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This presentation covers the Ultimate Social Media Rig. It was presented at the ConnectWise North East User Group.

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  • I’m Chris Chase, CEO of Dti. I’m here to talk to you about having it all with Social Media. We offer a service to our clients called the Ultimate Social Media Rig. It’s a mashup of tools and coaching that gets them started with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. If you haven’t gotten into social media, now is the time.
  • Show of hands, who here has heard of Twitter and Facebook? Who hear has absolutely no idea what I’m talking about? (Nobody should raise their hand) Every single one of you know what Facebook and Twitter are at least a little? Is anyone surprised by this?  If you were to go around asking people in the United States if they are on Facebook, 1 out of 3 will tell you yes.
  • not convinced?
  • For those of you who haven’t heard of Facebook, welcome to the Internet, I think you’ll like it here.Back in April, 2009, we put together a guidebook for Facebook, which we will be offering everybody today. Go to to access that, and other material needed for the Ultimate Social Media Rig.In it, we included some up to date stats about Facebook. At the time, we thought they were pretty big numbers. Keep in mind, these stats aren’t even a year old. Back then, Facebook had more than 175 million active users. Today, as you can see, the site now accommodates 350 million active users. To give you an idea of how many people that is, the United States has a little over 300 million people living in it. In January 2009, Facebook only had a mere 150 million active users.The site defines viral marketing in every way, making it easy for people to share the things they are interested in, and open their opinions for public debate. There could be discussions right now on Facebook about your organization.Facebook started out in a dorm room at Harvard. In 2004, it was released for certain college networks across the United States. In September 2006, Facebook was opened to the public. Now, it is the most popular social network.Facebook now offers a venue for businesses and organizations to interact on Facebook. It’s called the Facebook Fan Page. Facebook’s terms of service requires a user to be an actual person to have a personal profile, but the Facebook Page allows one or more administrators to have access to edit, update, and track analytics.
  • Twitter is a little different. Some people prefer Twitter over Facebook, others don’t get Twitter, and some use both. Twitter has certainly helped jumpstart the social media buzz with it’s catchy terminology and incredibly simple to use interface, and flexible API. Twitter started in March, 2006. In 2007, the service started to get some public attention. Now, everyone from Oprah to Oracle to the President of the United States (who just recently sent his first tweet himself) is jumping on the bandwagon.Twitter is very simple. In 140 characters or less, you tell it what you are doing. No matter what you represent, a brand, a business, an organization, or just yourself, you can get a very simple update out to your followers very quickly. Over 85% of all Twitter users use a third party application for updating Twitter from their mobile phones or desktops, or even other sites. For the IT industry, you can use Twitter to crank out quick alerts for clients, tech tips, or simply engage them by revealing your corporate culture.
  • Hootsuite is the tool you will use the most to update your social networks. Hootsuite allows you to set up multiple users to update your social networks, so you can have staff make updates, but not give them full access to Twitter and Facebook, and the other networks. You can use Hootsuite to track what users are saying on Twitter. You can set up tabs that search Twitter in real time for keywords that you set up.Of course, you can schedule future tweets, and then connect to Ping.FM to push updates to all of your networks at once.
  • Okay, so social media is popular. You might ask how it can help you improve your business. Now that we know that social media is a shift in the way people communicate and share thoughts and ideas, think of it as simply that; a communications tool. Your client’s opinions and feedback are important.Let’s say a new client is amazed by your service. There could be a chance that they talk about it on the Internet. Be aware when this happens! Offer their favorite venues for interaction and let them advertise for you by commenting on your services. Let’s say you have an unhappy client out there who never has anything good to say. They get on and complain. If you were to be on top of these conversations, you’d be able to intercept, and resolve the issue by simply responding, offering additional assistance, or suggesting to have the unhappy client contact you personally. It shows you’ve taken action to make a client happy, you went the extra mile. That too is free advertising.
  • There are a lot of social media websites, and a lot of ways to use them. It can be overwhelming!Early 2009, about a year ago, we started toying around with Social Networks. It was just a couple months before we started playing around with it when Facebook introduced Facebook Pages, geared towards businesses, brands, and celebrities. We dove in head first, creating a Facebook page, creating a Twitter profile. We tried out dozens of apps and dedicated ourselves to it. And we’re finding it IS a dedication. That’s why we created the Ultimate Social Media Rig.The Ultimate Social Media Rig is designed to streamline your social media work flows. We use it to provide coaching and training for clients, and to manage campaigns. Let’s look at how the Ultimate Social Media Rig works.
