Jörg P. Krebs at Ukraine Country and City Branding Forum


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Presentation by Jörg P. Krebs, Switzerland Tourism Director, Markets India, GCC, Russia, Nordic countries, Czech Rep., Poland at Ukraine Country and City Branding Forum, December 8, 2010, Kyiv

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Jörg P. Krebs at Ukraine Country and City Branding Forum

  1. 1. Country and City Branding conference.Kyiv, 08.12.2010 – Jörg P. Krebs, Switzerland Tourism 1 I Titel/ Name/ Datum
  2. 2. Ukraine vs. Switzerland. Ukraine Area: 603.700 km2 Population: 45.994.287 GDP per capita: US$ 2,795 Switzerland Area: 41’285km2 Population: 7785800 GDP per capita: US $ 69,838
  3. 3. Tourism in Switzerland.–  Overnight stays 71 m –  Hotels 35.6 m –  Supplementary accommodation 35.4 m –  Tourism turnover USD 29 bn–  GDP 5% ≙ CHF 25 billion–  Export share of tourism 5.4% ≙ CHF 15 billion–  Tourism as top exporting industry: Rank 3–  Employed in tourism: 175‘000
  4. 4. Switzerland Tourism.
  5. 5. Mission and ressources.–  Mission of Swiss government: „Develop Switzerland as a holiday-, travel- & congress destination.“–  Worldwide marketing for the destination Switzerland–  Financed by the Swiss government, tourism- & corporate partners–  240 employees in 27 markets–  Budget USD 80 m
  6. 6. Strategy. 7 nearby 7 strategic growth ElectronicMarket markets: CH, D, market: BRIC, GCC, markets F, I, NL, UK, US) PL, E BestClient Agers Families DINKS LOHAS Business 4 main campaigns 2 product campaignsProduct Summer Winter Hotel Theme Focus Cities Meetings products products Alliances Switzerland EnjoySector (destination Q brand Switzerland promotion) EffectivenessOrganization Employees measurement Optimize income
  7. 7. Location marketing Switzerland.UEFA EURO 2008™ - AUSTRIA-SWITZERLAND.7 I EURO 08 / Workshop Nationalteam Gastgeber / Zürich den 27. November 2007 / TP 03 c/o Schweiz Tourismus
  8. 8. Players and tasks.Owner of all rights (tournament/sponsores) To guarantee Tournament infrastructure and organisation. Enabler for: UEFA SFV / ÖFB Public authorities (CH/AUT): •  Security Veranstalter Ausrichter Government •  Transport/Traffic org. States •  Infrastructure Euro 2008 SA Organisator Host Cities •  Events and programs in SwitzerlandOrganization buerau: all operative organization includingoffiical Accomodation, Teamhotels, Referees, Sponsors,Ticketing, UEFA Family
  9. 9. Brief of the location marketing and goals.–  Performance mandate of the Federal Government to market internationally We strengthen Switzerland as a brand, call attention to our country and generate a positive attitude towards Switzerland, its people and products.–  Organize, coordinate and execute international marketing of Switzerland covering four subject areas: business, research&education, tourism, lifestyle. We develop lasting business opportunities in all subject areas – the four guiding topics.–  A platform (four guiding topics) for Switzerland as a place to do business, for research and education, tourism and to live. Switzerland will be remembered as THE game venue.
  10. 10. NO - NON - NEIN.–  We do not promote the tournament or the games.–  We do not carry out a classic communication campaign (media budget TV/print).–  We do not directly/primarily target the Swiss population.–  We do not sell tickets.
  11. 11. Key succes factors (summer 06).1.  Weather2.  Köbi‘s national team3.  Image (quality, security, stability)4.  Integratet project organisation (team spirit)5.  Swiss people , Swiss population6.  UEFA and EURO 2008 SA7.  Switzerland ≠ Germany8.  Timing (tactic, speed, focus)9.  International network10.  Fair pricing11.  120%
  12. 12. Market focus. TM Trade volume 2004 Tourism 2005 UEFA EURO 2008Country Overnight Qualification Most important group Export Import stays in Market share chances opponents Switzerland Czech Republic,Germany 29.2 billion 44.9 billion 5.56 million 16.9% Very high Slovakia, IrelandEngland (UK) 6.8 billion 4.8 billion 2.03 million 6.1% High Israel, Croatia, RussiaFrance 12.3 billion 13.4 billion 1.23 million 3.7% Very high Ukraine, Scotland, Italy Ukraine, Scotland,Italy 12.0 billion 15.5 billion 1.01 million 3.1% Very high France Bulgaria, Romania,Netherlands 4.4 billion 6.9 billion 0.83 million 2.5% Very high SloveniaRussia 1.2 billion 0.3 billion 0.28 million 0.8% Medium Israel, Croatia, EnglandSpain 5.9 billion 3.4 billion 0.35 million 1.1% Medium Denmark, Sweden
  13. 13. Milestones. Switzerland’s Marketing lounge Marketing Mix live I Marketing Mix live II Switzerland is HOST 18.12.2006June 2006 January 2007 June 2007 December 2007 June 2008 500 days - One-year-to-go Final Draw UEFA EURO 2008TM UEFA-Claim Schweiz KKL Luzern Austria-Switzerland 24.1.07 7.6.07 2.12.07 7.6.-29.6.2008
