com.au5 STEPS TO A MOREBALANCED LIFE
    8. 8. ➢ Physical – All things to do with your body➢ Mental – All things to do with your brain➢ Emotional – All things to do with your heart➢ Spiritual – Where do your values come from5 step planwww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    9. 9. PhysicalEverything to do with your body:health checks, food, eye sight, hearing, gym, sleepetc.A Balanced Lifewww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    10. 10. MentalOur fundamental resourceYour brain is like any other muscle and it needs to beexercisedJust do it!A Balanced Lifewww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    11. 11. EmotionalColleaguesFriendsFamilyGet some down timeA Balanced Lifewww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    12. 12. SpiritualWhat centres you?Where do your values come from?When its cold, wet and miserable outside why do youget out of bed???A Balanced Lifewww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    13. 13. www.ultimateyouthworker.com.auSumming it all UP
    14. 14. AccountabilityThe seat that holds it all togetherGet some people around youUse the tools available to you.A Balanced Lifewww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    15. 15. So What???www.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    16. 16. ➢ Physical➢ Mental➢ Emotional➢ Spiritual➢ AccountabilitySummarywww.ultimateyouthworker.com.au
    17. 17. © Ultimate Youth Worker| www.ultimateyouthworker.com.auThanks for participating