  • The Ultimate Social Media Rig is designed to make social media more accessible for users. It combines the most popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linked In, Merchant Circle, and others, and connects them to a central hub; a service called Ping.FM. Ping.FM will forward status updates and photos to the appropriate services. To add multiple user support, tweet scheduling, and a robust Twitter Management and Research Control Panel, Hootsuite is implemented. You post updates into Hootsuite, which directs them to Ping.FM, and Ping sends them off to all of your social networks.Hootsuite also pulls RSS feeds from your site or blog, and can update your social networks when new content is posted, directing traffic to your site.We set up a centralized email address with Google’s Gmail, which the business owner can use to track insights and observe feedback from all networks. Bundled with the Gmail account is Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, to track and gain insight about site traffic and quality.The second reason we created the ultimate social media rig was so we could streamline our own process of helping clients with their social media and rollout a fully-functioning rig each time.
  • In ConnectWise, we set up a complete Project Template that covers the evaluation, setup, and launch of an ultimate social media rig. Launching the rig may take anywhere from 7 to 15 hours, with training. The time depends mostly on logo creation and content setup, how many photos the client has for Facebook and Flickr, etc.We focus on documenting configurations for each network; we have a specific configuration template designed for web accounts with required username and password fields. The project template is important because anytime you are working with social media, you are working with the public. One little hiccup could be embarrassing, and it’s very important that things simply work the first time.
  • Our goal was to make it easy to roll out a large number of tasks at once, laying out the many steps involved for launching the Ultimate Social Media Rig, and highlighting important concepts like documenting usernames and passwords, setting up a DTi Admin user so we can log in and work on campaigns without logging into the client’s personal Facebook account, or ensuring that Ping.FM communicates to all social networks correctly, the first time. After all, we want a completely surprise-free social media launch, especially for clients who may still be a little skeptical about how social media can work for them.
  • Generally, our social media rig includes Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Flickr, but it’s not uncommon to include Myspace, Merchant Circle, Youtube, and Blogger, to name a few. Privacy is a big deal with Facebook, and we want our clients to enjoy the personal aspects of Facebook, as many of them use it for their personal lives. We want to make it absolutely clear that they can separate work from play by creating friend lists and setting up privacy settings. We include a document to help them out later on, and by default we make their personal account very private.Flickr is the popular photo sharing service; images can be uploaded there as well as Facebook, making them easy to share. You can also set up groups to arrange images into sets.Hootsuite of course is the central hub, where users will post and schedule updates, as well as research twitter trends.We tie it all together with one single gmail account that receives all notifications, organized so it’s easy to see manage information. Gmail can be set up to forward these emails to your email if needed. We include Google Analytics and Webmaster tools are included to compliment both the social media rig, and as a part of a SEO campaign.
  • We use Google Webmaster Tools for our Search Engine Optimization service, and bundle it with the social media rig just to make sure the client’s site is indexed properly. Webmaster Tools now analyzes content as well, giving you an insight on what the Google Bot sees when your site is crawled.
  • The project walks you through setting up a Google account as a central hub. All updates from Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and so forth will end up here. It helps our team manage any social media campaigns without diving into a client’s personal email account. We set up Google Webmaster tools for their site, which reports errors on their site. It’s a great tool for any web developer.Google Analytics is setup for tracking hits to the site. You can see where folks are coming from, how long they stay, what they click on, where they live; everything up until their mother’s maiden name.We can also easily tie in a Youtube account to the Google account, for clients that want to use videos in their viral marketing, etc.
  • Ping FM is a service used to spider out status updates to all of your social media networks.
  • You can also use ConnectWise to schedule tweet campaigns for you and your clients. Schedule a weekly ticket to schedule a week’s worth of tweets into Hootsuite, which will be broadcasted out to all of the other networks. Schedule out this reoccurring ticket as long as needed.
  • You can use the Ultimate Social Media Rig for your own business, and then use the same process to sell the Ultimate Social Media Rig as a service. Use the project template to lay out the tasks needed each time.We’re also looking into ways to make reoccurring revenue by offering Rig Management, Coaching, Employee Training, and Social Media Campaigns.
  • Seesmic
  • Also included: PSD templates for facebook and twitter logos and the twitter background.
