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Reporting verbs
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  • 1. Я умоляла Елену, чтобыона осталась, но она нехотела и слушать.
  • 2. beg sb to do sth
  • 3. I begged Helen to stay,but she wouldnt listen.
  • 4. Пол признался мне, чтоиногда завидует моейдружбе со Стэнли.
  • 5. admit thatadmit doing sth
  • 6. Paul admitted to methat he sometimes feelsjealous of my friendshipwith Stanley.
  • 7. Джек подтвердил, чтоденьги уже заплатили.
  • 8. confirm that
  • 9. Jack confirmed that themoney had been paid.
  • 10. Он пытался переубедитьменя, что с моей мамойвсе будет в порядке.
  • 11. reassure sb that
  • 12. He tried to reassure methat my mother wouldbe okay.
  • 13. Мне наконец-то удалосьуговорить ее (убедить)пойти со мной насвидание.
  • 14. persuade sb to do sth
  • 15. I finally managed topersuade her to go outwith me.
  • 16. Я все пытаюсь убедитьМика пойти со мной.
  • 17. convince sb to do sthconvince sb that
  • 18. Ive been trying toconvince Mick to comewith me.
  • 19. Она объяснила, что былабольна.
  • 20. explain that! You explain something to someone:He explained the system to me(NOT explained me the system).
  • 21. She explained that shehad been ill.
  • 22. Pattern?threaten
  • 23. threaten to do sthHe threatened totake them to court.
  • 24. Pattern?declare
  • 25. declare thatCarol held a pressconference and declaredthat she was innocent.
  • 26. Pattern?suggest
  • 27. suggest that sb do sthsuggest doing sthHe suggested that we go for adrink.I suggest wearing somethingwarm.
  • 28. Pattern?warn
  • 29. warn sb (not) to do sthI warned you not to walk homealone.
  • 30. Pattern?complain
  • 31. complain thatShe complained that no onehad been at the airport to meether.
  • 32. Pattern?announce
  • 33. announce thatA government spokesmanannounced that the hostageshad been released.