  14. 14. 5 marketing projects for Switzerland forCHF 12.5 m.Project Mio Swiss francs1.  Host campagn 1,722.  International roadshow 3,0 10 european cities3.  Events mit UEFA (and Austria) 1,85 Draw 1 Montreux / One-year-to-go Interlaken / FinalDraw Luzern international travel fairs, workshops4.  Public relations and media services 2,49 media trips, media productionss (TV, Radio, Print) 10 Medicenters (4 Host cities, 4 Team bases, 2 Backoffices)5.  Promotion material (incl. Distribution) 3,44 brochures, Switzerland.com
  15. 15. Leitung Politischer Ausschuss BR Samuel Schmid Delegierter Regierung Benedikt Weibel Gesamtprojektkoordination Öffentliche Hand Andreas Schaer (BASPO) Projekt Office Corporate Communications (Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte, Christoph Neuhaus Rechtsdienst) Balz Dürst TPL 01 TPL 02 TPL 03 TPL 04 Sicherheit Verkehr Standortmarketing Massnahmen CH/EventsMartin Jäggi Thomas Berner Jörg P. Krebs Rainer Gilg Kapo SO BAV Schweiz Tourismus GASTGEBERINITIATIVE Partners: Nationalteam Gastgeber ÖSTERREICH UEFA EVENTS / TEAM BASES ICON ROADSHOW MEDIEN Partners: CH-Botschaft, HC-Kantone Partner: EURO 2008 SA Partners: Host Cities, PRS, seco, ST Partners: Host Cities, nationale Partner
  16. 16. Example 1:Our host programme.18 I EURO 08 / Workshop Nationalteam Gastgeber / Zürich den 27. November 2007 / TP 03 c/o Schweiz Tourismus
  17. 17. We are EURO. We want to be a perfect host.Federal Council, Mr. Samuel Schmid (Basel, April ‘07)
  18. 18. Our National Team.–  Swiss Confederation –  Swisscom–  UEFA Euro 2008 SA –  Prisec (Securitas/Protectas)–  Host Cities –  UBS ARENA–  Swiss Federal Railways –  Border guards–  Swiss International Air –  Governmental agency for Lines fan support–  Swiss International Airport –  Swiss hotel, gastronomy Association and tourism associations
  19. 19. 330 coaches (150 organisations) aremotivating 60’000 hosts (service providers). 1,500 customs agents, border guards10,000 airport employees 2,500 railway employees 5,000 taxi, bus and tram drivers 8,000 restaurant and hotel employees 7,000 volunteers16,000 security staff 1’000 Swisscom employees 9’000 various
  20. 20. Example 2:PR, mediawork, events23 I EURO 08 / Workshop Nationalteam Gastgeber / Zürich den 27. November 2007 / TP 03 c/o Schweiz Tourismus
  21. 21. PR, Mediawork, media services and events.–  Mediaservices: cooperation, trips (for production place evaluation // to team region and hotel), story & content support–  Mediamaterial: Fotos and movies (about Switzerland, the Swiss host cities, team hotels, economy, research, innovation, education, tourism, etc).–  8 Mediacenters and Call center–  Events: Draw I, One-year-to-go, Final draw
  22. 22. Mediaservices during EURO 2008. HC Basel UEFA Basel HC Zürich Backoffice Tödistrasse Callcenter STC HC Bern Teambase FRA Chatel-St.Denis/FR Teambase NED Lausanne Teambase GER TeneroHC Genève Teambase SWE Lugano
  23. 23. Mediacenters.
  24. 24. Conclusion and learnings.27 I EURO 08 / Workshop Nationalteam Gastgeber / Zürich den 27. November 2007 / TP 03 c/o Schweiz Tourismus
  25. 25. Learning 1: National Promotion.–  The measures in the area of national promotion achieved high awareness levels. They reinforced the awareness abroad generated by the event itself. The new approach produced through EURO 2008 for national promotion by Switzerland Tourism, the advertising campaigns, the ICON- Roadshow and SWISS BEACH strengthened Switzerland’s image.Learning:–  Major events are catalysts for image promoting measures, especially in tourism. Such events should therefore be supported by appropriate concepts from the beginning. The awareness of and interest in the host country is particularly acute in the run-up period. National promotion concepts must be orientated towards these run-up periods.
  26. 26. Learning 2: Austria-Switzerland–  A combined approach by Austria and Switzerland was initiated from a very early moment.Learning–  The different positioning of both countries in relation to national advertising (Switzerland: national promotion and Austria: tourism advertising) did not encourage a common positioning.The integration of the francophone element provided a further hindrance. The joint approach with partner country Austria remained limited to tourist measures.
  27. 27. Learning 3: Organisation–  Switzerland Tourism’s effective market network was fundamental to the successful implementation of the international activities.Learning–  Coordinated national advertising works. However, only when one organisation has the clear leadership role.Report:–  http://www.stnet.ch/de.cfm/ueber_uns/facts/offer- Ueber_uns-Facts-328565.html
  28. 28. Conclusion.You need1.  A vision & fantasy Coporate philosophy2.  Inspired outstanding team Corporate strategy3.  Creativity (“out-of-the-box”) Corporate culture4.  Challenging partners and clients Corporate feedback rules5.  Motivated trustful sponsors Corporate behaviour6.  Good financial basis Corporate governance7.  Communication Corporate communication8.  Fun Corporate spirit