  • Once things are up and running, you can use Google Analytics to track where your leads are coming from. You’ll want to track some leads manually; there’s no perfect solution for finding out exactly how someone got your name.If you give a business card to someone, they might find you on Facebook, and then land on your site and sign up for your service. That doesn’t make them a Facebook conversion, but a Business Card conversion. You’ll need to keep good track of this manually to make the rest of this information valuable.It’s important to measure how successful your social media campaign is at driving new customers. To do this, you track conversions with Google Analytics
  • Basically, you will set up a Funnel Goal in Google Analytics. A Goal is a page you want a user to end up on. This could be a ‘thank you for purchasing’ page, a registration confirmation page, or anything that signifies you’ve generated a lead from them. You define the goal page, as well as the landing page, and you can view who comes from a particular social media site (or better yet, a particular campaign!) and the percentage of users who achieve your goal.
  • Just to recap, the ultimate social media rig is a social technology solution to help you streamline your workflows for updating social networks. Privacy settings are set up on Facebook to separate work and play. Our twitter guide discusses some general social media etiquettes to keep new social media users from getting on and annoying their followers. You can engage in discussion, and see what people are saying about you.Then, when you’re confident with the tools, you can resell the Ultimate Social Media Rig as a service.
  • ConnectWise North East User Group USMR

    1. 1. Having It All With Social Media<br />The UltimateSocial Media RIg<br />Chris Chase, CEO / Chris Lynk<br />JoomConnect, DTi<br />
    2. 2. Have you heard of Twitter and Facebook?<br />Do most people you know use Twitter or Facebook?<br />Could Social Media be Just another passing fad?<br />A Social Experiment<br />
    3. 3. What’s the Big Deal?<br />Video by Socialnomics<br />
    4. 4. Facebook<br />
    5. 5. Over 20 million tweets per day. That’s more than 200 tweets per second.<br />Countless third-party apps and mashups have brought Twitter to computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.<br />Twitter is fast to use, and can be updated from anywhere at any time.<br />Incredible for local environments<br />Twitter<br />
    6. 6. Allow multiple users to update multiple networks.<br />Track conversations on Twitter by keyword, location<br />Schedule future tweets<br />Connects to Ping.FM to push updates to all social networks.<br />Hootsuite<br />
    7. 7. The Public Cycle<br />
    8. 8. Streamlining Social Media<br />
    9. 9. <ul><li>Utilizes Multiple Services to implement a streamlined workflow for a business’s Social Media efforts.
    10. 10. One point of entry for status updates/tweets.
    11. 11. Twitter Research Tools
    12. 12. Automated Blog Posting
    13. 13. Controlled User Management and Privacy Control</li></ul>The Ultimate Social Media Rig<br />
    14. 14. Completely documented for setting up, integrating, and launching the Ultimate Social Media Rig from start to finish.<br />Open-ended process allows additional networks to be added based on clients’ needs.<br />Focuses on documenting configurations for each network.<br />Roll out Social Media Rigs for clients quickly, effectively without missing a beat.<br />ConnectWise Project Template<br />
    15. 15.
    16. 16. <ul><li>Over 80 tasks for a standard Ultimate Social Media Rig Rollout.
    17. 17. Focuses on Configuration Documentation
    18. 18. Ensures that all steps are completed for a surprise-free social media launch.</li></ul>Detailed Tasks For Each Ticket<br />
    19. 19. What We Include in the Rig<br /><ul><li>MySpace
    20. 20. Gmail (Centralization & Management)
    21. 21. Google Webmaster Tools
    22. 22. Google Alerts (Find conversations)
    23. 23. Google Analytics</li></ul>LinkedIn<br />Facebook (Personal <br /> & Business)<br />Youtube<br />Twitter<br />Flickr<br />Hootsuite<br />Ping.FM<br />
    24. 24. Google Webmaster Tools<br />Webmaster Tools crawls your site and reports a variety of different errors that may affect visibility and search engine optimization.<br />
    25. 25. Google Analytics<br />Track campaigns, page visits, bounce rates, location information, and a vast plethora of other data.<br />
    26. 26.<br />
    27. 27. Scheduled Tweet Campaign<br /><ul><li>Schedules a weekly ticket to schedule a week’s worth of tweets into Hootsuite, which in turn will be broadcasted out to each social network on particular days, at particular times.
    28. 28. Schedule out this reoccurring ticket as long as needed, or increase/decrease its frequency.</li></li></ul><li>The Ultimate Social Media Rig<br />
    29. 29.
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32. Is it Worth It?<br />
    33. 33. Google Analytic Goal Funnels<br />
    34. 34. Streamline your workflows for updating social networks<br />Separate work from play with Facebook privacy settings<br />General social media etiquettes<br />Track conversations and analytics<br />Resell it as a service<br />The Ultimate Social Media Rig<br />
    35. 35. Q and A<br />